Astrology Consultations

During wild fast-moving times of change and evolution, a personal astrological consultation can clarify any given situation and provide necessary tools to realise potential.

An astro-session helps accept the past and live fully in divine presence; aware how each magical moment we consciously co-create with the universe a future we would like to realise.

Blessed by wonderful teachers in both Buddhism and astrology (Western psychological astrology as well as Tibetan, Indian & Chinese), I explore ideas & heavenly alignments that inspire, heal & transform, helping to walk life’s sacred dharma path towards positive & life-affirming personal progress and collective development, so all beings may be happy.

Synthesising into wholeness is one of Astrology’s greatest tools, along with timing. Each moment in time holds a unique magic, as shown by gifts and challenges within a horoscope.
Understanding our personal relationship to cosmic cycles enables us to more easily ride energy waves, seeing when certain influences begin, reach a peak, and end.
Thus a consultation can enhance harmonious connections within, to the heart-mind, as well as with personal relationship, and to our natural environment – all of which naturally encourages a divinely centred, loving and peaceful, authentic presence. _(*)_
 prices for a 1 and a half / 2 hour consultation range from  £108 – £188 +  ….  According to means.

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