2020 ~White Metal Rat

Elemental New Lunar Year of the White Metal Rat

The year element according to the Chinese Calendar is about to change today, 24th January, from the transformational Earth Sow, not to be seen again for another 60 years, to the multi-directional and super-smart Metal Rat, with a brand New Moon at 4°Aquarius @ 21:42UT.

Get ready now for an inspirational year of the White Metal Rat: a busy and informative year, one to reap and share the rewards that come from discipline and proficiency, bright ideas and helpful connections. Even being a loner or outsider can have unique talents that also contribute to enhance the lives of the greater whole: we are all interconnected: team spirit can also create kindred spirits; while individual professionalism makes room for motivation and brainwaves.

Fake it until you make it if necessary. With the potential for powerful inventions and revolutionary collective resourcefulness, the Metal Rat shows a steely heart of iron and a strong humanitarian streak; bravely compassionate, willing and able to confront challenges with a mind open to future strategies, sometimes having three different plans on the go at the same time – just in case.

The clever and often wordy Metal Rat also has super sensory spatial awareness that sees through walls the back door, if a speedy exit is needed. Although fortunes fluctuate according to canniness and karma, the White Metal Rat expands both the material and spiritual through a heightened awareness of self in relation to others. 2020 vision emphasises constant clarity – where the curiosity of the mind is also balanced with self-control. This makes the Rat year one when what you know is just as important as who you know. And to know your self is most meaningful, as the Metal Element stimulates a greater understanding of the conscious mind.

The impressive Metal Rat, aka the Tibetan ‘Iron Mouse’ is also cool and calculating, careful with finances but trusting with friends. Most importantly for mind-body-speech practitioners working within spheres of form or formless is not to be zapped by electrical overload and become brittle or rigid, cold or dry, but to remember Aquarius while linked to ‘Metal-Air’, which is buzzy and electrical, it is also the Water Bearer’ suggesting a need to refresh and rejuvenate (drink lots of water) and generate an enthusiastic joy when called for, as the mighty Iron Mouse rules from January 24th until February 11th 2021. At which point we enter the year of the Metal Ox, with an astounding Aquarian celestial line-up which marks a two-hundred year cycle that includes Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Pallas Athena, Jupiter and Saturn, bringing seven heavenly bodies into super spacy Aquarius during another Metal Element year, the mega-marvel Metal Ox.

Metal’ is the substance of the sword of justice. As well as the ethereal aspect of the Air element, direct and cutting, Metal is aligned with vastness of Space. Make ‘space’ a priority this year, head space as well as a space for the heartmind to be at peace and find a place to breathe easily.

Metal/Space element is yang in nature, male, confident and creative with high ideals; it also rules winter and the lower North West, as well the colour white, planet Venus (!), the mind, lungs, grief.  _(*)_

Generally, this is a good year for Water and Earth elements; not so harmonious for Fire or Wood. Animal signs Monkey, Ox and Dragon should thrive. While being moderate for Boar, Tiger and Snake, a Rat year can be tricky for Rooster, Horse or Sheep; but Rabbit and Dog enjoy amicable respect and cooperation.

For all Rats it is a time of care and caution – especially with obstacles. Those born in 1960 will have their ‘metal’ year – a Kalachakra Return if you like, which means they have seen all twelve signs of the zodiac through all five elements, making the Metal Rat wiser with experience and able to generate inner calm to the fast and wily mind.

Briefly looking at the actual horoscope for this Elemental year in which there is a ‘bowl’ shape, with dynamic Mars in freedom-loving Sagittarius leading, and the liberating wildcard Uranus on the edge. Think of this as a ‘Sky Bowl’ and a heavenly vessel from which we can pour ideas and things, feelings and thoughts, at the same time retain morals and ethics while practicing analytical mindfulness and endless compassion.
Oh, the wonder of White Metal Rat in action!  
Best wishes for the Year of the Rat Everyone!

Note: Himalayan New Year, Losar, is February 23rd, with the Pisces New Moon.

With ℒℴѵℯ & Light from AstroDakini DharmaStars

Also thanks to the Banksey for his many rats, particularly his Love Rat.

The Rat/Mouse is also a familar of beloved Sri Ganshe

May all be auspicious!

Om Mani Padme Hung x infinity…


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