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In light of a zany political election, many are questioning how we got to where we are now, as a collective, each with our individual (often wounded) identities courageously going into a New World. With the December Solstice the 200-year-change of Elemental interface of Jupiter and Saturn, aka the Great transMutation, a humanitarian application towards climate change is ideally linked to global health. We need to think long term –  and we may need to be patient in order to realise the potential enlightenment the planets indicate in this new cycle which begins at the end of a very difficult year.

So I’d like to share a way of looking at humanity which makes sense to me, even with political results, as it is a natural dualistic phenomena, a natural duality within the oneness: plus people have different size brains/glands/hearts, and therefore different capacities for understand, along with different desires, aversions and reactions.

Humanity is often split 50/50 in nearly all arenas in the way we act, think, and naturally emote. Some people are also right brain dominant, some left brain; some steely, closed and fearful; while others kind, open and loving, seeking an equal society. We are also taught how the brain can be shaped and changed and is continually trainable; and so, too, can the compassionate heartmind be encouraged to awaken. Relatively speaking, some can maintain ‘wholeness’ or have been taught to rest in breath, or to be able to come from their centre (the centre of peace). Perhaps this can change as meditation and yoga classes gain popularity.

To add another way of seeing the masses is that approximately 10% of the collective will be at the furthest extreme of either end of the duality, i.e. approximately a10% extreme fear-based spectrum with all the variants of psycho/socio narcissist nut jobs; or extremely sensitive empaths, bleeding heart liberals and spookily accurate psychics at the other. These two ends of the opposite human psychological scale tend influence the middling 80%, who are mainly interested in who won the game or if there is food on the table and having a cuddle. And it is they who politicians and leaders wish to sway.

Of course the movement of the heavens also reflects the expressions of these variants, with the current slew of heavy-duty Capricorn planets establishing corporate brands, where little people are seemingly expendable (even though they are the very same who put the X on the ballot and $’s into the brand’s coffers). The way people are swung in opinion, emotion, and reaction, i.e. through propaganda and targeted manipulation (through the internet), will depend upon their instinctive and familiar emotional/physical response (all of which is usually latterly rationalised). And with today’s addictive onslaught of personalised social media, you have to have a pretty strong (spiritual) centre or moral base identity not to be bamboozled by the nonsense, which is mostly aimed at controlling the masses and keeping a power base by disseminating the fear porn.


George Monbiot (journalist) suggests governments themselves have also changed, into servants of the oligarchs instead of serving the people. These oligarchs, he suggests, have also found a formula to get the 80% to vote for them. (He doesn’t go so far as to say what the formula is, but it’s obviously a recipe that includes copious amounts of NLP and the extensive use of Big Data (as per the Triple Conjunction.) Monbiot also thinks there must be a formula to undo the kind of mass hypnotic mind control and cognitive dissonance we are witnessing.

So, here we are, hanging in… waiting for the formula to appear. Hopefully soon.
Meanwhile proportionate representation in the political world would be most helpful to eliminate the right/left, red/blue, ping/pong game of leadership and governance. And this is what I predict will happen in the coming years of the New Aquarian Age.
Interestingly, the heavens now form an incredibly rare ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, with all four points activated by planets in home signs, i.e. Mars in Aries, Moon in Cancer, Venus in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. This ‘cross’ formation is active and dynamic, and from the esoteric point of view represents ‘the will of the whole’, to unite with Divine Awareness the Life of the Spirit.

Which sounds just perfect right now.

Featured image is Tara Mandala, honouring the Great Goddess Liberator.
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha… _/\_

with love & light
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