8:8 Lion’s Gate

New Moon in Leo 2021

8:8 • • • • ( ( (☾ ◯ ☽) ) )• • • •

The Lion’s Gate!

Today’s new Leo Moon (14:50 BST) marks a time for planting the seeds of LOVE sweet love, to grow strength and courage, creativity and fiery joy, and a powerful but gentle loving kindness from within, all of which is especially needed to get through challenging times.

FYI: Many are now tuning into an Egyptian helical rising this year, which is an astro-tech term for when a star rises before and with the Sun, and it differs according to the place from where you are viewing. To catch Sirius on the New Moon 8:8 Lion’s Gate, get to the Sphinx, guardian of the pyramids and watch the sky from there! Otherwise, let your mind’s eye fly to the magical temple of Isis and tune into the Lady of Lions to imbibe agility and courage, as well as the ability to see in the dark and instinctively know how to relax into comfort.

Wishing you all a very happy new Leo Moon!
Happy Lion’s Gate!

May all be well as we pass the Solar Fire festival and the Leo Fixed Cross-Quarter point of the year. Leo is ruled by our home star, the Sun ~> time now on this extra special Sun’s day to radiate warmth and perky brilliance, like a Leo Snow Lion Star! With Love & light

This article has astronomy/myth info on Sirius, the Dog star, during the Leo time of the big cat  https://www.nationalgeographic.com/…/150710-dog-days…

Many thanks with love & best wishes to unknown artist for dancing Snow Lion on a lotus among chrysanthemums, symbol of long-life and love.

Be blessed on this Leo Sun day… also wishing for clear skies to catch a shooting start until First-Quarter Moon with the Persieds meteor shower. 🙂 ~~> on route to the Full Blue Sturgeon Moon on the 22nd August.

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