Envision! Empower! Engage!

On this last Full Moon of the decade at 19°51’ Gemini 5:12UT

12th December 2019

A Full Gemini Moon that culminates on the 12th of the 12th 2019 (=12!) numerically empowers with a triple enshrined number of completion – ‘12’: so fitting for the last Full Moon of the Year. And as the 20’s beckon – albeit tentatively with righteous caution, it is events and situations that surround this curious end-of-decade Gemini Moon that we discover and disseminate all kinds of info that could make sense of our current quest to keep the flame of hope alive. And while fakery abounds, a brilliant Gemini Moon reflecting the light of the truth-seeking Sagittarian Sun suggests we can also embody the wisdom of discernment and analysis to carry us into the clearer vision of the 2020’s.

From a view within our mind’s eye, most everyone has something to say about their vision of the future. Indeed, there are even ‘Fixed Stars ‘, (‘Mirzam’ and ‘Alehena’, on the destiny-fulfilling North Node) in this Full Moon scope that celestially encourages us to engage by stating our intentions to those we consider close trusted kin, and freely announce new ideas (to old projects) and forthcoming goals and pursuits. By airing thoughts, be they philosophies or proposals, we could also clear external (past-life karmic) obstacles and pacify internal confusion – thereby making it easier to go forward. With words that will easily echo beyond a powerful Dark Moon Solstice and a Christmas New Moon Solar Eclipse, we now enter into the first forays of that eclipse season, which comes to an end around the Chinese New Year, January 25th and the Year of the Metal Rat.

✰ But for this Full Gemini Moon there is a planetary plot twist that provides ample choice in this dualistic world, as the chatty Twins in their light-hearted inquisitiveness will conjunct asteroid Pandora at culmination (Wednesday night/Thursday (morning)), the mercurial nature of this Moon is compounded. Asteroid Pandora has a seductive quality. Pandora’s nature in the horoscope can be compulsive, towards expansion if not OTT in her indulgence. In Gemini, Pandora has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. A Full Moon that holds sway over our emotions with Pandora suggests relationships and situations could suffer unless we keep a lid on the not-so-agreeable facets of our life and personality. In Greek, Pandora means ‘all gifts’. Mythological stories tell tales of her carrying a box labelled ‘all gifts’, that when opened all the woes and wonders of the world fell out. Carried away by all of its contents, before all was lost Pandora sealed ‘Hope’ inside the box, i.e. no matter what goes on around us, inside our heartmind the gentle flicker of the flame of hope illuminates our path.

So let your inner-light shine during these holy days. Any careful strategy and planning put into place for the holiday season will certainly help one to have a stronger grip on truth, as well as exercise reasonable restraint and responsible reactions which are most especially prized – and called for, particularly when the bubbly sparkles and party sequins shimmer in the silvery moonlight. Because this is rather changeable Full Moon, with the sign of curious, versatile and persuasive Twins mirroring the brilliance of the far-seeing Archer, best stay in one’s flow, aware that all that glitters isn’t necessarily gold.

✰ Remain centred in the midst of change, with an open heart and mind, able to smile from within and be kind to ourselves and others by living up to our moral expectations. I say this partly due to a Mutable ‘T-Square’ that ramps up the Love Wisdom with ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, in a challenging, hard angle to compassionate Neptune, which is still at home in philanthropic Pisces – with a warning to beware collective confusion, half-truths, and charity fatigue: we are just over half way through this oceanic transit which ends 2026 and there are always more ways to give. Also partly said because Jupiter, the Sagittarian Sun’s sage ruler, has only recently left the wild roaming plains of the Archer, to traverse Capricorn’s professional highlands and explore the value of empire, state and law.

Still, this Mutable Square is a tough cosmic call for all, for the spiritual soul group as much as the trend-setting fashionista individual, often vacillating from wanting to save the world, be saved, or hide in shadows of their favourite bar; but it also suggests forgiveness is called for. And sacrifices may also need to be made when letting go of any lack of clarity, incoherent misinformation or toxic addiction. For a mystical moment we may feel the need to view the world through heart-shape specs, as though veils of glamour and delusion mistakenly compensate, when what we really need is to release our imagination instead, and bask in the beauty of the love that emanates from the heart.

✰ Remember, under any circumstance, how we are made of light and love, and each of us an integral part of a universe that always, no matter what, always supports us – although it may not always seem so at the time. This might sound crazy to those consumed by physical or emotional or intellectual karma and needs (all of us). But keep the faith. Even if faced with a metaphoric Capricornian mountain to climb, for a Full Gemini Moon mission when the adventurous Sun is in Sagittarius, the quest becomes ethically inspired by wanting to do the right thing by one’s conscience, all of which has a greater chance of success and to create a wealth of wisdom and virtue. Be brave – and flexible. Set your moral standard high. Know that during a Mutable T-Square and a Gemini Full Moon facts can and do slip. Ideas can also rip then ride the mental merry-go-round to create spin and/or bewilderment. Perhaps more importantly: be aware how thoughts currently have lighter angelic wings. What we think can now magically fly through the ethers into the great beyond, tracing and threading lacy gossamer trails of hopes and dreams that can manifest later into our ‘real world’ of personal time and space as ‘Divine Intervention’.

Einstein said it thus: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

Be careful of what you now wish for.

✰ Also over this Full Moon, Sol’s present Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter and the left-field ‘agent of change’, Uranus, apply a decisive and easy, blink-and-you-might-miss-it, super-helpful ‘Trine’ connection. Aspects applying between expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus are generally both exciting, overblown, and even more outrageous when aided a Full Moon. And although both planets are in slower Earth signs, solid Capricorn and furrowed Taurus, surprisingly fast change could zap into place December 15th, with friendship groups and social media a means of influence.

✰ Another aspect worthy of note is a regulating factor – a 150° quincunx from the Gemini Moon to Saturn, Venus and Pluto, together in Capricorn, it’s quite a powerhouse to communicate with. Keeping temptation at arm’s length, the Pandora Gemini Full Moon has A-list media connections with the Moon in Gemini to help keep informed, if not contained and poised, slightly passionate and intense; with the ramifications of choices and adjustments resonating as Luna wanes towards the Dark Scorpio Moon Solstice.

✰ As the Solar Solstice wheel turns, Luna she leans heavily upon the feminine mystique of the moment. And when the New Light King is reborn with the Christmas New Moon Solar Eclipse (25th-26th December) it truly marks the end of what has been a tricky teen decade for many, just as the karmic gates begin to open wide and a major time of transition begins, with this Gemini Full Moon heralding profound shifts in the coming weeks ahead, geophysical as well as within; consciously or not, but emotionally, physically, and even intellectually especially challenging for Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra to show how happiness and harmony is self-generated. 

So from this Cancerian, ‘Happy Holidays everyone! See you in 2020!’

May all beings be happy and free from suffering!
And may all beings be at peace within and without…

Special thanks to Visual Alchemy for a Blast of Buddha Bliss

And to unknown artist for Buddha in teaching mudra, with the experienced Saturn finger on the Dharma Wheel and communicative Mercury finger extended.

With ℒℴѵℯ & light from Astro Dakini
© Laura Boomer-Trent

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