Dön Season

Dön Season ~> in the days before 'Losar' 23rd February & the New Year of the White Iron Mouse 2147

As the first of four full supermoons wanes beyond the Last Quarter Medicine Buddha ~ Dakini Tara Moon, we also experience a critical period of the Tibetan calendar called “Dön Season”.  

In the 10 days leading to ‘Losar’, celebrating the Tibetan New Year of the White Metal Mouse – this year with a Pisces New Moon, February 23rd is Dön Season.

Dön Season has been described as being ‘like Mercury retrograde on steroids’, as the karma of the previous Elemental Year (Earth Boar) accumulates to potentially manifest as sticky issues that can create obstacles, problems and disharmony, before entering the spacey year of the White Iron Mouse.  

And wouldn’t you know it in these interesting times Mercury, planet of communication goes retrograde at 12 Pisces, Monday 17th February. Retrograde in the sign of the fish, communicative Mercury’s quicksilver flows, speaks in poetry and prayers, painting vision boards that revise our understanding of compassion and loving kindness, victims and saviors, redemption and sacrifice.

This mysteriously intuitive and dreamy Mercury placement also has the potential to re-vision, re-inspire and re-dream magical seeds of the imagination, all of which is in the process of growing into being on the ‘Day of Miracles’ and ‘Monlam Chenmo’ ‘Festival of Light’, when karma is multiplied and Mercury goes forward in the awakening sign of Aquarius, all at the same time as the enchanting Full Losar SuperMoon, March 9th/10th.

We need only be mindful of the beauty of diversity in unity to avoid being swept along by the sea of Samsara’s pounding waves and collective currents that risk leading to sudden endings.

Now, however, not only is Mercury going retrograde but we are also heading into dark moon phase; and because of ‘Dön Season’, the end-of-years’ amassed energy patterns, particularly negative ones can whip-up destructive thoughts and patterns which, if we don’t clarify with compassion, loving-kindness and mindfulness, could even lead to emotional obsessions or psychic or even physical obstacles. Ideally we should enter the year of the mighty Iron Mouse with a cool and clear, compassionate heartmind.

In order to therefore avoid blocks and hindrance, and because 2020 is the year of the Metal Element of the White Iron Mouse, which rules the 5th element of akasha, ether and ‘space’, time now to make Space clearing a priority. With candles, incense, smudge sticks, prayers and bells we purify our immediate environment, plus the astrological blessings of the Sun in Aquarius, an intellectual air Element, helps to also make Space at home, at work, in relationship, and – most importantly within our own mind. Most especially starred with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is the meditation through which we awaken Spirit and enlighten the heart-mind.  

To be smart and sharp in the mighty metal Mouse year, detox inner planes as well as outer worlds. Organize (a free-flowing mind) and let go of the old and outmoded to prepare for an exciting Elemental Year of the White Iron Mouse, a year for the brilliant and unusual, sensitive and socially affable to feature with strong intellect and equally robust morals and morale.  

During these next few days of  the closing lunation and “Dön Season” –  just before ‘Losar’,  the Himalayan Buddhist New Year, we also call upon our protectors – seen and unseen – and make plans to connect with spiritual friends and loved ones who share unconditional love and support  and celebrate the Losar New Moon 23rd February and, despite mundane challenges, the start of a year promising a development of altruism, empathy and cosmic love.

with Losar ℒℴѵℯLight,
Astro Dakini

words & image LBT©

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