Metal Ox Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon 9°Virgo @8:17UT 27th February 2021

*•.¸(*•.¸¸.•*´)¸.•*´The Great Prayer Light Festival  *•.¸(*•.¸¸.•*´)¸.•*´ 

KARMA MULTIPLIED day (+ or – ) x 100 million.

“Day of Miracles”

Losar Tse-Chonga, also known as ‘Chötrul Düchen’ is the first Full Moon of this year of the Golden Metal Ox. On this ‘Day of Miracles’, according to the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, we make light offerings to commemorate a culmination of the Buddha’s miraculous displays.

This full Moon 9°Virgo @8:17UT 27th February 2021 also comes with Soulful Blessings from the Sacred Goddess

Whenever Luna highlights the feminine sign of the zodiac Virgo, as she does over this Full Moon, we all (male & female alike) tend to get busy, attending to this and that with the kind of great practicality that only an insightful, female kind of wisdom – rationally intuitive – successfully works. Which means for those who are currently adrift in the Sun’s Piscean sea, swimming and surfing the cosmic ocean with alternate waves of chaos, anxiety and/or confusion, it is time to get ready and be hustled by the eternal Goddess (within) onto Terra Firma for a potentially life-changing, life-affirming, practical and logical, Full Moon in Virgo experience, one where love creates miracles.

When the lessons of this Full Moon are assimilated – that within every human there is a naturally radiating divine human spirit, it could even bring about a full-scale planetary awareness – one that raises a collective consciousness. Being aware how we are essentially One with the universe also means all beings can be helped, healed and served as only the Virgoan influence can, with vigour and virtue, and a canny eye for detail.

This is also the Moon to purify mind, body and spirit. Harness the moment and make a practical effort to be rid of weighty thoughts or extra pounds before heading into the next season. Training the mind or weights (or both!), now is the time to create order within; in the mind (do your best to eliminate stress, along with any destructive emotions); within the body (look after yourself: exercise, nourish with good food, fresh air, and regular sleep patterns); and be watchful in what is spoken: for every word has its own magical vibration, humming with incantations. Make it easy for everyone and go with words, people, and ideas that fill your heartmind with hope – and love.  

Keep it light. Touch the Earth. Hold a flower. Talk to animals. Go squirrel rogue and hug a tree if you need to hug in a socially distant world. I know it’s not the same as the human touch we all instinctively gravitate towards, but Mama Earth is our wisest feminine of which the zodiac’s earthy Virgin is a heavenly embodiment of a sign that respects healthy regimes, polished presentations, and sensible smarts. The weekend’s Virgo Moon therefore encourages our (inner) sage-woman wisdom to nurture our awakening inner light and kindle flames which sate powerfully deep and meaningful thoughts and emotions that enrich and heal the very core of our soul.

Bear in mind how this Full Moon is the culmination of a lunation which began infused with the excitement of a brand-new Lunar Year of the Golden Metal Ox (February 12th), and the amazing 6-planet line-up in wishful Aquarius. Metaphorically speaking, the Metal Ox ploughs ahead in a clear and incisive manner, the furrow in which we can plant our wish-fulfilling seeds. Throughout 2021, and in order to keep our path clear and obstacle free, we need to be artful and responsible, helpful and aware; thoughtful in word, deed and intention, for all to flourish as it should. Be aware how certain seeds can take various timescales to manifest depending upon karma, from two minutes to two hundred years. Instant karma happens all the time. While long-term thinking is certainly necessary with some aspects of Earth’s healing – particularly for our water and the soulful elemental which rules Pisces, the sign from which our Sun now radiates upon the Earthy Full Virgo Moon.

The Sun is also with an exalted Venus. In the sign of the fish, Venus is in the position in which the astral Love Goddess emanates with unconditional love: loving kindness and compassion is not only practical but essential (to get through June & July) to go with the flow, and for self-love and confidence to shine wholeheartedly. Venus is also conjunct Fixed Star, ‘Fomalhaut’, which in ancient days indicated an all-important quest, in which ethics and morality must be kept intact for the quest to be fulfilled (easier for Virgo than Pisces, it must be said). The quest in this case is to keep growing the (self) love and forgiveness, as well as the compassion and devotion for all beings (especially to the Goddess (within)).
Our Virgo Goddess is not alone at culmination, and for a few days after, Luna is conjunct Asteroid Vesta, Goddess of the Hearth and Sacred Flame. Vesta is central to the warmth within the home. Chaste and youthful, Vesta is associated with the fertile and devotional side of Virgo, showing how to commit and respond more easily to daily challenges with an enthusiastic approach, especially regarding self-confidence and sexuality, that is with a natural ease and ability to focus on bringing safe and friendly, love and care into our lives. Interestingly, Vesta’s day of celebration in ancient Rome was March 1st, to mark a day when the Sacred Priestess ignites the sacred flame that at once protects and illuminates, right as the Virgo Moon wanes and passes Vesta. The timing on these two work-ethical Goddesses coming together at Vesta’s special moment magically highlights a collective passage-cum-plight, as Vesta often indicates alienation, being locked away and separated from the world. As I write, many millions of people around the world recently have or are self-isolating from a very Piscean unseen virus. While Virgo Moon and Vesta conjoin for healing to take place, it also shows how people could have become more introverted over the past year and now need to confront a potential fear of intimacy, all-the-while satisfied in the knowledge their sacrifice has been for the greater good – a bit like making a light offering in Vesta’s Temple for protection, healing and productivity.

Going now into Virgo Moon detail…
Both education-orientated Virgo Luna and healing Vesta are part of planetary pattern currently holding everything together called ‘The Sling’, in which Vesta and the Moon, i.e., our feelings about health, reactions to work, and our very souls’ duty are actually being held opposite the bundle other planets and connected within an opposition to form ‘the sling’. Will these planets, Moon & Vesta in the sling, be dropped or slung? What, if thrown, will happen? What will they hit?

Astral note: aided by Vesta’s focus we may well see a Bullseye, of sorts.

Vesta and the Moon are also involved in no less than four different celestial shapes; we can deduce distinctly different qualities of ‘energies’ ranging from stressful, to smooth and calm, or utterly fated. Vesta and the Virgo Moon’s four patterns could spark as a mix or singly: much depends upon your own planets in your own chart as to how you interact with 9°Virgo-Pisces & 16°Gemini-Sagittarius and 8° Taurus, Aquarius and Aries.

The first of these four shapes:

1) Sun and Moon make an opposition which is then involved in a ‘T-Square’ to form a rare ‘Grand Mutable Cross’ only twelve hours after the exact Full Moon. This is also when the Moon reaches an important part of her monthly journey known as being ‘at the bends’, or the ‘Moon Wobble’. What this means is that Moon – and Sun AND Neptune – are in a challenging ‘T-Square’ with the Lunar Nodes, both the destiny-fulfilling North Node (Rahu), now in Gemini, and the past-life indicator, the South Node (Ketu), now in Sagittarius. This suggests coming through the Sagittarian ‘Gate of God’ into Gemini’s ‘Gate of HuMans’ is a spiritually healing an informative affair. The Gemini North Node is also conjunct Fixed Star, Rigel, ‘The Announcer’, which is an indication that explicitly stating future intention, goals or thoughts is timely. Everyone needs to hear how we are all going forward: this is a perfect mission statement moment.

2) A harmonious 60° Sextile from the Pisces Sun, and a brilliant 120° Trine between Vestal Moon to the astral alternative wild-card, Uranus, make this a super-enlightening opportunity for stabilising and healing friendship groups (Did you know emotions are contagious – even online or on the phone?!) It may even be that someone – you? – has strong passions and is feeling headstrong enough to follow their own path in order to retain perceived dignity and ‘sovereignty’.  

3) The ‘Finger of God’ aka ‘Finger of Fate’ points directly to the Vestal Virgin Virgo Full Moon, piling on the pressure for the grieving inner child, specifically to heal childhood wounds that may be accidental or karmic. It could be easier to funnel away from the point of emotional pain and utilise all feminine healing qualities mentioned above, i.e., before going for prescriptions, check diet and lifestyle and therapy first.  

4) There is also the 144° Bi-Quintile aspect to consider between the Moon/Vesta and Pluto, which enhances healing insight and psychic connections. Pluto is still in Capricorn for a few more years. And I wanted to mention this last aspect primarily because it makes it clear how Saturn and Pluto are at last separating for all negative collective karma to also start to be more manageable, less ‘on top’ so to speak. Seen from all angles as conspiratorial and controlling, thankfully we will not witness the likes of a Saturn Pluto conjunction again until 2053, when these mega-karmic planets will conjoin in Pisces, the sign of the Fish through which the Sun currently shines, which brings us full circle to the Goddess Moon, now conjunct Vesta! So, if you haven’t already, after almost two years of being in orb, wave goodbye now to the most karmically heavy-duty Saturn-Pluto conjunction that commanded our collective attention to transform and deal with our shared experiences.

And as the Moon begins to wane towards the a magical New Pisces Moon, 13th March, which is also the Equinox New Moon for the start of the Astrological New Year. March 20th /21st is only a few weeks away – when equal-day and equal night means change is upon us as we move into Spring in the North and Autumn in the South. And we will want to be ready to face and embrace the new (and exciting: heads up: May30th!) so make the most of this organisational time of the pure Lunar Goddess and make lists as well as offerings.

Closing this lunation’s Full Moon report with an ode to the Vestal Goddess: may the Goddess (within) serve you well and bless you all with sexy savvy and cosy place of shelter and warmth…. 

Hymn to Vesta

Come, Vesta,
To live in this beautiful home.
Come with warm feelings of friendship.
Bring your intelligence,
Your energy and your passion
To join us with your goodwill.
Burn brightly at my hearth.
Burn always in my soul.
You are welcome here.
I remember you.

Praise to the Supreme Woman!
“Praise to the Supreme Woman,
The Blissful Dakini of Long-Life,
May You blossom as wisdom withing our hearts, Dakini Mandarava !!!” -Naldjor

With love & many thanks to contemporary artist Karma Phunsok for featured image. Please visit his website and support his astounding work.  

“Om hrih vam jnana dakini mandarava ayu siddhi ja hum”

Mandarava is also known as Machik Drubpai Gyalmo and Pandaravasini.

In the thirty-eight chapters of this revelation [‘The Lives and Liberation of Princess Mandarava‘ is a treasure of Padmasambhava], one comes to know a nirmanakaya (emanated manifestation) dakini who chose numerous times to enter the world as an aristocrat.

The purpose of this depiction is not to show us that only those of high status or wealth are fortunate enough to have such opportunities, but to reveal that Mandarava was able and willing to renounce that which is most difficult to renounce, namely attachment to the so-called pleasures of worldly life.

In each of her lifetimes, she unflaggingly forsakes fame and pleasures to work for the benefit of others through example and skillful means. Her abandonment of the temporary pleasures that steal away precious time and opportunities for spiritual development mirrors the struggles facing modern-day Dharma practitioners.

With Love & Light from Astro Dakini*s Dharma Stars
Also look out for 13th March New Pisces Moon
C*I*A’s Lunar Transmissions with #87 Laura Boomer-Trent
Aka Laura Boomer-Trent©


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