SAKADAWA SOLSTICE SUPERMOON ~> Full Strawberry Moon 23° Sagittarius Tuesday 14th June 11:52UT

One of the most important holy days in the Tibetan and Himalayan calendar, Sakadawa is a Light Festival that celebrates the birth, enlightenment, and paranirvana of Sakyamuni Buddha, who was born over 2500 years ago. The Sakadawa Full Moon, 14th June, is a culmination of a ‘month of merits’ honouring the Buddha’s life and teachings.

With only a week to go before Solstice – Summer in the North, Winter in the South – and the season’s natural turning point, this Full Solstice Sakadawa Supermoon is also directly aligned with the Galactic Centre. Under the adventurous Sagittarian Centaur’s moonbeams we can now broaden our vision to be universal, and see how enLIGHTenment radiates from an all-powerful still-point at the kind and loving heart.

Here we are making offerings and wishing upon this glorious Strawberry Moon, that all beings taste the sweet bliss of complete awakening.

KARMA MULITPLIED X 10 million (good or bad)
Happy Sakadawa!
On this holy day, Sagadawa Duchen _(*)_

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