Full Equinox Moon in Pisces

‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one’ ~ Albert Einstein ~

Full Equinox Moon @ 28ºPisces 20th September 2021 @23:55

We are now at a pivotal point in Earth’s change-of-season relationship with our life-giving Sun – a twice-yearly occurrence which we call ‘Equinox’, when the Sun’s light is balanced on both sides of the globe. Just two days before this hemisphere harmonising equal-day-equal-night, a Full phantasmagorical and deeply sensitive Pisces Moon highlights the need to be compassionate, charitable, and forgiving towards everyone, including oneself, because balancing one’s light on the beam is a practiced skill: and besides, it’s not only wild dogs that bark at the moon.

Yet here we are, all with the potential to be bizarrely blessed by the Full Pisces Moon, as the emotional poise of a Pisces kind of Saintly fairy goddess mother can rest gently in the heart centre at any critical moment in time and remain still in one’s flow. As the astrological ‘tone’ of this Full Moon is changeable and mutable, its good to note how being in own’s flow is a non-static process of becoming and growing the ‘Love Wisdom’, all-the-while remaining ‘on centre’. Whether releasing the past, forming the present, or visioning the future, being in one’s flow during a Pisces Moon encourages miracles to manifest, especially within the spiritual heart of ‘soul group’ connection.

For when the Moon is in sign of Two Fishes, riding personal and/or collective undercurrents and emotional waves, the forever flowing Pisces instinctively understands there is always a start to any wave: it’s just like every good fairy tale where there’s a beginning, middle and an end. In the beginning the wave rises to peak, sustain, and then wanes. The Moon rules water. How strong the surge or soft the wave is as it crashes, rolls or ripples all depends upon Luna’s sign. In Pisces, the tidal, emotional, and even unseen electromagnetic waves are powerful and deep, undulating, and oceanic, with a far-reaching influence doubly tidal amplified as the Full Moon is also with Lord of the Sea, Neptune, which is still at home in Pisces (until March 2025).

Both Luna and Neptune are also now with asteroid warrior Goddess, the strategic Pallas Athena. Neptune and Pallas have been travelling together all year and have one last exact union 17th January, to help us organise our (spiritual, physical or mental) practice and the way in which we can serve the higher good. This combination also allows us to plan on surfing each watery cascade with compassion at the beginning, compassion in the middle and compassion at the end.

Still, the path of self-development isn’t always easy, as only we ourselves can do the necessary inner-work. Only we ourselves can experience and overcome the loss, isolation, and despair which the Virgo-Pisces Love-Wisdom tends, soothes, and heals.

“It doesn’t mean you should stop trying just because perfection alludes you.” BKS Iyengar


The last 28/29 degrees of watery Pisces are also at the end of the Zodiac. A new emotional view is in sight as the Moon moves into Aries on the 21st of September @3:13UT and new starts could be revealed. Yet when a Full Moon culminates in Pisces, nothing is what it seems: confusion, distraction and changes of direction are found with every twist and turn. The dominating conjunction of the Pisces Moon with Neptune and Pallas Athene, plus a modicum of focus, indicates magic and mystery will be found in the most ordinary places. Pisces planets bring to light the ability for profound contemplation, taking the heartmind into a place that can create within a similar equinoctial balance of yin and yang, aligning male and female, light and dark within the psyche, and therefore also within our environment.

With a strong Pisces influence, this Full Moon horoscope accents powerful emotional sensitivity and self-development through a recognition and expression of your own unique creative qualities, abilities that help you to feel connected within the competitive world of business, career, and other social situations, both personal and professional. In such a charitable climate, self-expression can even be sacrificed for the benefit of others, and therefore enhance the collective dream.    

It is most important to try not to compare yourself to anyone else, and understand that we are always in a process of becoming whole, taking time to grow into our true authentic selves. Remember how we more easily navigate our flow when aligned with ‘the divine’ within. We can access our inner, all-forgiving-state-of-bliss-and-cosmic-consciousness (yes, it does exist within you) by allowing the self-cherishing ego to let-go and merge and blend with a universal consciousness through whichever Piscean activity turns you on, such as song, dance, music, art, swimming, cycling, running, gardening, duvet-diving, dreams, long and luscious candle-lit baths, retreat, prayer, mantra, yoga and meditation are all ways in which we can reach a hypnotic trance where ego consciousness surrenders into the cosmic biofield of (peak spiritual) experience, if only for a fleeting moment.

This is a wistful Moon where people can and will forget themselves and some may even deny the magic they create. Some will even connect to something greater. And some will do so through reverie and illusion. All which could work nicely for those who escape the mind’s trappings with the above listed activities. Others could turn to drugs and alcohol and sadly miss an opportunity to become intuitively adept or free themselves from mental constructs that constrain and deceive. Thank heavens a sensible and slightly puritanical Virgo Sun has hands-on nursing back-up with asteroid healing Goddess Hygiea, only a few degrees from Sol, suggesting a healthy detox won’t go amiss.

Approaching Equinox, at this last Full Moon of the season (it’s been a long Summer in North, Winter in the South), the Moon, Neptune, and Pallas Athena act like a mirror, reflecting the Spirit Sun in the earthy sign of practical, wise Virgo. Opposite the Sun, Pallas Athena’s position with the Moon and Neptune in dualistic Pisces is to organise, make informed decisions and explore and form long-term strategy, as well as deal with destructive or conflicting emotions that prevent a more positive and helpful approach, rather than languish in the current cloudy vagueness and doubt. So, while there could be complex conscious or sub-conscious issues to understand – insecurity, anxiety, fear etc, the most profound Pisces lesson is simple, in that two become one; and within the spiritual realisation of Oneness comes a tolerance for all beings; because if we harm and shout and misbehave towards others, we are also doing so to a part of ourselves (and therein lies the miracle!).

It’s also worth bearing in mind that in the fourteen years the oceanic ruler of Pisces, Neptune, sails through his own domain of the Two Fishes, only once does the watery Lord of the illusory world conjoin its Pisces co-ruler, expansive Jupiter in Pisces, which it does, April 12th, 2022 (and hasn’t done for 166years!). In many ways this Full Moon tunes us into the importance of the watery nature of next April, which will be among three major astrological events of 2022, and perhaps the most important because of Neptune and Jupiter’s shared Pisces rulership, accenting unconditional cosmic love. It may also be the start of understanding how water is/will be a major issue in the coming years. Water is a living element that holds memory and we humans still have a such lot to learn from water’s inherent behaviour. Incidentally, Goddess, Pallas Athena, will be conjunct Spirit Sun, in April, which is a nice exchange of positions for the Goddess of War and Wisdom. Also, from the last time Jupiter and Neptune met in Pisces two things stood out for me historically for that year (1856). We may be able to learn from an American chap called A.E. Burnside, who not only invented a new military weapon (!) but also a facial hair trend called, you guessed it: sideburns. Jupiter, Neptune and Pisces are symbols of fashion, after all!

☆ Dynamic Mars is also in the Full Moon mix, right next to the Sun in early degrees Libra (also ruled by, and in delicate relation with the seductive Venus in Scorpio in Mars’ sign (and currently brilliant evening star) and also in detriment ). Interestingly, although Mars is not happy in the sign of the scales, it is now conjunct the part of our sky which points towards the centre of our Galactic Supercluster, ‘Laneakia’, which means Immeasurable Heaven. Our own Milky Way Galaxy is a part of Laneakia. With Mars here all our actions can be put into scale. Mars is also in the busy and intellectual, social ‘Grand Air Trine’ that is still coming and going while Libra planets link up to Earth Mother Ceres and the destiny-fulfilling North Node in Gemini, AND to Saturn in Aquarius.

☆ Other aspects include a Trine (120º) from the Sun and a Sextile (60º) from the Moon to controlling Pluto. This helps to go deep into the psyche and transform unhelpful patterns. While Pluto itself is in a tight square with communicative Mercury, plus disorderly Eris; this is not an easy ‘T-square’ (90º) when fighting to retain or change rules, laws and rights is a challenge.

☆ Ultimately, by the time of the Equinox Sunrise on the 23rd our aim in the approach to Equinox is to find inner-peace and a calm composure to move forward with a brave and balanced heart.

Happy Equinox Full Moon!
May all beings find the happy balance between work and play, friends and family, blind faith and healthy questioning!  

And by the time a New Libra Moon cycles around on the 6th October, the dreamy spiritual emphasis from this Full Moon takes only minimum adjustment, because the greater influence is the active POWER OF LOVE.


With love & light, Laura aka Astro Dakini

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