✰ Karma Multiplied Full Moon Lunar Eclipse = Karma Intensified ✰

Amithaba Buddha of Infinite Light

Full Moon 20° 00’ Cancer – 19:21UT January 10th (11th) 2020

Karma Multiplied Full Moon Lunar Eclipse = Karma Intensified

The first of SIX eclipses in one year (!!) is actually a Penumbral Eclipse, i.e. partial, and not a total Lunar Eclipse. So the Queen of the Night sky can look slightly fainter but shine much as she usually does during an ordinary Full Moon.

While all might look fairly normal, the celestial alignments marking a formidable ‘eclipse season’, and the entry into twenty-twenty are actually extremely rare: this is mainly due to ‘The Lights’, the Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon illuminating an extremely powerful conjunction between some planetary ‘Big Boys’, Saturn and Pluto, which are coming together for the first time in over thirty-five years.

Make no bones about this extraordinary and quite cathartic configuration, where the understanding of karma will be our saving grace. This is one planetary pattern where extremes of thought, word or action also require discipline and responsibility from each individual, as well as the mega-powerful governing entities and corporate complexes, currently symbolised by Saturn and Pluto, transforming convention in Earthy Capricorn.

With Sun and Moon at 20 degrees of karmic Capricorn and creative Cancer respectively, both luminaries are almost parental in nature, beaming heavenly spotlights directly upon the two celestial heavy-weights Saturn and Pluto at 22 Capricorn (exact 12th January), revealing how a jumbo Capricorn configuration can provide a firm but kind guiding hand, to carefully stabilise and contain situations and events, thoughts and ideas, in order to avoid any further contribution to personal or collective crises, catastrophe and/or chaos, which once initiated can take an often unpredictable volition.

Be aware: these are demanding, ‘extra-strong stars’. Some even call the current planetary line-up ‘dastardly’ and ‘shadowy’, especially as karmic portals open wide and the planets now beckon at this very moment we transform and transmute any dark doom and gloom into light and beauty.

And while it’s true there is a hefty element of (past-life) ruthlessness on display from a pompous few, we could all benefit from having a greater sense of practical purpose. That involves engaging in meaningful activity to avoid falling into a self-pitying victim trap.

In light of any onerous event, situation or relationship, please go easy on yourself and be particularly kind to yourself emotionally. A Cancer Lunation tends to bring out the need to comfort (food!), especially for Mommy’s boys (sometimes in tears). This, therefore, is not a time get swept away with hysteria, but to break out Mom’s apple pie (Not all of it, mind – judgemental Capricorn states we should show some discipline! 😉 ) and take time to digest insight into feelings, noting levels of pain, suffering or even happiness in constant movement, but still not allowing emotions to rule.

A remarkable parade of austere Capricorn planets now promote realistic responses to drama or no drama, aware how accountable we are for past and future actions by staying as much as one can in the present moment; at the same time placing trust in gut-instinct.

The watery Cancer Moon is also a call to hydrate – a lot; this will make it easier for the mind to ‘be’ in a place of ease, where it’s okay to note where you are in life right now and consider where you and your (global) family would like to be in the not too distant future, assessing goals and ambitions. Good ideas could surface now too.

And if you need extra energy to be more creative, use that intuition to know when to power-nap or snuggle-up with a good book/film and rest. It’s worth mentioning how this Cancer Full Moon is with ‘Fixed Star’ ‘Castor’, denoting story-telling, writing and creativity, which can flow in abundance when your inner-sense of purpose is strengthened with encouraging words (Even give yourself a mental pep talk if necessary!). Remember that when collective karma is thrust upon us, it is best to not get stressed when there are things an individual has little or no control over. Instead breathe deeply, regain composure, relax, and live your own creative story instead, one that is strong and meaningful and comes from the heart.

As Luna culminates in sign of the Crab, where the Cancer Moon is in home zodiacal sign, it makes for a doubly super-sensitive, highly imaginative Full Moon, magnifying emotional intensity with an almost hourly need to nourish the fraying soul – however we do that. Music is highly recommended to quickly realign with centre and purpose. So please feel free to harmonise with mantras, or sing, hum, whistle or play from heart if feeling overwhelmed by sentimentality (watching helplessly from afar the millions of animals suffering in Australia already has me reaching for the Kleenex).

Depending on personal triggers (Cardinal planets around 20 degrees (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn)) this is a most challenging Full Moon for the start of 2020. And this too will pass. And time will heal.

Getting a testing Full Moon out of the way could actually be helpful before the year of the White Metal Rat kicks in with the Aquarian New Moon, January 24th. Yet events surrounding this Full Moon could still be intense in and for nature. We may have let Pandora out of the bag during December’s Full Moon, but the situations we experience and witness now in our personal lives and in our environments present a serious reality check and wake-up call for everyone, especially those who have access to the power to provide personal and collective stability – and hope.

Light in the Dark: Sun & Moon ~> Saturn & Pluto

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”  ~ Martin Luther King jr.

✰ As the Capricorn Sun conjoins an excess of other planets, also in the sign of the ascending Sea Goat, accenting (difficult) past karma with the South Node and expansive Jupiter (on Fixed Star Facies), just as communicative Mercury, Earth Mother Ceres, proficient Saturn AND renewing Pluto side with the illuminating Sun! All together this five-planet line-up produces a super-strength stellium of concentrated markers of time and karma, power and accomplishment, experience and expertise. It also means shining a light on secrets at work, and the murky side of life’s shadowy greed and morally corrupt.Exposed during degenerate times, the lust for power and control, sex and money, position and entitlement too easily distort from our true nature. So developing the unerring patience these magnificent Capricorn planets bequeath – and the understanding of how karma works , again is helpful.

When we are living enlightened lives, riches come from having a generous heart; but with those behaving like hungry ghosts, the wisdom teachers advise us to show compassion and to think long-term. This is extremely timely from our current astrological point of view, with both transformational Pluto and Time Lord Saturn starting a new cycle. Powerbrokers together, showing when to consolidate or when to renew; and with Jupiter in the current cosmic mix, when to remain optimistic and to have the confidence to do all three, like now.

Interestingly, and looking way into the future, there’s also a greater, 234 year- cycle between the impressive and business-like Saturn and Pluto to consider, due to Pluto’s cycle, a whopping 248 years to orbit the zodiac, and Saturn approximately 30-ish years, depending upon ellipse. That’s quite some time to learn how to control damaging extremes and regenerate (Pluto’s task) – and to come from the heart and be at peace (Saturn’s challenge). All of which means this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse observes the final last-gasp moment of a union that began in relationship-orientated, heart-centred Libra in 1983. With Saturn and Pluto, death leads to rebirth. As dramatic as that sounds, January 12th is the start of a brand new ‘Capricorn’ cycle between the indomitable two, lasting until 2055, when they meet again in Pisces; the emphasis will then be directly working with the rejuvenation of water and our emotional world. Those who want to be a part of a long-term regeneration of all things Saturn-Pluto in the sign of the Capricorn Sea-Goat can impress with a stately air of majesty and age often only seen in our national parks, with mountainous peaks sustained by lush hollows with durability and wisdom.

By spring/early summer, the ability to gather with like-minded people is easier: Saturn’s sojourn into humanitarian Aquarius between March and July can stimulate clarity and a faster pace of change to the old order, which will be interesting to witness as the June Solstice Solar Eclipse sees Saturn go retrograde, heading back into Capricorn until Saturnalia (Don’t you just love TimeLord Saturn’s dry sense of humour when it comes to timing?!). At the same time of the ‘Winter Solstice Appulse’, aka ‘The Great Chronocator’: a two-hundred year cycle between Saturn and Jupiter which many cultures note the beginning of a whole new cycle of expansion and contraction, one based on altruism and equality. (More on that to come.)

Though noted that much of the current Saturn-Pluto, Capricorn karma we are experiencing is (ancestral) collective karma, group karma is mighty strong, and can ripen quickly; whereas individual karma can take time. Of course, time is relative, and a couple of centuries but a blink for the eye of Shiva. Nonetheless, a Capricorn Sun illuminating Saturn and Pluto suggests keeping things hidden is tricky while conscious disciplined leaders are required for a positive collective vision and experience. Karmic taskmaster Saturn accents commitment and dedication when working alongside metamorphic Pluto, potentially able to produce sustainable renewals to power all sentient beings. Problems only arise when hardened egos seek control. In fact, once we understand how karma works (as it expands outwards), then it becomes easier to be kind and forgiving – to all beings, even towards that guy at the lights who cut in front.

✰ Curiously, planet of mind and thought, Mercury is ‘cazimi’ the Sun January 10th (Cazimi means in the heart of the Sun.), just a day before the Full Moon, creating an excellent time to make the most of opportunities to communicate, announcing ways forward. And in Capricorn style, getting advice from the professionals is recommended – as well as a time for envisioning and working plans to generate the deep commitment needed for regeneration of resources and culture, work and relationship, home and stability.

✰ It may be that old and outworn power structures require reform. Right now, however, with so many planets in Capricorn, everyone on Spaceship Earth without exception is cosmically bound to feel as they are going through some kind of initiation, one which also provides the strength to perform under all kinds of pressure and reap karmic rewards. According to the heavens, it’s our generations’ time to understand how words, thoughts and actions have consequence, good or bad. And with Uranus stationed to go direct for the next seven months it’s also good to consider how we are all interconnected, especially now through the interwebs.The fact that no man is an island will be crystal clear by the end of the year.

✰ It might seem overly heavy this month, but take heart, as ‘The Lights’ both make fabulous connections to Neptune, planet of compassion, dreams and enchantment, indicating there are miracles to manifest and dreams to grow. Because Sol makes a harmonious sextile, while the Cancer Moon is in a gifted water trine with dreamy Neptune, the imagination can flow easily under these magical moonbeams.

✰ Last astro-note: the yeehah cowboy driver Mars, this time in Sagittarius, once again leads a ‘locomotive shaped’. Full Moon horoscope (for the fourth and last time in a row). Mars also throws a ‘bi-quintile’ (144°) to the Cancer Moon, adding passion and fun whilst championing truth and freedom and being publically outspoken, which could certainly get results in the run up to Luna’s culmination.

Ending with a quote from Lama Yeshe, who was part of the first wave of Tibetan Buddhism that came to the West in early 70’s, who explained

“Karma is your experiences of body and mind. The word itself is Sanskrit; it means cause and effect. Your experiences of mental and physical happiness are the effects of certain causes, but those effects themselves become the cause of future results. One action produces a reaction; that is karma.” ~ Lama Thubten Yeshe ~

With that last word from Lama, wishing you all a karmically rewarding Full Moon! See you in the New Elemental Year of the Metal Rat 😉 💕🙏☀️🌍🌕
with love & light, Astro Dakini aka Laura Boomer-Trent© #87

Love & many thanks to the wonderful Romio Shrestha and his Celestial Gallery book which you buy on Amazon or in good bookshops 🙂
for his amazing Amitabha Buddha of Infinite Light. 💕🙏☀️🌍🌕


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