Magical Solstice Dakini Day!

☼✶☽ 21st Dec ~> Radiant light blessings are bestowed on this magical Solstice Dakini Day! As the Cosmic Sun Wheel turns into the longest night/day of the year (depending upon which hemisphere you are in), exact Sunday 22nd Dec @5:20UT – when Sol moves into initiating Capricorn and stands still for three days.

In order to sky dance with the New Light King during the dramatic Christmas New Moon Solar Eclipse, this waning Solstice Dakini Moon accents the need for rest and reflection, care and recuperation.

So be good to yourself: turn YINward for the next few days and allow the sacred feminine’s soulful cool earthy darkness to grow the gentle Yin qualities of wisdom, fairness, compassion – and the strength to welcome 2020 with a clear heartmind and view to practice the art of spiritual accomplishment.


Happy Dakini Day everyone! And a very happy Solstice too!

It is also one of the most important days in the Tibetan ‘Yellow Hat’ Gelug tradition honouring founder Lama Tzongkhapa, who taught the ‘graduated path to enlightenment’. This year marks the 600-year anniversary of his passing.
May all beings who walk the dharma path attain enlightenment!

Wishing a very happy Lama Tzongkhapa day to all dharma brothers and sisters!

LOVE & Dakini Solstice Sunlight…
many thanks from Laura Dharma Stars ~ Spiritual Astrology for Solstice Dakini to DakiniUnlimited and artist unknown.

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