Karmic Fixed Cross Full Moon in Leo

Full Moon 28 Leo ~ 16th February 2022 @16:57UT

✶ A Leo Full Moon brings out the Big Cat riding Goddesses and the bravehearted, creative and artistic, strong Lion Lady whose mood is to (metaphorically) poke out the eyes of those without the correct view (the wisdom realising emptiness that comes about from understanding the Four Noble Truths ); nor is she up for demonic warmongers that negatively disrupt the chaotic egomaniac mind, and is happy to let her wild cat steed deal with sabre rattling troublemakers.  

✶ Tonight’s Full Leo also holds interesting rulerships that add strength to loving connections, emanating a magical mutual reception. This means Sun and Moon, spirit and soul, respectfully cooperate (more so while Venus and Mars conjoin over the coming months).

✶ An Aquarian Sun can be supported by the Leo Moon, where the radiant heart of Spirit is reflected in our emotional body at the crown. Tonight however, the Moon Goddess also dismounts her Leo vehicle just as she culminates, to move into practical Virgo only a few hours after the Full Moon, bringing common sense to any discussion or craziness.

✶ Its good to note that even though the Sun is in detriment in altruistic Aquarius, and not yet full strength, the year is yet to begin with Losar on the 3rd, and Solar Cycle 25 no doubt brings stronger flares as we approach equinox, charging up the initial part of the Water Tiger year.

✶ Also, because Aquarius is the sign that is the Esoteric Hierarchical ruler of the Moon, humanity at its finest is one big happy family, the idealistic and quirky humanitarian Sun can still make an impact bubbling along nicely, learning how to ride the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual waves that are building up to what could possibly be a religious experience of love-wisdom early April, before Easter.

This, therefore, is a ‘Universal Love Moon’, one that teaches us to come from the heart and to know love of self in relation to others, and then do what we can to better ourselves in service to humanity.  

Bodhicitta can spontaneously arise! May it be so… _(*)_´¯`*.¸¸☼

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