Solstice Full Cancer Moon at the Great Conjunction

✰ Solstice Full Moon 8ºCancer ✰

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with their freedom”. ~ Bob Dylan

Events and situations that transpire over this Solstice Full Moon illuminate how this time of year with Christmas, Kwanza and New Year mark important collective passages by which we measure our own lives. At such times we toast loved ones lost and celebrate those still here and yet to come. Without becoming too maudlin or moonstruck, this is a full-power super-sentimental moon-ruled Cancer Full Moon that morphs into stylish Leo – perfect for changing out of your p.j.’s into a glitzy LBN for New Year’s Eve zoom cocktails.

Emotional meltdowns that lead to (playful or childish) drama could be more common than you think. Yet with Moon and Sun initially in hard aspect to Shamanic Chiron, all kinds of suffering could make one feel like an outsider. Mending broken spirits is the order of this strangely romantic Cancerian Full Moon; because this a moon when music can heal and feed your soul and for nature to remind you to connect to Spirit and sparkle as best you can.

Cancer is an old-fashioned sign with a long memory. Remember yesteryear when Bowie and Bing crooned around the fireplace, without masks or fear? Well now is the time to learn from a backward look then, at the stroke of midnight, on the First of the First, 2021, focus ahead and prepare your mission statement for the upcoming New Year (of the Metal Ox (Feb 10th)). Take heart now: as we enter 2021 under the auspices of the Full Moon’s third and final night (Remember, there are always three nights to a Full Moon!), know there has been nothing quite like the stars we have experienced this year for more than a century. But still, dealing with ongoing and fall-out of a global pandemic is going to take time – as well as a great deal of cooperation, with personal responsibility and a commitment to freedom.

The Great Solstice Appulse aka the 200-year 'Great Chronocrator' or 'Great Mutation'...

✰ This caring, sharing Full Solstice Moon in Cancer also illuminates the way we personally fit our own narrative into and around these big events that describe our shared lives; the stories we recant about Christmas, family gatherings and holidays then become mythical over time. And while being with loved ones may not be possible for everyone this year, our personal involvement within one of the greatest astronomical events and astrological turning points in a century could also rise into awareness with the ‘Great Solstice Appulse’, i.e., the dawning of the consciousness-raising Age of Aquarius, which will flow from the sign of the ‘Water Bearer’ hereon into the human mind-stream over the coming decades a much-welcome crystal-clear awareness. I use the term ‘dawning’ lightly; because we really are only just at the beginning of even sensing what a ‘New Age’ in the always freedom-loving and often selfless sign of Aquarius really signifies.

At its highest vibration, Aquarius portends enlightened clarity in a world where there is an equality of sex and race, class and religion. But how do humans accomplish such egalitarian realisation? Well, put it this way: long-haired Flower Power children of the 60’s preaching ‘peace and love’ were indeed visionary transformers – if not exactly practical about the enlightened community kindness necessary to live in harmony, than logic extremists initially appreciated. With only a few more centuries to go until we totally embrace this New Age of Human Enlightenment (approximately 320 years – I know, I know, so far into the future) a lot can happen in that time: climate-change & human behaviour notwithstanding.

✰ Put all this into the context of what might seem like a mind-boggling shift of Ages which happens every 2000-years, at this Full Moon’s cosmic Solstice wheel turning, we can safely say we have now tentatively begun a mass transition, taking baby steps from our current 2000-year sign of (Jesus and) the Fish and our ‘Age of Pisces’, towards the new humanitarian ‘Age of Aquarius’. And, as with any new venture, there are bound to be difficult points of transition, which we all will agree 2020’s year of the Metal Rat is one that will go down in history.

Astrologically, both the Metal Rat’s Solstice turning points, June and December, held super strong portents. These are the Yin-Yang exchange points in Earth’s Solar Year. As such they are natural turning points in our own life (heart-mind and body). June 2020 we saw a Total Solar Eclipse @0Cancer, indicating a need to focus upon creative foundations and global/family care. Now, in December, from the mega-influential social planets, Jupiter and Saturn, comes Aquarian-light-empowering-super-conductive-connectivity propelling us into an unknown future with the closest conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn since 1623 AND the phenomenal ‘Great Solstice Appulse’, also known as the ‘Great Mutation’, the ‘Great Chronocrater’, and topical favourite as everyone could do with the blessings from the Solstice ‘New Light King’ and a ‘Christmas Star’ that heralds the dawning of the Aquarian Age (Imagine what the kids being born now have in their horoscopes!).


Air sign Aquarius ~> ruled by Uranus & Saturn & @ home in the 11th House

Be like a great bird, that can fly through a storm to the peaceful expanse of sky. Fly through the storm of your afflictive emotions to the peaceful expanse of your mind. ~ Chamtrul Rinpoche
With majestic and impeccable, dramatic Solstice timing, this celestial meeting between Jupiter, ‘King of the Gods’, and the great ‘Time Lord’ Saturn, coming together to stimulate our collective will to again pledge personal responsibility to consciously manifest a (mini) Aquarian Age for the next decades, with a longer-term view to establishing a healthy future for our children’s children; initially done by marking the end of a 200-year materialistic Earth element cycle. Encouraging disposable desire to control the ‘id’, that instinctive and childish, angry part of the ego becomes so yesteryear, for a visionary altruism to be here NOW.

As one cycle ends another begins. (Check your charts for) Jupiter and Saturn at 1  and 2 degrees Aquarius also thus officially herald the start of a brand new 200-year intellectual AIR element cycle, the likes of which we have not seen for 800 years! Is your head spinning yet? These are rare and precious awe-inspiring moments in history now being brought to light over this Full Moon. Slow down if you need to. Catch the consciousness of airy breath. Because when we think long term, we also get the idea these are astrologically momentous times in which we find ourselves.

✰ And as this Full Moon culminates Tuesday29th or @3:28GMT Wednesday 30th December (depending upon where you are in the world), it also makes a good aspect to futuristic Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, to help note how times do indeed change. Tough times will end. Impermanence is the nature of our world. Even if facing enormous obstacles or in a most difficult confinement or lockdown, it is most important to keep the faith; for those in the first world, able to zoom with our friends, we are lucky: there are billions less so. Though I am not promising the cosmic weather is all sunshine and roses for next year, I do forecast a greater expression of humanitarian ideals – with a mighty quest to maintain lofty ideals due in the Summer.

✰ The overall zeitgeist is swiftly changing to emphasise how information is power. Even the Mercury Retrogrades this year are for the healing trickster to go back into Air Signs. Hopefully, there will be less division and hurt perpetuated by those who have the power to manipulate. At the same time as we wave goodbye to 2020, we also we leave behind a most difficult year with its extremely rare ‘Triple Karmic Transformation’ Capricorn conjunction which took place throughout 2020 between three planets in the mountainous sign of the Sea-Goat: expansive Jupiter, authoritative Saturn and controlling Pluto, all of which have come to symbolise a deep and powerful transformation that has taken place within each and every one of us, in one form or another.

With the ‘profound karmic transformation’ theme now passing away (although there are still a few more years to complete the objective, as Pluto remains in Capricorn until 2023), 2020 has been such a wild and challenging year for so many people. Millions upon millions of people – and other beings – trapped in the suffering of rapid change at the same time dealing with the suffering of isolation is not easy.

Planets in the sign of Aquarius confirm how humans can be rational and emotionally contained but are also generally social creatures. People need People. For everyone, young, middling or old, taking on the speed of change (and the speed of AI) within isolation can be difficult to navigate, even for introverts who like being on their own so friendships take on greater import. We humans tend to rely upon others for support when our deep and very meaningful transformation happens. We mostly look outside for affirmation and support. Similarly, we like to be there for others when they go through life’s passages. Yet the spiritual teachings tell us wisdom is inside, not out. And this may be one of the biggest lessons we will learn over this Full Moon.

✰ Astrologically speaking, Saturnian restrictions could also continue to impact upon daily life throughout the Metal Ox year and possibly into 2022 with the Water Tiger. Saturn is the planet of limitation and boundaries, and traditional ruler of Aquarius.

Even though the cool and boundless Uranian side of eccentric Aquarius encourages liberation, free-thinking and free-movement, dictatorial Aquarius can also quickly zap to another more Saturnian extreme, to create distance with unapproachable indifference, which can be brutal and cutting if the ego holds onto form. According to psychological astrologer Melanie Reinhart, when Saturn is in the eccentric sign Aquarius we do well to accept how being different is okay. However odd one might feel, we could still need to work-on and develop unique skill sets to the max and contribute individual talent to the tribe. We also need to watch out for becoming cynical and/or derisive, especially under prolonged confinement.

Due to 2021’s long lasting ‘Saturn Square to Uranus’ three-part hit as the major planetary influence of the Metal Ox year, internal and external tussles between freedom and restriction continue through the year with dates of note: Feb 17th (Just after Valentine’s Day!), June 15th (Just before Solstice!), and next Xmas Eve – would you believe? Note: this is a tense closing square of a 45-year cycle that began 1987/8 and finishes in 2032; it is nowhere near as tough as the planetary configuration we are leaving behind. Saturn and Uranus do, however, influence the way we can efficiently work from the inside out.

✰ Though a Fixed Star currently advises against any rash or ruthless acts over this Full Moon, with Sun in cautious and practical Capricorn with Fixed Star Fasces, we still need to watch out for cruel shadow side reaction that victimises and harms others.

✰ Spirit Sun sits next to informative Mercury, dealing with important matters by exuding Capricorn character and charm with the voice of velvet dark chocolate that at once seduces and commands with an invitation to dress-up for New Year zoom cocktails. But if you are practicing restrictive Saturn’s social distancing alone, dear reader, and are in need of human touch, reach your arms around yourself right now to give yourself a heartfelt hug and know that you are love incarnate; and how love actually leads this Full Moon horoscope, because Venus, the planet of LOVE, is the driving force to comprehend (past life) relationship while we focus ahead, viewing the far-sighted future of 2021 with the kind of hope in our heart that heals the lonely and hurt inner-child within.

Happy New Year everyone!

May all be auspicious and may you and yours be well…
Sending LOVE on the Moonbeams

Until next year,
with many thanks to unknown artists for delightfully Airy Buddhas

From Astro Dakini Dharma Stars
©lbt Laura Boomer-Trent  
#87 Agent Dakini for the Cosmic*Intelligence*Agency

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