December ’21 Solstice Full Micro Moon ~ Stealth & Poise

27°28 Gemini Full Solstice Micro Moon @4:35UT (18th) 19th December 2021

“In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.”  ~ Patti Smith

Can a poignant Solstice Full Moon be radiant and bright, and still be astronomically ‘micro’? Well, yes, because Luna is currently the furthest away from Earth at the moment in her elliptical orbit, she is what’s known as ‘apogee’, or a ‘micro-moon’, the opposite of ‘super-moon’. Both super and micro, nearest and furthest, can animate the wild, weird and wonderful (within). Though the super is more obvious, the effects of a micro-moon tend to creep up on us and catch us unaware. This is therefore a ‘stealth’ Full (o)Micro Moon with far-reaching, undulating waves that appear to have been around for quite some time and, indeed, may be so deeply embedded that a surge rarely fully peaks (head’s up: April 12th ’22), but instead spirals along in a sweeping, fractalising, emotionally distant but incredibly strong undercurrent that everyone subtly feels. Such a tidal pull, just as the Sun is about to come to stand-still (Sol = sun, Stice = Still), can also slow one down when juggling the changes that invariably come about when both Sun and Moon combine the mighty Love-Wisdom of mutable signs, wise Sagittarius and versatile Gemini respectively.

☆ Be patient. Change comes three days after Solstice, with the Christmas exchange of light between North and South. Try not to hurry or sleepwalk through opportunities that enable timely truths and intelligent information to enlighten and provide faith. While the escapist oblivion of a Solstice Sun and Full Moon in hard ‘T-Square’ to nebulous and mystical Neptune is a separating aspect, and therefore the influence is waning, it still suggests there could be a temptation to blur the lines of truth, vision, or reality in the days before the Full Moon, especially as it is also Saturnalia. It’s been noted how alcohol and drug consumption has dramatically increased since the pandemic. Be careful, some easily available mind-numbing is addictive – and toxic: know there are other ways to go beyond the pain of our everyday suffering.  Turning suffering into joy is considered an extremely high but difficult path. I recall our late Lama being told he had liver cancer with only months to live, dear man thanked the Doctors. Knowing how the energy of body, speech and mind work, our beloved teacher would say if his suffering can alleviate the suffering of the world, then he would gladly take it on. People like Lama, who walk the dharma path and understand the nature of reality (i.e. all is emptiness to be offered in dedication), are rare.  

☆ But just by looking at the distance of the Moon to Earth, for instance, the bigger picture seen in the night sky can inspire a sense of optimism and mind-expansion.  This Gemini micro-Moon could also trigger an overwhelming desire to go that extra mile – and not just for oneself. Chatty Gemini’s kind word, a gentle gesture or helping hand can be helpful and healing to others in a non-judgemental manner. Gemini also brings out the playful and clever, tongue-twisters and party games. And with the Moon in an excellent and very tight ‘Trine’ aspect to Jupiter, which is the 27° Sagittarian Sun’s ruler, it indicates luck and ease could be on our side. In your chart, check 27-28° Air signs Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini, and see where fortune currently favours.

☆ In the few days before Solstice, the Sun aligns with the Galactic Centre, the part of the sky around which our Milky Way Galaxy rotates. This can only encourage the Sagittarian archer to aim far and direct his arrow towards the light, truth, and beauty, and hold that magic beam.

☆ A few days after the Full Moon we welcome the natural pause in our Earthly orbit of the Sun, on Tuesday the 21st, as the emphasis of light heralds Sol’s longest day in the South, the ‘Great Yang’, a time for gathering friends and family and garnering creativity; with the longest night in the North a period of ‘Big Yin’, for curling up under the duvet to dream and stay warm.  

☆ For those who hang the ‘do not disturb’ sign along with seasonal decorations, be aware that while rest is often necessary to recharge your inner-sparkle and realign at this time of year, buzzy Mercury, planet of communication, is this Full Moon’s ruler. And, wouldn’t you know it, for this the Solstice Moon chart, quicksilver Mercury is extra busy – and somewhat bolshie. Currently fortified, with long convoluted histories, to the intellectually astute Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon; a no-nonsense, professional Saturn, working experimentally; plus dynamic and fiery Mars (the latter, incidentally, continues to drive this planetary ‘locomotive’ shape chart taking us away from past (life) belief, towards the awakening Full Moon February 16th 2022). 

There’s a fiery fearlessness to this particularly brave, driven and ruthless Mercury, at 8° Capricorn. With Fixed Star Fascies, voluble Mercury enables rants that articulate and express in a direct and wilful manner. Whether any of it makes sense is another matter. Thus, the astral tip for a harmonious holiday season is selective seating arrangements; because festive cheer could too easily descend into division if we don’t make the effort to be open and inclusive.

☆ Harmonious relationship is Venus’s domain. ☆ ….

Venus Retrograde ~>
Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn = Time & Trust

Venus is the BIG STAR of this Full Moon. Goddess of peace, love and harmony, Venus is the planet of just and fair laws, working contracts, and beautiful table manners, cuisine, and decorations. She has recently been dazzling seductively in the Western evening sky. Now the brilliant Venus stations to go retrograde, exactly as Luna culminates on a Solstice Full Moon. What a show stopper! Venus only comes to her ‘Still-Point’, in order to retrograde, five times in eight years, in which she traces a five-pointed Venus Star pentagram in the sky with a fascinating sky dance.

Irresistible Venus coming to a halt bang-on the Micro Moon moment is timely poise, with the light of the purposeful Sun to help pin-point and illuminate how to express, reassess and take stock of all kinds of relationships, particularly those with colleagues and professional and working relationships, as well as those which are secret, those which/who share the same passion, and those that have stood, and will stand, the test of time, offering firm bonds and an unbreakable alliance – or not, as the case may be.

In earthy Capricorn, Venus can be as much a rock to rely on, or in the extreme have a harder heart, like the responsible boss married to the job. Devotion is integral through a tough (skinned) initiation for Capricorn. Venus here has a chance to exercise love and beauty within the world of business and modify and repower Capricorn, the hard working sign of tradition and authority, discipline and responsibility.

Love Goddess Venus goes into a symbolic ‘underworld’ by the New Year’s New Moon 2nd January, where we can no longer see her. The Sun still shines upon Venus, which then makes the inferior conjunction ‘Star Point’ 9th January. All this shows how events around this this Solstice, leading into 2022 can align heart mind and spirit and soul, to reveal that love is the way.

Venus goes all the way back to 11° Capricorn by the end of January, the 29th, in time for the start of the year of the Yang Water Tiger, Feb 1st.  During the Venus retrograde we can revalue, rethink, rework, reorganise, redefine and renew by building – or pruning, if not annihilating – the boundaries, blocks and obstacles we have to trusted relationship, shared goals, and career, love and friendship, to see what is valued and calls for that which is not to be released.

Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto connects to both the highest pinnacle of hard-won respect, and the obsessive, deepest darkest paranoid jealousy spectrum of loving relations. All require the renouncement of ego for love, which may be nothing short of an initiation into renewal, when faced with the pain of letting-go of all that no longer serves love’s worthy path.

Thus, the most honourable Capricorn Venus starts her forty-days and forty-night retrograde retreat in an extra powerful position conjunct intensely potent Pluto – just as she was 11th December, and will be at Xmas day ((!) And when the last Saturn/Uranus Square again bring up boundaries vs space))l for one last meeting, again March 3rd. Whenever Venus and Pluto are together, the heart can experience extremes of emotion; and the transformational power of love is heightened and intense. Know now the love we have for all sentient beings, seen and unseen, can literally change the world.

The entire three-four month period Venus is retrograde, including applying and separating shadows, is extended to early March because of the triple Venus/Pluto conjunction. Venus also conjunct Pluto in January 2020, December 2020 (think back now), and all the way back to December 2013; and will be conjunct secretive Pluto in Capricorn for a last time, January 1st 2023. (After that, from 2024 onward, Venus will only meet generational planet Pluto in humanitarian Aquarius for twenty years). Use these dates to compare how you are with the practical charms of Venus in Capricorn (we will talk more about Pluto in Aquarius another time). Suffice to say seductive Venus in ambitious Capricorn means it is not always what you know but who you know. With time and trust Venus in Capricorn conjunct Pluto can also overcome the fear of commitment or partnership, and professionally schmooze and transform partnership into an organised but passionate and lasting affair that, like a fine ruby wine, mellows as it ages.

As Venus completes the Goddess’ sacred rose heart mandala in the sign of the Sea-Goat, Capricorn, for another eight years, we could learn that loving our demons can also take time – and healing. Note the Moon will be in her last quarter remedial phase when Venus kisses the heroic Sun, January 9th, so symbolic of wise feminine healing wisdom and the devoted heart.

☆ This holiday and the entrance into 2022 could therefore be relationship intensive in more ways than one. The Venus Star Point teaches that whatever challenges we have at work, in relationship, at home, school or wherever, the most important aspect of love is to love oneself and whatever we are doing; not in a puffed-up, ‘I’m the dude’ (or ‘dudette’) kind of way, though strutting that vibe does impress some (Think Venus in Leo), but with Venus in Capricorn an acceptance of loving the self and/or one’s work takes time – and effort – to achieve the exceptional results we would like to see for ourselves, that only we are meant to see and do.

☆ Interestingly, Mercury will go retrograde in January just before our next Full Moon, January 17th. The heavenly messenger, trickster-healing-brother will retrograde back to the very same degree of Capricorn that loving Venus and powerfully psychic Pluto keep meeting, at 25°Capricorn. Wow. The cosmic Capricorn dance of the past few years continues to focus upon the renewal of business and resources, but with heart and fairness. Whatever transpires over holidays, there will be magic to make and much to discuss for weeks to come!    

☆ With that I’d like to wish you all a very Happy Solstice and all the holy days that follow. 

May your holiday stars twinkle …with love & light
& many thanks to unknown artists
Goddess Kurukula from BuddhaWeekly
Astro Dakini’s Dharma Stars
aka ©LauraBoomer-Trent

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