Halloween Blue Full Moon

Trick or Treat? ~> Expect the unexpected!

Saturday 31st October 2020 14:48 UT

Halloween Blue Full Moon 9°Taurus

In this elemental year of the spatially aware ‘Metal Rat’, few kids will be knocking on All Hallows doors (for obvious – distancing – reasons) without first checking an escape route – just in case. But should anyone hear a loud and mighty ‘Whaaaahahhaaa’ at any point over the witching weekend just remember how easy it is to sometimes be caught off-guard, especially over a spooky Halloween Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon is when the Moon is Full for a second time in a calendar month. The first was Oct 2nd, with the ‘Equinox Shamanic Healing Moon’. Now we are half-way towards Solstice, and the ‘Halloween Full Blue Moon’ amplifies the rather peculiar shape-shifting busyness of an active Iron Mouse/Metal Rat year. Even when isolating there is much to transform and adjust in order to accommodate 2020’s difficult demands. Halloween, however, is pagan new year, a time of letting-go of all that no longer serves one’s higher purpose. It is also when we can get help to do so from the ‘other side’, as the veils thin between the upper-world and lower-world – and any physical, psychic, and psychological transformation is readily reflected within soul’s mirror.

As the cosmic wheel of the year turns to the ‘Fixed Cross-Quarter Solar Fire Festival’, in doubly fixed and determined and incredibly preceptive Scorpio, the sign of death – the most real of all transformation; Scorpio rules the taxman and researchers, hidden treasure and tantric masters, renewal and psychic intuition. Deep and passionate, Scorpio reveals our tendency towards extremes. A Full Blue Moon opposite this deeply sensitive Scorpio Solar Fire Festival intensifies the magic and depth of feeling.  

⭐️ Whenever the Scorpio Sun shines, it often illuminate those parts of our life which we need to let-go, and cut back in order to witness a rebirth. Be careful however, not to eject anyone who is shows loyalty and devotion. Faithfull and loving asteroid Juno is currenting next to Sprit Sun. Also, be true to yourself. With the light upon the super-soulful Once-in-a-Blue-Halloween-Full-Taurus-Moon (every 19 years!), all kinds of hidden secrets and sensation abound. Psychic antennae can become astutely tuned, as light plays within the shadows and cracks of psychology and ego. Keep your mask and wits about you, right up to the opposing Full Moon and a few days beyond. Because a normally solid and stable Taurus Full Moon illuminating this sweet and fertile, loving sign of the Bull, in which Luna is exalted; theoretically this should make for an excellent weekend, with abundant showers of love light and wonder at the ease of living the good life. But this is not a ‘normal’ Full Moon: its Blue, in league with rebel-rousing Uranus, as well conjunct two powerful Fixed Stars: ‘Hamal’ and ‘Schedar’ are found in the tropical zodiac 8° Taurus, within a tight orb of influence. Both these Fixed Stars can take a positive or negative stance. It is said Hamal gives the head’s up on organised crime (!). On the ordinarily helpful side, bestowing independence to pioneer, to be ahead of one’s game. Not-so-easy is how those who live with an inflated sense of their own entitlement and majesty are in danger of losing respect and position. Two Fixed Stars with the Halloween Moon AND Uranus alert one to be open-minded and dignified at all times and, no matter how weird or different other may be, treat everyone with the same care and consideration we ourselves would like to receive.

Those with planets in fixed signs, around 8° Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius could now develop his or her will with a systemic awareness of the collective noosphere – an outer focus of larger forces and thought processes that shape our thoughts and world – a bit like how we can identify with a meme, for the outside world to interact with our personal soul consciousness.  

⭐️ Most importantly, the emotive Moon is right next to the electrical and unpredictable firecracker Uranus, conjoined at the exact moment of this lunation’s culmination. Whenever off-beat Uranus is activated there is always a dramatic, if a little chaotic, wild surprise: a kinky twist to any tale. Be aware: all kinds of unusual and erratic, unexpected events, quirky people and wild ideas can dash in from leftfield. Also, because the sensitive Moon is our emotional barometer and exactly conjunct buzzy Uranus, it means all of us, via our various (Sun in witchy Scorpio) psychic senses, a sixth sense or a feeling in your bones, can intuit change in the air; the unease and anxiety of almost a year of covid’s restrictions, for instance, can create around basics human requirements such as food, fresh-air and nature, health, friends and family, work and medicine, as well as the cash to access and generate such fundamentals.

⭐️ Some, more than others, will feel acutely sensitive and electromagnetically charged under the Full Blue Moonbeams. If you do find yourself easily zapped or singed around the edges, take a mental health check and make time to get ‘earthed’: take a long shower, eat well, sleep well, switch off and find stability in order to think straight. Uranus highlight our nervous system and can even encourage the all-seeing Third Eye to open. Unconventional Uranus looks to the future and is the planet of the innovative space-age: tesla-coils, deep-space astronomy, exoteric astrology, genius minds, and high-tech science all thrive in the Uranian sphere.


Uranus in Taurus ~>

“The only constant is change” Heraclitus 500bc
Now traversing through down-to-earth Taurus (until 2026), Uranus is a 7-year ‘generational planet’ marking significant events and ideas, as well as the disruption, separation, and bonds witnessed within our peer groups and teams we work with, as well as friendships (online and off). Innovative Uranus is the super-smart, hyper-aware, techno-beeping ‘Agent of Change’. Uranus is also the social worker, the planet of people’s revolution, liberation and humanitarian endeavours, individuality and interconnectivity. The position of controversial and often chaotic and disruptive Uranus is astrologically noted during riotous times of uprising and rebellion. Wherever a corrupt establishment is brought to rights, Uranus is always present. The danger, however, is always how dark oppression crushes in reaction to any glimpse of a flashing neon light proclaiming the freedom and equality which humanitarian Uranus demands.

⭐️ Freedom also takes a certain responsibility. With Uranus next to the Moon it often shows how we are sometimes so busy with friends and/or our part of a team in making the world a better place that it creates distance within the family, especially if separated from Mom’s apple pie. Other personal expressions can include openness within the family to encourage personal freedom to experiment and explore friendships and generate altruism. It can also indicate family breakdown if such freedom is denied. 

⭐️ From a broader perspective, Uranus with the Moon in Taurus accent both personal and collective stability. Because, at best, the Moon with Uranus indicates an altruistic response to our basic security, this is an area where we are currently cosmically called to wake-up. Indeed, Uranus is the ‘Great Awakener’, planet of change and revolutions, rebels and outsiders, shocks and sudden flashes of insight, as well as the ability to remain mindful and informed within times of fast-moving change. It will take another six years for the planet of revolution and evolution to traverse completely the Bull’s fertile fields of food, flowers, agriculture and farming, finance, stocks and shares. A Taurean Bull reminds us we are what we eat. The Taurean Buddha would say “what we think we become”. Uranus, meanwhile, urges us to take a walk on the wild side: if there was ever a time to think positive, take-up gardening and rewild nature, it is now, if only as an antidote to the digital overload.

Some personal projects may need to wait patiently for both Mercury and Mars to go forward. By Diwali, and the Festival of Light with the New Scorpio Moon, 15th November, everything we have learned (in a painful learning curve) can be put into practice to start afresh.

⭐️ Quick thinking Mercury is still retrograde over the Full Moon, and in opposition to active Mars, which also still retrograde, but also slowing down. Worthy of note is how Mercury is currently conjunct Fixed Star Spica; and is where the Healer-trickster will station before going forward on the 4th November. Spica is a bright star depicting the Goddess holding a Grain of Corn, which feeds into this Moon in Taurus theme of being aware of what we are nurturing ourselves with, be it food, media, or thoughts from our own chattering monkey mind.

⭐️ From this blue Halloween Full Moon it may be necessary to be extra patient with certain things for another two weeks (look to 15-16° Aries in your scope to pinpoint what’s holding you back), until Mars goes forward. The good news is that it is only a matter of days after the Full Moon before Mercury changes direction. But until Mercury separates from its shadow period (19th November), it remains advisable to quadruple check everything that you may be involved with to do with law, partnerships and finances, inheritances, tax and shares. To find a just and fair balance, Mercury has also been acting as ‘psychopomp’, the messenger between the upper and lower worlds. Fortuitously, the veils are thinning between these two spheres for the celestial courier to carry any mysterious message from ‘the other side’. 

⭐️ All-the-while 2020’s continued, hard-hitting dominant planets (which have come to denote covid and its restrictions) still align in the powerful and controlling and extremely challenging planetary pattern that can also signify grand karmic accomplishment. Jupiter and Pluto come together on 12th November for one last hit of its’ triple conjunction. This historical Capricorn conjunction of three planets, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, is especially poignant at the end of another mega- important once-in-a-lifetime change of a 200-year elemental cycle. This 200-year cycle times the various 20 year conjunctions of the social planets Jupiter and Saturn, which is coming to an end of the Earth Element conjunction cycle in six week’s time. Only for the the Great transMutation to all over start again with a new Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius, this time with a 200-year Air Element cycle. All this happens, rather portentously, at the December 21st Solstice: a sacred time that has a history of birthing saviors of all creeds.
Which has to be good!

Until next time, happy Halloween!

With Love & light and many thanks to all unknown artists,  and to Joseph Rock for Skeleton costume in Tibet photo 1925

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