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June and all summer long ...2019

Dharma Stars Spiritual Retreats

Once again we are delighted to offer bespoke Spiritual Astrology intensives throughout the Summer and into the early Autumn.

Open to all levels of dharma & astrology.

☆ In a glorious setting in southern France, each stay is an intimate 5-day bespoke focus upon astrological cycles, according to where the student is in his or her astrological studies.

This year we are going to focus upon the planets as they course the heavens, activating the energy systems of the cosmic subtle body. We will also specifically work with ‘The Lights’, Spirit Sun & Soul Moon, and the connections they make to the placement of the planets, signs and elements in the horoscope, as a means to illuminate spiritual awareness.

The birth chart unifies our connection to the heart-mind and spirit-body, to our environment, our enlightened ‘higher’ self and, to each other.

This is experiential Spiritual Astrology for living in purpose and radiating Love-Light, so that we can live in realisation and rest in peace – and happiness. Light in heaven = love-wisdom on earth. The intensive includes astrology, Buddha dharma, tantra, mantra, chakra, breath-work, yoga, chi-kung, ceremony & meditation.

☆ We will also visit sights in an area rich in Holy Grail & Sacred Goddess history, especially The Magdalene in the Gard and Provence – as well as spend a morning in a beautiful French market, in elegant Uzes, the nearest town.

Plus Philip ’s fabulous and healthy organic vegetarian cuisine & wine, swimming (pool, river & beach) & dancing at world heritage sites in southern France, make this a rare astro-dharma-experience.

☆ Places are limited; book early.
We can choose dates to suit you!

☆ Nearest Airports & Railways: Nîmes or Montpellier, France (added cost for other destinations)
Contact: Laurahttps://www.facebook.com/DharmaStarsAstrology/

A Buddhist practitioner for 25+ years, Laura, aka ‘Astro Dakini’ from Dharma * Stars also has 30+ years of astrological consultation and teaching.