November 2020 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

☽☼☾ Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 8° Gemini ~ 29th/30th November @9:27UT ☽☼☾

“What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out…which is its exact opposite.” Bertrand Russell

☽☼ The first of two eclipses in this late 2020 Eclipse season is a not-so-visually-remarkable, info-laden Full Moon Gemini Lunar eclipse, 29th/30th November (Have you seen the highly informative C*I*A Brave New World Symposium, for instance?!); followed two weeks later by a full-on Total Solar Eclipse,14th December, that conjuncts the Galactic Centre. The latter is more likely to satisfy anyone seeking over-the-top drama in their stars – and lives – but please try not to get sucked into a black hole in between, because there is much to look forward to, especially in December leading into a New Year, and a new start.

December is jam-packed filled with phenomenal portent. For instance, a New Moon Solar Eclipse takes place leading up to a once-in-a-lifetime 200-year conjunction called the ‘Great Solstice Appulse’, which is the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn for the first time in 800 years in Aquarius (to be the closest since 1623), as mentioned in previous Full Moon reports. Even Christmas day is blessed by the uplifting Solar-Lunar combination of the Wisdom Guru on the day we celebrate Guru Rinpoche and Lama Chopa. Plus New Year’s Eve celebrates the end of 2020 with the third night of a powerful Full Moon, one where Luna shines in her own sign. Remember there are always three nights to a Full Moon. Like a wave rising, the first night the Moon applies strength, the middle is when the moonwave culminates, and on the third evening Luna begins to wane. This means a glorious Full Moon that has passed her peak will still be rising high in the sky as this most difficult year closes; and, at the stroke of midnight, we will welcome in the New Year 2021, just as the Queen of the Night directly confronts the infamous and newly-installed order, with an altruistic and airy Jupiter-Saturn conjunction. No doubt we will all be looking ahead and wondering what our own creative part is in the universal co-creation. Make a mental note that any changes 2021 brings, it can all be faced with courage, strength and an awakened and informed heart-mind.

☽☼ This Full Moon Gemini Lunar Eclipse is therefore rather tame in comparison. Although, all through our various lock-downs we may have spiraled into that vacant space known as ‘the back of the armchair’, we are to now getting ready to stand-up and be counted. So dust yourself down and patch yourself together if necessary (there’s a soothing, Chironic feel to this Full Moon Eclipse), and be prepared for an up-coming momentous change of celestial guard with the Great Solar Appulse (aka Great transmutation or Great Chronocrator), which only happens every couple of centuries. No wonder so many are jostling for position right now, because whatever is sealed in the run-up to this historic celestial moment has the potential to hold in place for quite some time. Particularly within the ‘Triple Karma Capricorn Club’ (Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn), which has maintained a blinkered view upon the material world, operating in a part of the heavens that a bit like one of those atmospheric but antiquated old boys clubs, stuffy and oppressive, with antler’s horns hanging off the wall and cigar smoke obscuring the view of the fire-escape. Although these authoritarian planets are still working together, the secrecy and obscuration that has surrounded heavy-weight ambitions is also coming to the end, as is this cruel Capricorn reign in a year in which many people have lost work, respect and heart. But keep the faith. Change is in the AIR. Openness, clarity, and freedom beckon.

☽☼ Meanwhile, all kinds of shenanigans could be revealed over this Full Moon, making it most important to filter information and communication through your internal, and possibly psychic and emotional, fact-checker. Dig deep, do your research and note what you are hearing, seeing, thinking and sensing. Know truth is all around. Then check again how you feel and what your emotions are telling you. Note if feelings are the ‘real’ you, not one manipulated by media or hysterical others.

This eclipse, although penumbral, still sees the astrological south node, the Dragon’s tail releasing past (life) influences from the Sagittarian South Node, the Sun opposes Luna and the Dragon’s Head, the North Node in the sign of the Gemini Twins, highlighting the need to come from a well-informed place. It also implies the time is ripe for some serious analyzing and questioning, even the verity of one’s beliefs. Remember how its okay to change your mind – it’s often how we evolve, by not holding onto the past. And how being ‘right’ is not always so important. But being kind, tolerant and openminded is. And as Sun and Moon align to accent truth and freedom, with the right to exercise these in movement, thought and speech, whenever the Sun shines in far-sighted, freedom-loving Sagittarius, we can more easily expand our world view, even if it is only from the comfort of the aforementioned armchair.

With the Sagittarian 360° panoramic perspective we could even begin to make out the depth or meaning within our spiritual self. Having faith in something greater than oneself, God, Goddess, The Void, Buddha, Allah, call that greater consciousness in the unseen electromagnetic biofield what you will, when a Sagittarian Sun and eclipsed Gemini Moon make a hard ‘Mutable T-Square’ to Neptune in oceanic, all-consuming Pisces, our world view can take on divine proportions. Quite often it also means we can lose our ‘self’ in our own delusion, so that big egos, ideas and projects and blow-up out of proportion to go ‘pop’, particularly when over confidence and arrogance excel. Beware the God complex; but at the same time may your God/Goddess go with you! 

✰ Ruling the sign of the Twins, quick-thinking Mercury holds sway this Full Moon. Mercury’s role in this eclipse is to understand and trust what is hidden from view. In Scorpio, Mercury is now both detective and psychopomp. The deals we make with ourselves are as important as the deal we make those around us. As the planet of the mind Mercury takes us into the darker corridors of our mind to develop our own understanding of our personal psychology – i.e. what turns us on or makes us tick is what enables us to have deep and meaningful relationship.

Venus in also in Scorpio: psychic energy abounds during this eclipse, creating positive development as well as challenges to ego and emotion to comprehend the eternal energies of cosmic consciousness. Thus, the interplay between Sun, Moon and Earth – cosmos, self, and the Divine, becomes a delicate dance skilfully synchronising interior and exterior towards a greater awareness.

✰ Interestingly, because this Full Moon has a strong mutable quality helping one to stay in the flow, it also accents physical and spiritual healing with a higher quality of repair than we have seen for some time. This much called for and most welcome healing influence also takes us into the New Year. Due to the easy aspects between both Sun and Moon to Chiron (trine & sextile respectively) the outsider, who is also the healing shaman, working magically with nature’s totems to help heal any wounds to personal identity, which is not the same as bigging up that ego or enabling abuse.

✰ According to eastern philosophy, a lunar eclipse creates a sacred dynamic to enhance our most powerful psychic subtle energies; as the most important two heavenly bodies, Sun and Moon, combine in concentration, they can also influence our ability to focus and connect with our innate compassion and wisdom. Mindful of this potent force which lies within and around each and every living thing, the balance of male and female, sun and moon, yin and yang is at once receptive and dynamic, magnetic and electrical, commanding a personal and sometimes psychic awareness that dissolves duality.  

✰ With Sun and Moon in that hard T Square to Neptune, how attentive we are of this naturally blissful state of ONEness depends upon how open our heart-mind can be to unconditional love. And this is probably one of the great truths: love is our natural peaceful state. Without love life loses its meaning. Love is free from plurality; and to experience an open heart-mind, conscious of the peace within is to imbibe all the strength, courage and optimism that will take us into our next collective phase as we start to come out of particularly restrictive time in our shared history.  


Wishing you all a beautiful and enlightening eclipse season!
Remember too that eclipses see major shifts, geophysical as well as within our own lives. This is a watershed moment when much is changing.

Be well. With love & Light

Astro Dakini #87
aka Laura Boomer-Trent

“Truth is immediate, radiant, here and now. It is not that truth has to be discovered — only you have to become aware. Truth is already here.” Osho

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