New Moon in Gemini ’22

Observe the Mind ~> New Moon 30th May 11:30UT @9Gemini

With a Mercury Retrograde, Mercury-ruled, Sun in Gemini New Moon, Mercury is the emissary of the Gods whose role is paramount as he carries the celestial message to be patient and keep our heartmind focused upon all that truly nurtures body and soul.

Go lightly now: karmic machinations abound while events and situations around this versatile New Moon help adjust to be on target and not scatter thoughts or waste energy.

This is the first significant connection between the Lights, Sun and Moon, taking place outside a ‘Karmic Bowl’ for some time. A Karmic Bowl is a concentrated ‘Soul Group’ signature. Such a bowl contained all planets over the last six months. But at last one can now break away and get ahead from herd mentality, as the sign of Twins and siblings now presents new options.

Communicative Mercury – now in apparent retrograde motion, is also with all-consuming Rahu, the Lunar North Node’s Dragon’s Head is currently embracing as much ‘stuff’ as it can to stay fertile and be secure. To be honest, I do not know what truly satisfies Rahu – apart from full enlightenment; though many will look to things and ideas, power and money in their endless quest to fulfil perceived desire.

The Lunar Node, aka ‘Rahu’, also indicates karmic direction. Now in Taurus, and with the slow moving Mercury, stabilising the mind with meditation and breath work can clarify thoughts and ideas, as well as create a spaciousness for the lessons of present karma to be understood. Mercury and Gemini are airy by nature, and thus rule the breath. This, therefore, is also the New Moon where breathing issues such as asthma and allergies can be exacerbated.

But be aware there could be other obstacles, especially to do with finances (personal or shared), food, intimacy, career, authority or friends: check 21-27 degrees Taurus-Scorpio, Aquarius-Leo in your horoscope and note the impact of Mercury and both the karmically determined Lunar Nodes, North (future) and South (past), are in a tight ‘T-square’ to the Lord of Karma, Saturn. This is astrologically known as ‘Saturn at the Bends’, i.e., what direction one takes now can have lasting consequence. Ideally, Saturn’s positive expression in Aquarius is to work within the bounds of a responsible kind of freedom in an altruistic, humanitarian capacity. To remain gripped in Saturn’s fear could create (further) dualistic division and schism.

Nonetheless, decisions are now being made; and the feminine passion for clear communication runs high as Mercury begins to station from this point, to go forward June 3rd.

Moonday’s New Moon also sees the start of the Himalayan and Tibet’s holy month of ‘SakaDawa’, which celebrates the life, enlightenment, and paranirvana of historical Sakyamuni Buddha.

May all beings breathe into the awakening mind of enlightenment with ease and joy…
And with New Moon blessings
Breathe is mind’s vehicle to spirit…

Photo by Norbert Braun on Unsplash
with love & thanks… _(*)_

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