Taurus New Moon in the Metal Ox Year

The holy month of SakaDawa celebrating Buddha's life, enlightenment & paranirvana

The Taurus New Moon (May 11/12th) accents our connection to mother nature and takes place at a point in the zodiac associated with the ‘White Dove of Peace’, love and harmony, as well as twinkling fixed stars ‘Pleiades’. Interestingly, it is also the time of the Catholic Ascension, where the Dove represents the Holy Spirit, which is a nice synchronicity (from my side).
Exalted in Earthy Taurus, the Moon here offers the best possible place to remain constant and steady. A fertile Moon in Taurus keeps one planted on the ground in a very practical and sustainable manner, hence Taurean Buddha reaching enlightenment whilst sitting in ‘Earth Touching’ mudra also called Bhumispara or Prithvimudra. Meditating this position calms the heartmind, connects to earth, promotes healing, and activates shakti power within the root chakra – all of which enhances our capacity to value and nourish ourselves and others with loving kindness.

This New Moon is also the start of the Himalayan SakaDawa lunation, similar to Wesak celebrating the birth, enlightenment and paranirvana of the historical Shakyamuni Gothama Buddha.

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