Dark Moon 22

A Dark Moon New Year!

We’re now in a restful Dark Moon phase, welcoming 2022 and waving goodbye to the end of 2021, and in sight of the Earthy Capricorn New Moon, 2nd January 2022 @18:33gmt. A Capricorn lunation will raise our sights and ambitions. Any New Year resolutions and intentions sown now will have a good chance at lasting!
This is also the final lunation (Moon cycle) of the strong and steady Metal Ox, before we enter the yang year of the Water Tiger – a more fluid time of confidently being in one’s flow, with universal love and compassion. The Water element is dominant throughout ’22, numerically a master number that doubles psychic intuition and emotional sensitivity.
Astrologically, two planets traditionally ruled by oceanic Pisces historically come together this year for the first time in 166 years! Jupiter – the cosmic Guru, and hypnotic Neptune, begin to conjoin in the early part of the year to unite in April. These magnificently evocative planets can enhance meditation and spiritual understanding. They can also expand personal creativity, and bring a surge of cosmic consciousness with a great deal of insight, individually, as well as helpful blessings within one’s soul group.
Happy New Year everyone! Be blessed, With LOVE & LIGHT
With many thanks & love to Visual Alchemy for beautiful Buddha ‘Then and Now’ 🙏⭐🌊💙


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