Blue Full Moon in Aquarius August 2021

~ Zodiacal & Seasonal Full BLUE MOON ~> LUNAR RESET @29º Aquarius 22nd August @12:02UT

“And when I looked, the moon had turned to gold, oooh
Blue Moon, now I’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love of my own (ba-bom-a-bom-bom)” ~ Blue Moon ~ the Marcelles

In the astrological world of symbols and signs, a Blue Moon that is both Seasonal AND Zodiacal takes on something to sing about as it has significantly more meaning and sparkle than an ordinary calendar Blue Moon. A Double Blue Moon is rarer still, only coming round, well… once in a Blue Moon! But what is a Blue Moon? And what makes the Full Moon Sunday the 22nd of August doubly Blue? The Moon certainly doesn’t look blue in the night sky. Yet it did when the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa blew in 1873, and sunsets turned green and our Moon blue.

Hopefully, we won’t witness such a spectacle in our lifetime, but one can never tell in this fast-changing world. Even climate science has issues with its models. Because events and situations surrounding unusual celestial turns, such as the Seasonal & Zodiac Blue Full Moon are uniquely extraordinary, more so when the Full Moon is in quirky and spacy, humanitarian Aquarius, the friendly techno-beeping sign that likes science and stats, and spaghetti TV dinners. Take note: surrounding oneself with kindred spirits will now nurture your soul. We are living through exceptional times; friends and support groups are an important part of healing trauma and fear. Indeed, the ripples of January 2020’s hard-hitting, once-in-a-lifetime, Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction (and the current Saturn-Uranus Square) plus all the situations which have since arisen could continue to be felt for several years to come. And although Blue Moons are not as rare as triple conjunction karma, our next Blue Moon is August ’23; the next major triple conjunction is with personal planets in 2026 (Not even outer-planet ‘collective’ influences, which isn’t for another thirty-plus years!).

So, what is a Blue Moon? The accepted notion is that a Blue Moon is the second of two Full Moon’s in the same calendar month. A ‘Seasonal’ Blue Moon, however, is when there are four Full Moons in a season instead of three, from Solstice to Equinox, for example. And it is the third Full Moon of the four, like now, which is considered ‘Blue’.

This particular Blue Full Moon in Aquarius also synchronizes the natural order of the cycle of ‘The Lights’ (Sun & Moon), going from new-moon-to-full-moon. For most of this year the Full Moon of each Lunation has come before the intention-setting New Moon. From here on, the year of the Spacey Metal Ox sees each New Moon waxing to a natural culmination of signs in the Full Moon polarity. We can again set our intentions with the New Moon and align to our lunisolar nature.

Note that a ‘calendar’ Blue Moon takes place every two or three years, while the ‘seasonal’ Blue Moon has a recurring 19-year cycle (within which there are seven Blue Moons, i.e. 7 years with 13 Moons), accenting ancestral magical and karmic soul connections. You may do well to cast your mind back to 22nd August 2002, or even August 22nd/23rd 1983; better still, check 29º Aquarius in your scope; note if anything connects then to now, from which to learn/improve/enlighten. Incidentally, I checked back on these dates and from a skydancing point of view, discovered the days and weeks around these Seasonal & Zodiacal Full Blue Moon’s are marked by a great deal of extremity, especially extreme weather: floods, hurricanes and earthquakes, yup, we’ve got them again. We’ve also got fires, the element of the Leo Sun – the radiance which illuminates our karmically connected Blue Moon.

To elucidate: a Zodiacal Full Blue Moon is when we have two consecutive Full Moons in the same sign, like now, as the Moon is again in freedom-loving, public-spirited Aquarius, just as it was last month July 24th. The first Full Zodiacal Moon is always at the start of a sign – in our case the universal sign Aquarius (the sign of the Moon’s hierarchical rulership that upholds the global family). The first Aquarian Moon sets the stage for recognising creativity, unique ideas, open-minded networking, and team building. A second Full Moon four weeks later raises further awareness of our interconnectivity at 29º Aquarius. The all-important ‘anaretic’ degree is the last degree of a sign. By the time the Full Blue Moon traverses an entire sign, taking one moonth to reach the final degree (and, by consequence, (astro-tech alert): the sign’s various decanate, term, face, aspect and dignity, speed, declination etc), this last ‘anaretic’ degree is often referred to as a ‘karmic’ degree, one that signifies an experiential, intellectual and emotional understanding of the sign that goes through a karmic ripening. At the beginning of Aquarius has dynamic fixity; having a point to move from gives a sense of distance and space; while the end is totally wired, electrified swiftly cutting into the edge of space with kindred spirits united by diversity and the understanding that it takes all sorts to make One whole.

Endings also come before beginnings.


A Zodiacal Blue Moon also connects us to the 13-lunar-month year. It does so now as the majestic Sun is at home in brave Leo, and conjunct Fixed Star, Regulus: ‘The Heart of Lion’ which, by precession, is now also aligned with the Sacred Goddess, Virgo. Regulus empowers the Sun as it changes signs towards Virgo only hours after culmination, for the Lion Heart Regulus assures the courageous feminine (side of ourself) success, as long as morality is intact, intention pure-hearted, and revenge not the motivation.

Being aware of the phases of the Sun and Moon is more natural way to tune into the world. Lunar living allows us to focus our intentions with regular monthly periods of opportunity to grow, release. and balance emotions and hormones more easily, aligned with the cosmos, with awareness. So when these super-divine Seasonal & Zodiacal Blue Moons come around, every three-five years, we instinctively realign with natures rhythms by the measure and quality of light vibration we inhabit.

As such, this double Blue Moon is actually quite rare, especially when we add the 19-year soliluna metonic cycle. It also helps to know how the blue-sky heavens align within our inner-being. Interestingly, humans only began to see blue as a colour a few thousand years ago, which is just yesterday in the cosmic scheme of things.

✰ For our second Full Zodiacal and Seasonal Blue Moon in unconventional and futuristic Aquarius, the nuance of blue we are talking is futuristic, electric neon, sharp and strong; an eccentric ‘Yves Klein Blue’, for instance, that emerged from the swinging 60’s at the initial dawning of the Age of Aquarius: with a blue so deep, bright and clear, that it zaps you into the 21st century with digital precision, to envelope the world-body with a deeply healing lapis lazulite blue. The colour blue has powerful restorative vibrations, wavelengths and qualities that cannot be ignored: blue calms the mind and is associated with our ‘throat chakra’, inspiring truth in understanding and communication. Wearing or meditating upon the colour blue can even lower our blood pressure and produce a certain serenity. Blue suggests we are in our flow.

✰ All the above is also handy during a double Full Blue Moon horoscope that also holds a ‘Mutable Grand Cross’, plus a ‘Grand Air Trine’: Love Wisdom stimulates our rational Will. In our flow, and intellectually stimulated. On the dark side, electronic blue screen light zaps strength late at night when the brain is tired (and circadian rhythm shifts to bedtime). If you’re having trouble sleeping, the astral advise in cosmic energy circles is to switch off the wifi to tune into ‘the blue’ and your natural healing aura, andcpsychically alkalise the body and soothe the heartmind before sleeping, some people think sky, some sea, some the colour of their beloved’s eyes.

✰ Although, there is little to fat chance of getting more than your share of zzzed’s in the two nights running up this Full Moon’s culmination: be aware this is actually a time when feeling twilightzoned is justifiable as Luna reaches culmination, because just forty minutes into the Full Moon, Luna moves into Pisces @12:44UT. And @21:35UT, only a few hours later, the Sun moves into Virgo. Seasonal Elementals in our favour in the run-up to the Full Moon are Air and Fire, changing to Earth and Water, nine minutes into Luna’s waning. Each Elemental also has a different expression of blue.


“Blessing must arise from within your own mind. It is not something that comes from outside.” HH14thDL

Other Lunar aspects of note at this rather special moment in time include:

1) This rather heady and intellectual Aquarius Moon is conjunct a retrograde Jupiter, suggesting that sometimes we need to go back, revise our understanding and learn how to get our Aquarian altruism up to scratch, in order to move forward, make new friends, and shift into the visionary new world around mid-October with the Halloween Full Moon, when Jupiter turns direct @23Aqua. Even in bizarre times, expansive and generous Jupiter with the Moon makes us all feel lucky to be here, as this conjunction imparts confidence, hope and faith. Be blessed now. And count your blessings.

2) The modern ruler of the Aquarius Full Moon, Uranus also goes retrograde just two days before culmination. Uranus as station means the focus of awareness, altruism and   In the waxing sequence of the of astral Full Blue Moon events also includes the Moon conjunct the Aquarian traditional ruler, Saturn. Duty bound task-master Saturn conjunct the Moon can makes life seem pretty extreme in so many ways (destructive emotions require careful handling), because this Full Blue Moon sparks the Ox years’ toughest challenge between authoritative Saturn and liberating Uranus. Interestingly, Uranus stations at a Fixed Star called ‘Menkar’, at 14º of Taurus. This star spotlights the danger of becoming victim to the collective unconscious. According to the 18thC stargazers, when Uranus is conjunct ‘Menkar’ we also need to watch out for danger from animals. As Uranus is a generational planet, and currently in the sign of the Bull, one of the Full Moon’s heavenly messages is poignant, in that one of the easiest ways to personally contribute to helping a planet under stress is to give our animals an easier time and stop eating so much meat.

“The freedom that comes with true discipline is true freedom” BKS Iyengar

 While the sensitive Moon is with authoritative Saturn and in the hard Square to Uranus, our present state of current affairs could seem all too predictably fearful and depressing, cut and dried but still shocking. Keep the faith. Hang tough if the early run up to the Full Moon seems too rough and ready to present any real accomplishment. Luna’s conjunction as she culminates with munificent Jupiter a day later is much more encouraging and spiritually uplifting.

✰ Jupiter and Uranus are the visionary, truth-seeking and liberating planets. That they are both retrograde, will make no-less than 6 heavenly bodies and all outer-planets retrograde over this Blue Full Moon: this is an optimum time to go back and revise all we have achieved together, whichever shape or form that may be, we can learn from each other; at the same time staying open to what might seem like all kinds of strangeness with a heartmind mind in presence, and an acceptance that affects positive change by looking to the future with faith in our heart, faith in humanity and faith in the planet.

✰ Keep in mind the new-setting-intention-moon in detail-orientated Virgo Sept 7th from whence we can swiftly organise changes for a new season, with the last Full Moon of the summer/winter right before Equinox, 20th September, when the cracks in Earth’s magnetic field allow solar winds to enter Earth atmosphere to power up with beautiful auroras.

✰ But right now, our mission is non-other than connect to the awakening heart of the Aquarian collective consciousness with 100% altruistic BIG-hearted Jupitarian love wisdom. Such a mission takes devotion and discipline. But hey! With Jupiter: you got it! Jupiter is the protective Sacred Guru who wields thunderbolts when called for.

Jupiter in Aquarius instils hope for a bright future, with interwebs serving to show just how interconnected we can be. Indeed Jupiter in Aquarius almost invented the www single-handedly (it’s true, in ‘93 I sent my first email with a yahoo account from an old Oak Dragon Atari in a London club called Megatripolis, all the way to my Indian friend in Kajaraho!); and to be part of the interconnected, experimental and humanitarian Aquarian Age is exciting; with the Great Chronocator duly seeded December 2020, at the time of the 200-year Great Solstice Appulse in Air sign Aquarius, Jupiter in Aquarius along with Saturn in Aquarius is now slowing down, to remind that equality, friendship and the freedom to intellectually explore, grow and worship, are as essential as food, water and shelter for us humans to thrive.

Happy Blue Moon everyone!
May your blue moon be beautiful and blessed…

With love & light

♡ Many thanks to unknown artists for all beautiful images _(*)_  ~> for Dorje Chang, Vajradhara, BuddhaMoon, & Montage…

Om Vajradhara Hum Hum.. _(*)_

 @Astro Dakini’s Dharma Stars

Laura Boomer-Trent©   


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