WESAK ~ Buddha Jayanti ’22

Transformational Full Flower Moon WESAK aka Buddha Purnima ~> & a Total Lunar Eclipse Blood SuperMoon...May 15/16th 2022

Cosmically marked as ‘Wesak’, and a time for celebrating the life, enlightenment and paranirvana of the historical Buddha, an exquisitely titled Lunar eclipse is also for transforming personal and shared values by releasing attachments to untenable desire. This is no mean feat, but doable for the brave and determined who live in the light of love.

Visible for five and a half hours over north and south America and parts of western Europe, starting Sunday night/Monday with the penumbral eclipse @1:32amUT, this blood red totally lunar eclipse culminates at 4:11amUT.

With the focused Taurean Sun at 25 Taurus conjunct the Lunar North Node, aka the Dragon’s Head, and a mighty fixed Star, ‘Algol’, a powerful shakti is amplified and the creative feminine force could be unleashed to activate the third eye. Previously hidden and shadowy emotions could also come to light. Go easy. This is the perfect time to meditate. Soulful blood red moonbeams also illuminate a natural sixth sense, leading to psychological, emotional, or spiritual resources which help ease transformation from drama to stability, suspicion to trust, fear to love, and from conflict to peace. Look back 18 years and to 24-25-25-27-28 degrees of Scorpio/Taurus to see how this eclipse transpires in your own life and if there is anything to show how to let-go of all that no longer serves the deeper and more insightful you who walks a calmer middle path.

The reverberations of this eclipse season could last until the next in November. And as one season closes with this second eclipse, we now encounter three Supermoons in a row. It’s good to note that with a calendar system which observes the mansions of the Moon within a solar year, Tibetan Buddhists see this Moon as the ‘Kalachakra’ Full Moon dedicating prayers to world peace. Himalayans will therefore this year celebrate the thrice-blessed Buddha Moon known as ‘SakaDawa’ (StarMoon) on an even bigger SuperMoon, June 14th. Both Supermoons AND eclipses are times of super sensitivity and superconductivity with an extreme geophysical emphasis upon Earth’s weather patterns: higher tides and flooding, earthquake, heatwaves and volcanic eruption, for instance. At the same time, we may also sense how we are at a profound turning point within our own lives that will enable us to connect to our own heartmind and secret inner-power: the all embracing love wisdom and compassion.

Happy Wesak!

May all beings be free from fear and experience inner-peace and emotional stability.

With love & light,

Check times of eclipse in your area here:

Thanks as always to Richard Nolle for the term ‘Supermoon’ _(*)_

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