A Capricorn New Moon is the last lunation of a Metal Rat year

A new project for a New Moon 

Please do press the link above (i.e. a new project for a new moon) and watch as fellow astrologer Liz Hathway and I talk through the upcoming Capricorn lunation for the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. This Moon Cycle takes us up to the New year of the Metal Ox – Iron Bull and is the last lunation of the Metal Rat – Iron Mouse year.

Briefly, what to look out for this lunation:
14th January Uranus going forward ~> changes to our value system, with food and finances highlighted.
17th Jupiter Square Uranus ~> this is a closing square of a 13.6 year cycle that began 2011 in Pisces, indicating a visionary start that now challenges humanity’s conscience in regard to security, food and finances.
21st – 23rd Mars conjunct Uranus: Unpredictable and potentially explosive.
24th – Sun conjunct Saturn : exciting, bold karma
28th – Full Wolf Moon

30th January ~> 21st Feb: Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, please back up all digital files you wish to keep! Tech could get very weird this year as Mercury retrogrades in Air signs.

2nd Feb ~> 11the Feb is Don season and a time to clear your space to be ready for the the February New Moon, which is also the Elemental New Year of the Metal Ox and the LOSAR New Moon! It is also the start of the fortnight of miracles, when Buddhists honour Sakyamuni Buddha’s miraculous displays, culminating at Monlam Festival of Lights on February 27th Full Moon.   


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