Big Cat New Moon in a Big Cat Year

New Moon July 28th ~> 5° Leo

This July’s New Moon, 5 degrees Leo @18:55BST, activates the responsible, freedom-loving Lion heart, to be of greater benefit to the world and all sentient beings, including oneself.

☼ This lunation also sees an important Buddhist festival, ‘Chökhor Düchen’, August 1st, with a wheel turning day in the Himalayan Tibetan tradition and one of the four most important Buddhist festivals in the calendar year. On the 4th day of the 6th Tibetan Lunar Month, just as a New Moon waxes to make the lunation’s first advantageous sextile aspect to Sol, our source of light and life the radiant Sun – where Leo is at home – we celebrate ‘The First Turning of the Wheel’ by Lord Buddha, and the teachings he gave on the Four Noble Truths.
By setting the Dharma wheel into motion – after not having taught for seven weeks since his enlightenment, and encouraged by his students, Indra and Brahma, Buddha began his teaching on ‘The Four Noble Truths’. The Four Noble Truths are a lifeline for those suffering in the sea of Samsara (all of us, in one way or another!), serving as guide to help understand and overcome the obstacles we encounter when reaching towards enlightenment.
The Four Noble Truths:
☸ 1. The reality of suffering (Dukka).
☸ 2. The cause of suffering comes from our aversion or attachment to desire, aggression or ignorance (Samudaya).
☸ 3. The cessation of suffering IS attainable (Niroda), i.e. there is a way out of suffering.
☸ 4. The cessation of suffering (Magga) comes through following the 8-fold path that includes meditation, wisdom and compassion.
Interestingly, this Tiger Year’s New Leo Moon indicates the inner work we do now will have direct results, possibly as soon as the Full Moon 12th August.
May all be auspicious!
In this Big Cat year of the Water Tiger, the Leo New Moon and Chökhor Düchen also coincides with an astrological Fixed Cross-Quarter Solar Fire festival, half-way between Solstice and Equinox, marking the beginning of harvest season in Earth’s northern hemisphere and blossoming in the south.

With an awareness to kindred spirits, the next few weeks are also a vital time to determine and define important work and (humanitarian) ideals as well as our friendships, and who we wish to share our version of Heaven on Earth.
With blessings of Love & Light
Happy New Moon in Leo!

Love&Thanks to Amygdala for Vajra Sun image

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