Full Pink Scorpio Super Moon

✰ Awaken to Spirit & the Secret Power of Love ✰

7° Scorpio Full Super Moon April 27 @4:32UT

(5:32BST, 6:32 CEDT, 11:02 IST, 16:32 Pacfic time)

Magical moonbeams from a Full Scorpio Supermoon glow with a certain super power that can illuminate an open secret, one which allows love to flourish and for our most valued relationships to deepen with commitment and devotion – even friendships or recalcitrant obstacles can be dealt with more easily and with a smile when you know what this secret is. So, you may ask: where can one find this romantic treasure? Well, as the Scorpio Supermoon heightens perception it also reflects a reliable and solid Taurus Sun, currently next to the exciting, independent and freedom-loving Uranus, informative Mercury, AND loving Venus – where the planetary panetheon’s Goddess is at home in the sign of the Bull – still jazzed from a recently fiery Venus Starpoint (Only now is Venus beginning to break away from the heat of the Sun to do her own seductive ‘Evening Star’ thing (May 24th); such sensual Taurean activity accents the innate joyful nature of a free-spirit who has a kind word and gentle heart, showing how the good life is enjoyed being at one with nature, at work, and in love. This, then, is a four-planet-in-Taurus astral formation opposite a super-sensitive, super-psychic Scorpio SuperMoon, that denotes the value of personal freedom in shared relations, as well as the individual and collective responsibility we have in protecting liberty, equality and friendships (as the French would say): to share the love and a good life we hold dear.

In point of fact, the real secret of this powerful and insightful Scorpio SuperMoon lies within an illuminated human heart-mind and psyche. Scorpio provides the inner-strength and courage to  turn on our inner-light and for us to see, right there in plain sight, an essential understanding how all our relationships fair best when everyone feels free to follow their heart and to be true to themselves, however quirky or different we may feel or be. For the heartmelting-joy of love is to always give others the freedom of choice and independence we would expect and value for ourselves. Even if it means giving loved ones their space, this is a SuperMoon with lessons in freedom and trust, karma and responsibility.

✰ And while there is the mega-important Fixed ‘T-Square’ yet to astrologically explore, it is initially worth noting how this Full Moon spotlights a rather special moment in this Metal Ox year, as the Spirit of the earthy Taurus Sun conjuncts electrifying Uranus only once a year. Innovative and zappy Uranus stays in the same sign for seven years, making it a signature in the live’s of all kinds of oddballs, as well as friendship and peer groups and teams, where the freedom to fully be oneself is extended to all, regardless of race, creed, sex or caste. In short, humanitarian Uranus brings an element of genius and revolutionary ideals that inevitably stimulate equality with change. Scientific and digital, Uranus now techno-beeps through Taurus to modernise all the Bull values: lovely fields and meadows in which to frolic, with love, money, security, nice ‘things’, fine food and wine and sensible slippers to come home to. Uranus continues making alterations in Taurus until July 2025, from whence it will innovate and inspire Gemini’s world of communication. Nonetheless, old habits die hard for Taurus, and change is not always easy for the sign of the stubborn Bull.

From the broader and spiritual perspectives, Uranus galvenizes individuals to connect and contribute their gift to society through a wider community and social groups. Situations and events during this Scorpio SuperMoon are therefore cosmically inspired by Sol’s once a year joining with liberating Uranus, also known as ‘the Great Awakener’. Uranus also stimulates the ‘wisdom eye’ to open to the awareness how love and friendship thrive and evolve when we have, give (and receive) the freedom to create and circulate (even if only electronically because Uranus, the futuristic planet of dramatic change also rules the internet (yes, we know, as well as cats =^..^= 😉 )).

✰ Liberty and freedom might fit perfectly within ones’ comprehension, remit and mode; beware, however, this Scorpio Super Moon not only spotlights hidden creative treasures to inspire the free-thinking spirit, but deeper passions can also be roused. The astral advice is to watch-out for obsession or jealousies that inhibit self-expression, and quickly nip in the bud negative power-games and control issues to avoid any bad feeling.

✰ All-the-while earthy Taurus stirs-up often-insatiable desires so strong we can easily convince ourselves we find a lasting security that can miraculously stave-off even death by indulging retail therapy and holding onto stuff, land and money. Even people and ideas can be held onto with the remarkable fixed focus of hunter and prey when the Scorpio-Taurus axis constellates our will to concentrate – especially now as this Full Moon wanes to bring in Eclipse Season with the New Moon May 11th, and the Lunar nodes close-in to conjunct Fixed Stars Aldaberan and Antares, ‘The Eye of Bull, and ‘The Heart of the Scorpion’ respectively. The wise ones know that indulging worldly concerns can satiate cravings, but only temporarily. Because a reality-check is cosmically brought home by a tight and transformative Fixed T-Square between karmic Saturn and ‘The Lights’, Moon and Sun – and therefore Uranus – to stimulate the Will to consciously change, rather than have anarchy and/or disruption thrust upon us.

This tough T-Square spotlights this year of the Metal Ox’s most challenging and nerve-frazzling three-part hard hit between the often fearful and traditional Saturn and modernist wildcard Uranus: the closing Saturn-Uranus square (of a 45-year cycle that began 1988 an ends 2032). And because the determined Taurus Sun shines next to the visionary and spacey planet Uranus, aligned with a potentially extreme Scorpio Super Moon, it portends highly-charged emotion. Mars, the traditional ruler of Scorpio, is currently out of bounds and actually in a place of weakness and retreat. But be prepared for shock and surprise – as the old Uranus adage goes ‘always expect the unexpected’, as Bull’s can suddenly charge when the winds of change blow apace and a target is set.

Taureans who prefer a slower, steadier life-style might find the call for change all-too-disruptive and disconcerting. Indeed, a Uranian influence can be chaotic if not clear. With the affects of this Full Moon reverberating for a few days, if not longer, much depend upon what transpires when Sol exactly conjuncts radical Uranus, on Friday 30th. Just as Luna is waning, exciting ideas, encounters and events make us want to wake-up and smell the proverbial coffee!

Because this Scorpio Moon intensifies our connection to Mother Earth’s bounty and our environment, there is an inclination to privately share with those we love our hopes and fears. With Saturn in the planetary pattern there is a also need to be disciplined and organised, emotionally stoic at times. Sun and Moon both in Square to Saturn suggest obstacles in the path. Doubt and fear of exposing or committing to anything or anyone could debilitate and hold you back. Call the professionals (if friends can’t do) to help consider what’s new and experimental.

Impermanence is part of life. While not everyone is super Scorpio psychic to know the nature of imminent change, rest assured: the ability to intuit and perceive the kind of alterations you personally could (need to) experience is cosmically bound to be heightened during this super sensitive, super insightful Scorpio SuperMoon, when higher tides mean more powerful emotions, and for the Scorpio Supermoon to go deep in more ways than one.

Associated astral aspects of note:

✰ Majestic Sol and unpredictable Uranus are also conjunct two Fixed Stars, ‘Hamal’ and ‘Schedir’; all together they encourage taking one’s own direction in a regal and stately manner, with dignity and focus. 

✰ The Full Scorpio Moon makes a helpful 120° ‘Trine’ aspect to an out-of-bounds Mars in fall in Cancer to forms a ‘mutual reception’, as the Moon rules Cancer, and Scorpio is traditional ruler of Mars, this connection softens Mars, at the same time toughens up the Moon, which is rather good for keeping cool in potentially extreme situations – even if Mars is O.O.B..  

✰ Venus, which rules Taurus, is conjunct Fixed Star ‘Menkar’, when the softer, feminine side of the Bull could be unconsciously offended. Maybe time to develop Ox skills to patiently and diligently tend to the task at hand as best we can.

✰ Just as Luna culminates, Pluto, the modern ruler of the Scorpio Supermoon goes into retrogrades in Capricorn, for a lengthy, six-month revision of how to rework business and ambitions, as well as how we personally psychologically reorientate during times of collective transformation.

“…one of the things we have learned in our sobriety is the only way we can keep what we have, or feeling good about ourselves, is to give it away.” ~ Harold Belmont

©LauraBoomer-Trent  ~ AstroDakiniDharma*Stars

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