Dharma Stars Spiritual Astrology Retreats

bespoke esoteric  astrology teachings on Planet, Signs, Houses, Sun & Moon & Elements, Asteroids, and Astro-Cartography

combined with a joyful holiday atmosphere – and visits to sacred and holy sites here in la belle France!

Online Conference with the C*I*A*

The Astrological history and Mystery of the Divine Feminine

Part 1 – Mary Magdalene

July 21st 9.30am CEST (summer time)

July 21st 4.30pm AEST (standard time)




Astrology Consultations

Aligning heaven to earth, astrology reveals the celestial magic of any given moment in time – including the unique time of birth. Accenting gifts, talents and challenges – physical, psychological and spiritual – a personal horoscope highlights karmic purpose by revealing cosmic d.n.a.