Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse ~ November 21

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Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse 27º14’ Taurus
November 19th ’21 @ 8:57UT

“Everyone has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to being the person they once were” ~ Leonardo Decaprio (Scorpio Sun)

Astronomically measured, this Full Taurus Moon is the longest Partial Lunar Eclipse for five hundred years, since 1451 according to space-time web-info; and there isn’t another as long until 2650. In a thousand years of eclipses, ‘partial’ is the key word here. A Partial Eclipse isn’t such a big deal as a Total Lunar Eclipse. Partial is an ‘almost there’ moment, as Moonlight is only slightly dimmed by Earth Shadow many will not even notice when it takes place over the America’s, Asia and Eastern Europe. They could feel it, however. Because Partial doesn’t mean any of the usual geophysical, emotional, intellectual and tidal shifts won’t happen during and around this eclipse, such as earthquakes and floods, as they surely will.

This Full Taurus Moon also reflects the light of an intense Scorpio Sun in conjunction with both Mercury and Mars, bringing challenges of intimacy and shared interests into direct focus. Spirit Sun has stealthy back-up with a concentrated celestial spotlight shining a light on difficult subjects. Secret weapons (i.e., feminine wiles), psychological nerve, crypto-coin-cracking conundrums, and mega-psychic connections are all potentially fruitful activity for the wise and brave. Note that any effects from events and situations around this Full Moon last longer than the usual six-week eclipse seasonal period (which happens twice a year).

Due to the Moon being furthest away from the Earth, our Full Taurus Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse will last 6 hours and 2 minutes, meaning its influence will also endure. This almost leisurely eclipse could suit those born under the steady sign of the Bull. It’s well-known in astrological circles how Taurus likes to deliberate and take time in all aspects of life, so a longer timeframe could be rather agreeable for those who enjoy find the current pace of change tricky and prefer a slower pace to enjoy and carefully chew things over. (Patience, Aries, your time is coming, later in 2022!) Indeed, this is a scintillating and sexy Scorpio-Taurus Full Moon alignment to savour. A 6-month marker is advised to see how settled and secure situations may be from here on: look forward to May 22’s Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, when the entire Moon will reflect Earthshine and there will be no missing an exact bullseye as the time will be ripe for fully understanding the current karma driving passion and desire.

☆ Staying within our 1200-year Sun-Moon-Earth connection, it is also helpful to cast our mind back 19 years to see if anything resonates with where we are now, as this Lunar Eclipse is similar to November 3rd, 2000. Highlighting all that can be applied and learned about the alignment of 26-28º Scorpio-Taurus within our own horoscope, note how major transformation comes with focus and determination.

☆ A Full Moon in Taurus generally accents earthy stability, love and money, food, fruit and flowers, fine wine, and raw, dark chocolate if we are lucky. The sensitive Moon is happy frolicking in Taurean fields of abundant fecundity. Yet even though this eclipse takes place while the Moon in the best possible sign for Luna to be, strong and determined Taurus, the destiny-fulfilling North Node still lingers in Gemini, the sign of enquiry and communication, 1st grade school and gossip. The karmic portal, i.e., the Moon’s nodal axis, the Dragon’s Head only ‘truly’ shifts into Taurus by the middle of January. So instead of a holiday season fretting about shopping sprees or twinkling garlands and wreaths, the continued karmic task is information gathering and a challenging mind-training that requires truth as the starting point of any think-tank.

☆ The exalted Moon in Taurus is also conjunct Fixed Star, ‘Algol’, which enhances female sexuality, the creative Shakti-Power, with an all-consuming passion that can even activate the third eye, the perceptive forehead chakra that allows one to see beyond the three times. We often fear this wild woman wisdom energy. Use this dynamic force consciously. Anything or anyone that has been repressed could now dangerously explode.

Oooolala! We have been warned!

☆ Full Moon Lunar Aspects (that can help emotionally temper thoughts, words and actions):

1) A separating sextile from the Moon to Neptune indicates greater emotional ease. At the same time, the Sun lessens its’ Trine aspect to oceanic Neptune, so there may be less fantasy and more lucid dreaming.

2) A separating square still holds a tight ‘Fixed T-Square’ with Jupiter providing clarity and ‘ah-ha’ moments in the grand experiment of ‘life, death and rebirth’. Jupiter in Aquarius is currently going over old ground. Situations that surfaced last April to mid-May could resurface and, if too big and cumbersome, blow apart. In such case we may need to revise, re-vision and re-present before Jupiter changes signs late December.

Life is still sprinkled with hearty amounts of chop and change until the end of the year. But at least Taurus can see a holiday on the horizon. And no, I am not insinuating Taurus lazy, this is the year of hard-working Metal Ox, after all. Sometimes we just need to rest.

3) Compounding the daunting nature of Scorpionic taboos (intimacy, death, taxes and investments) is a separating Trine from the Moon to Scorpio-ruled Pluto. Together with the Scorpio Sun’s sextile to Pluto, situations that involve force or control solicit extreme action and reaction. There are rarely half-measures with Pluto or Scorpio. Watch out for sowing seeds of division. Our task is not necessarily to stubbornly hold on to our personal point of view until changes are forced upon us. Nor is it to lash out the infamous Scorpio scimitar tail in frustration with those who don’t say or do what we think they should, but to let go of all that no longer serves the higher good of the whole – and watch out for the bamboozle.

DSC08610 (2)

(Poker-faced Mars in Scorpio is driving this horoscope. Mars is the Sun’s confederate and at home in Scorpio. Mars here is surreptitiously assertive: stay alert for sharp practice and, if needs be, keep certain cards close to one’s chest. Some things, it would seem, are best hidden – if only to protect the feelings of others.

Insightful and furtive, forceful Scorpio Mars is still in opposition to the liberating and visionary Uranus in Taurus. A proliferation of eco-earth-memes and secretive shareware could test our sense of security and constancy, as we confront traditional Saturn and shake-up free-thinking Aquarius with the last challenging square between Saturn and Uranus on Xmas Eve).

4) The next applying aspect the Moon makes is to Saturn. Applying aspects are generally stronger than separating. Note now what requires long term care; and try not to leave anyone feeling abandoned or left out. As we have heard many times this past year from the media, but maybe not in the same words: we are all travelling on spaceship Earth together. Be kind to fellow passengers. Everyone has a story they carry with them.

☆ Bringing love to the fore is planet Venus. The heavenly ruler of the exalted Taurus Moon, Venus, is currently riding high in the night sky. But Venus is now slowing down to go retrograde at next month’s Solstice Full Moon, December 19th(an important date for your diary!). The bright Lady of Love (& war) is therefore now in her shadow period, applying to the Solstice retrograde; then taking until the end of February to come out of a long learning curve that has astral currents connecting to January 2020 and Xmas ’21, as well as Solstice 2013.

Love often comes late when Venus is in Capricorn, where the lesson is that love doesn’t have to be earned. Yet when love finds Venus in Capricorn, we can also find staying power. With this retrograde Venus reminds us to love what works for us whatever that may be, age differences and five-genders aside, love is a verb, it is what we do, be that our actual profession, or relating in long-lasting commitments, or even the importance of laying boundaries in relationship so that responsibilities are respected, Venus in Capricorn inherently understands that only love conquers fear and that love is the way, the only way.

A last word is that this is THE moon to weather watch for signs of the qualities of the coming winter/summer.

With that I wish you all a blessed eclipse, until next moonth, with Love & Light

©LBT Astro Dakini #87

‘I don’t do great things. I do small things with great love.’ ~ Mother Teresa (Moon in Taurus)

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