The Rainbow Body

The Rainbow Body

Impermanence & Immortality ~> The Astrology of Death & Dying

Written in 2017, for the ‘Constellation News’ magazine of the Institute of Vedic Wellbeing Conference in Kolkata January 2018, A Since removed (not by me!) paper on the Rainbow Body & the Astrology of Death and Dying is a work in progress – beginning at the Astrological Lodge of London, Theosophical Society, in 2015, when I also re-presented ‘soul’ as the subtle body for the second time (the first was a year earlier in 2014 for the Astrological Association Magazine (in another article also sadly removed since their website update, so will here when ready (soon – promise!)). Though the last presentation for Celestial Secrets in Gymea Australia (Also removed! Things move fast on the Internet), had further developments,

The Rainbow Body and the Astrology of Death & Dying, is a presentation in three parts: 1) comparative historical, religious and astrological understanding, including Christian views on resurrection and renewal 2) Historical Chart analysis of people who pioneered and worked in the death industry, as well as reincarnate Lamas, showing how our birth chart resonates with our death chart 3) and the Rainbow body process itself, as taught by the masters of the Kalachakra lineage.

In the rainbow light of the interest this subject creates among  spiritual seekers, I thought I would share now because the destiny-fulfilling North Node is in Gemini in its exaltation, to announce missions and present expansive information. Even though karmic nodal gates have closed a little for the time being, now IS the time to further our pre-mortal studies. By understanding our human connection to the cosmos, the elements and planet Earth, Sun and Moon, when the time comes for us to die, as surely it will – even if we don’t know when, where or how – to know how the Elements interact with the Sacred Light of our Spirit & Soul, Sun & Moon within, can help us to pass peacefully transition the bardos, and be one of life’s greatest blessings.

FYI: my work on Spirit Sun & Soul Moon is also ongoing, with more coming soon: watch this space!

Here are a some photos of from the various presentations of the Rainbow Body, Death & Dying; where the audiences felt a lot easier about the death process after the talk than before.

Laura Boomer-Trent Astrology & Healing Seminar Astrological Lodge of Lodge of London
Laura Boomer-Trent Kolkata Institute of Vedic Wellbeing
Laura Boomer Trent Theosophical Society Moon Cycles

A you tube film taken in Kolkata ran into technical issues. If it resurfaces fixed, I will also share that too, as its also more expansive than the paper. It does seem the work has been destined to be kept hidden in the dark, but I am slowly working on bringing it to ight

BIG LOVE & THANKS especially to Tashi Mannox for his ‘Laughing Skulls’
& unknown artist for Guru Padmasambhava as ‘The Rainbow Body’
And to the late, great Chogyam Namkai Norbu Rinpoche, always…. _(*)_