The Dakini Day before Lunar New Year

Happy Dakini Day!

During this waning part of the last lunar cycle of the Iron Mouse year we experience the potential healing power of the Sacred Feminine, with Dakini day blessings and a far-sighted Sagittarius Moon. Looking ahead we aim high and prepare to now leave behind the Iron Mouse / Metal Rat year, not to be seen again until 2081, and head towards the year of the Yin and White Metal Ox / Iron Bull, year 2148 in the Tibetan calendar. For these last few days of both the moon cycle, and the elemental year, we also encounter ‘Dön Season’, when accumulated obstacles, cobwebs and hurdles from the previous Metal Rat catch-up with us. These next five days before ‘Losar’ and Tibetan New Year, and the New Aquarius Moon on the 11th February, are therefore optimum for clearing space and tidying-up and making sure life is organised so that we can more easily embrace and welcome the year of the Metal Ox, with its’ incoming opportunities, responsibilities and challenges.

Many thanks to multimagnificent Soyolmaa-Davaakhuu
With love & light _/\_ Tashi Delek!

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