January 2021 Full Moon in Leo

✰ “Love will rule the Stars…”

28th January 2021 Full Moon 9°Leo @ 19:16UT

A constellation of visionary Aquarian planets is currently whisking up noble and heartfelt concerns for others, whomever they may be, lover, boss, best friend, betrothed, old friend, new friend, stranger, colleague or neighbour, or even that sly old scraggy fox lurking on the corner: everyone needs to know where they belong. To whom, or to what is another question. But having a strong network, with a loving interconnection to something bigger than who we are can empower our deeper, authentic self, and set us free – in true Aquarian style – to explore our own talents, however cute or foxy they may be. Although, with Love Goddess Venus in Capricorn (at the very same degree it will be at the end of 2021!) it’s a Silver Fox who exudes seductive power during this loving and creative Full Leo Moon.

All-the-while the gathering of Aquarian planets indicates humanity’s growing sense of oneness is awakening the globalized soul into this dawning of the New Age of Human Enlightenment. As such, this first Full Moon of 2021 carries much love and a sincere humanitarian promise – along with some real and sensual, earthy Taurean issues about our environment, finances, food, defence and security challenges to which we now need to be undeterred in tackling. Why Taurus is mentioned here at the beginning of the Full Leo Moon report is because the ruler of Aquarius, the sign through which the Sun is currently travelling, is unconventional Uranus, planet of peer-groups and teams, alternatives and astrology. Uranus is now in the sign of the Bull, and is extremely active during this Full Moon, a Moon that wanes into the über-Uranian, Aquarian New Moon and the Lunar New Year on February 11th, and the start of 2021’s year of the ‘Metal Ox’, otherwise known as ‘Iron Bull’. Futuristic Uranus in dependable Taurus will certainly add an air of excitement to the Year of the Ox.  


A rEvolution of the Heart

“He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own.” ~ Confucius

Over this Full Moon however, it is the Leonine passionate heart that encourages us to develop the will to experience the Aquarian aim that acts on behalf of others, symbolised in this Full Moon horoscope with dramatic fixity and focus. Although Leo tends to focus upon our own needs, on the subjective upside taking care of others builds trust and confidence for both parties, which then enhances our own mental wellbeing. Being altruistic is factually win/win, shown to also improve personal happiness as well as positively impact upon other’s lives. Opposite the Leo Moon, the Aquarius Sun is the zodiac sign associated with altruism and by extension, Uranus. Check your scope (or book a reading!) to see where generating the altruistic intention within friendship circles also ensures love and support in your life when needed (like now!).

✰ Be aware how initial days of this waxing Full Moon might again seem tough and trying, same-old, same-old, as though nothing really changes, when the Sun conjuncts Time Lord Saturn – only again to remind of karma and its consequences. Keep the faith. Five and a half hours after Luna’s culmination, when both Sun AND Moon connect to magnanimous and lucky Jupiter, breakthroughs and confidence abound. Not to mention this is a Full Moon that falls upon the 28th January, which this year is considered to be one of the luckiest astrological days of the year (Sun conjunct Jupiter)! Whoo-hoo! As the Spirit of the profound Aquarian Sun is in conjunction with both taskmaster Saturn, generous Jupiter, strategist Pallas Athena AND informative Mercury, there may even be a sudden revelation just after the Full Moon, all of which can favourably encourage cooperation. There could even be personal transformation by breaking old (thought) patterns, and thus a hidden weight could unexpectedly be lifted from spine and shoulders, to free the solar plexus, open one’s heart AND breathe…
It may be as simple as changing the way we look at things for our posture and attitudes to change, but thinking you are one amazing being may also be due to a warm inner glow that comes from the blessings of a generously Full and fiery Leo Moon, a Moon that accents the brave human heart and its bright magical soul. It’s true, a Full Leo Moon stirs competitive ambitions and pride, and purrs loudly when they do, but with regal, lively and warm-hearted playfulness taking the lead and attracting friends and admirers with an uplifting sense of creative fun. 

✰ Before any crowning moment goes to anyone’s head, take note now of important upcoming astral activity: Mercury, planet of communication is slow, yet can still zap over this Full Moon, coming to a full stop a few days after Lunar’s culmination. If you also need to slow down or stop and take time out to reflect recent events and situations before further committing to anything idealistic, far-out or group-orientated, factor in that on 30th January Mercury goes into retrograde motion at 26° Aquarius until the 21st Feb, when it reaches 11° Aquarius, and when the Sun moves into Pisces, and a First Quarter Moon is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury: networking ideas and team strategy in the radical Aquarian hive mind could initially be on overtime with ideas and thoughts zapping into consciousness at the speed of light.

Be aware: whilst wishes can be granted, it is wishful thinking that can also run amok when Mercury is in Aquarius. On a practical note, Aquarian cooperation and organisation is key to successful interaction as well as making it easier to find things (in the (virtual) office). Back-up important info and note how (tech) problems and/or communicating with others could mean repeating and familiarising (everyone, including yourself) until a message is clear.

Should you find yourself in electronic melt-down, take heed and comfort in the words of my 17-year-old Goddess Girl who blithely informed ‘Everything is digital now.’ Okay. Check. Then she added ‘But nothing works properly.’! Knowing perfection doesn’t exist and that something always goes a bit squiffy, especially when so many planets are in Aquarius means we can relax – but still seek and apply solutions as and when. Also worth bearing in mind is that due to Mercury’s retrograde in Aquarius, Mercury and Jupiter meet three times to indicate BIG IDEAS are now potentially more receptive when proposed. Keep Jupiter’s wisdom eye on expectations. And think back to January 11th; check to see what was new for you at that point in time and still is something you can learn from; then look ahead to a decidedly funky Valentine when those ideas are reworked, and again on March 5th, when whatever it was that began around the January New Moon will either show areas of growth, improvement, or could even have blown up out of all proportion, in which case you may decide that a good time was worth it, and take lessons learned into Equinox.

✰ March is around the corner. Diligence is required for a successful year of the OX. And whilst being aware of present personal responsibilities at work, as well as at home, with friends, faith and debating the future it’s also worth bearing in mind how, particularly over this Full Leo Moon, it is an excellent moment to take care of our own needs and apply metaphorical bandaid wherever and however necessary, especially to those emotional wounds, perhaps feeling alienated or just plain frazzled and over stimulated. Please stay safe, no matter how strong the rebellious the Aquarian influence to break lots of rules may be.

✰ Watch out also for restless, rash behaviour that could lead to major accidents. ‘The Lights’, Sun (with Saturn & Jupiter) and the Moon are in a hard ‘Fixed ‘T’ Square’ that challenges the rather exciting and fairly rare conjunction between dynamic Mars and Uranus (every two years), for surprising events/relationships/situations to come from left-field is typical of this configuration. Expect the unexpected. And think outside the box. Both Mars and Uranus in Earthy Taurus are pivotal for bringing in new and refreshing advances with healthy returns.

✰ With individual quirks and idiosyncrasies contributing to the greater whole never has being a ‘world server’ been a more fitting and liberating call to answer. Holding the collective (emotional) experience can dominate the sign of the ‘Water Bearer’, Aquarius, which also has a singular intellectual brilliance, one that dazzles with ingenuity and personal genius.

Ever since the Sun entered Aquarius on the 19th of January, it added to an electrical buzz already zapping our world. With so many planets in Aquarius, we especially need to take care of frazzled nervous systems. These are testing times, not just from having been on viral info assault for over a year in one way or another (the internet used to love being ‘viral’ (remember that) and maybe it still does), but since the advent of the c/19 onslaught, among other issues, adjusting to current extremes requires us to cajole our darker or more radical thoughts into the light and onto a more peaceful middle way for a successful year of the dependable Metal Ox. Thankfully the bright and buzzy, scientifically future-orientated Aquarian Sun is now with expansive, lucky Jupiter, making this a Full Moon to be confident in outlook and optimism our watchword as we approach Lunar New Year – and SEVEN heavenly bodies in Aquarius, February 11th.

✰ One more Lunar aspect to consider is how both Sun and Moon form an easy and harmonious connection to outsider shamanic wounded healer, Chiron, making this a powerful healing Full Moon for those who have fire signs (Aries, Leo & Sagittarius) prominent.

✰ Karma could quickly ripen between 25th January and 9th of February. Coupled with Mercury retrograde we also have the ‘space clearing’ ‘Don’ period, a ten day time overcoming the previous years’ accumulated obstacles. With nice synchronicity CandleMas, the festival that celebrates Brigit, and Vesta, the Sacred Goddess archetype of hearth and home coincides with the start of Don period, from 3rd February until Losar and the New Aquarian Moon, and the start of a fortnight of honouring Buddha’s miracles.

✰ On the 6th of February, Venus conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius when we may just learn to love our fears. And Lunar is also conjunct the heart of the Scorpion; with emotional insight in the pre-dawn sky.

✰ Coming to the end of the Lunation the Moon conjuncts Jupiter AND on the same day as seven planets in Aquarius, the two astrological benefic s come together, Venus and Jupiter (at the same degree of Mercury’s retrograde!) making this a most auspicious start to Losar, and the New Lunar Year of the Metal Ox on the 11th Feb.

✰ Lastly, I would like to mention how this socially active – if only digitally, and creative Full Moon is still subject to the repressive distancing Saturn in Aquarius can symbolise. Saturn remains in Aquarius until March 2023, which is a mighty long time to be wearing masks, worrying about ‘bubbles’ – and Granny. Hopefully, the world will not be so distant and strange for the entire duration of Saturn’s stay in spacy Aquarius (finger’s cross for only for Jupiter’s duration of 2021 (with a ’23 proviso). So I will be setting an intention with the New Moon that we can soon begin to fully engage as humans do, with a gentle touch, smiling and hugging. In any event a combination of thoughtful determination and a willingness to turn selfishness into selflessness signals a brighter future.

With that, I wish you all a roaring and creative and socially satisfying Full Leo Moon…

With love and light,
Laura aka Astro Dakini*s Dharma Stars ~> #87@ the Cosmic Intelligence Agency
And still…
“I think what everyone should be doing, before it’s too late, is committing themselves to what they really want to do with their lives.” ~ Matthieu Ricard

The day the child realizes that all adults are imperfect he becomes an adolescent the day he forgives them, he becomes an adult the day he forgives himself he becomes wise.~ Alden Nowlan

With many thanks also to Bill Brouard, Visual Alchemist, for Buddha Bliss
to Romeio Shrestha for fantastic Winged Lion
And to unknown sculptor of Purple Tara.
May  it be of benefit.
And may the website be fixed soon too!

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