Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter in Fiery Aries on Guru Rinpoche Day! May11th 2022

In Tantra, fire represents knowledge. In astrology, fire symbolises intuition and instinct. And on this extra special Guru Rinpoche day, igniting the element of fire is the Sacred Cosmic Guru, Jupiter, now at the ‘World Point’ of ardent Aries, for the first time in almost twelve years. Jupiter at 0ºAries indicates adventurous new starts; thus the Spiritual warrior can now advance towards developing and integrating wisdom into the personality, intuitively. There could be a sense of urgency about empowering oneself to wise-up with information – as knowledge is power, especially about difficult (un)foreseen changes during eclipse season, but remember Mercury is retrograde for a few weeks.

Patience pays: expansive Jupiter, the planet of luck and success, will be in courageous Aries heating up Summer-Winter until it goes retrograde with a Leo New Moon, July 28th, going all the way back into Pisces for two months from Halloween until the magical December Solstice, when the Cosmic Guru is once again on the same ‘World Point’ of zero Aries that it is today, ‘By Jove’: it is time to grow and learn!

Happy Guru Rinpoche Day!

with love & thanks to unknown thangka painter for lotus born Padmasambava, 2nd Buddha of Tibet, aka Guru Rinpoche.


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