Magical Solstice Dakini Day!

☼✶☽ 21st Dec ~> Radiant light blessings are bestowed on this magical Solstice Dakini Day! As the Cosmic Sun Wheel turns into the longest night/day of the year (depending upon which hemisphere you are in), exact Sunday 22nd Dec @5:20UT – when […]

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Envision! Empower! Engage!

On this last Full Moon of the decade at 19°51’ Gemini 5:12UT 12th December 2019 A Full Gemini Moon that culminates on the 12th of the 12th 2019 (=12!) numerically empowers with a triple enshrined number of completion – ‘12’: so fitting for the last Full […]

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Jupiter in Capricorn ~ astrological Vajra King of the Diamond Thunderbolt

Jupiter, the astrological Vajra King of Thunderbolts, changes signs today December 2nd. Leaving home sign Sagittarius for another twelve years, the cosmic sacred guru, Jupiter, now moves into karmic Capricorn, where he stays until what promises to be a sparkling Winter Solstice […]

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