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The second and largest of 2020’s SuperMoons is also April’s romantic ‘Pink Moon’. In the thoughtful and influential air sign Libra, symbol of balance and equanimity, contracts and partnership, bouquets and beauty, as well as scales that dictate legality and legislation. When the Moon is in Libra, here is an emotional need to weigh-up (karmic) action and the convictions we share about the peace, love and freedom we can experience, all within the confines of our home – and shrine (Best not forget that devotional and compassionate Neptune has the ‘last-say’ as final dispositor of this Full SuperMoon Scope.).

With the live-giving Sun in Aries still conjunct wounded-healer Chiron, it can be easier now to identify oneself as the shamanic Spiritual Warrior, noting how we all are naturally able to shine – bright, like the Sun. Indeed, the brighter the heart-mind and light-body the more radiant, clear and expressive the Spirit. So when the Full SuperMoon in Libra reflects Sol’s brilliance, conveying our own thoughts and ideas with others helps to assess how much give and take is necessary when creating peace and harmony, especially within our social life. Yes, I hear you: how can one have a civilised social life when everyone is stuck indoors? What kind of karma is that? Well, read on: I’ll explain the (collective) karma later, as it warrants more than half a sentence now; but a functioning internet certainly makes it easier to connect with those we care about, and touch base with culture. And although psychic sensibility will also begin to heighten for some sensitive folk, this pertinent moment in time also portends well to consider realistic plans about the kind of society we’d like to see when the virus eventually passes through and quarantine lifts, as it surely will.

Thankfully, a Libra Full Moon also enhances the ability to stay on centre and maintain a positive attitude, all-the-while creating a well-balanced life-style as best we can within the confines of ‘self-isolation’ and the infamous Capricorn conjunction that dominates the heavens throughout 2020. Writing now from Europe, we are starting week 5 of lockdown that will probably take a few more weeks at least, and I will be surprised if is lifted before a change of the Lunar Node’s zodiacal sign, to move away from the 18-month emphasis of the Cancerian home into healing the Gemini market place, May 5th.

✰ Before going any further, it’s necessary to mention that because of the dualistic nature of the healing-trickster Gemini, plus the Retrograde passage of Venus in Gemini in May, June and July – conjunct healing hygiene Nurse asteroid Hygiea, there is every chance if we ‘unlock from quarantine’ too soon there may be a second wave corona to heal within six months – or sooner. 

✰ But back to the present, because both Lights, the exalted Aries Sun and Full Libra SuperMoon, are totally locked into the challenging planetary pattern that will define these tense times for years to come. These are times that require resilience and resolve, truth and trust, within the mammoth Capricorn conjunction that now forms a tight and challenging 90° ‘T’ square between Sun and Moon. The mighty and powerful and long-lasting conjunction in Capricorn between Jupiter and Pluto, means both are in the established sign of corporate industry, as well as personal accomplishment. This transformational planetary union impacts big business, ambitious power structures, and society’s expectations as we look at the major transformation taking place in our world, of our ecology, psychology, spirituality, economics, and the health and livelihood of many: the way we socialise, govern, care, and show compassion, all is in the midst of this massive global life-changing scenario which requires a certain amount of responsibility and discipline to stick to life-saving guidelines. 

Still, the largest Moon of 2020 is again a ‘singleton’, inferring ‘the people’ are bravely holding emotions together, as it is the handle of a bucket shaped horoscope. Keeping personal feelings from spilling over is super challenging with a SuperMoon and its ensuing higher tides. We will need to watch our temper under the fiery Aries Sun. Try to catch impatience by watching your breath or count to ten if irritable and angry. And when thinking about how things will be – remember there is no going back to our previous normal – we know it doesn’t work and actually makes us ill. We know also that when we stop the consumer merry-go-round, we hear birds sing, and a cloudless sky becomes blue. All kinds of beings currently love the peace and quiet calm that has come about by humans stepping off the treadmill, albeit through a collective act of kindness to look after the more vulnerable, as symbolised by compassionate Neptune in Pisces.

It’s helpful to also bear in mind that history shows how societies emerge from major collective crisis wanting to make the world a gentler and more humane place to be. But being locked indoors for weeks on your own is not necessarily easy. Should the beams of masculine fiery yang Aries Sun inspire the macho need to let off steam, then dance, exercise and get physical – but never violent. This Libra Moon suggests we develop patience not punches . Know also that if our mind is disturbed or angered, it is we who suffer. Not only does anger wipe out good karma, but as well as harming others it also seriously hurts the one who fumes. If the quarantine frustrates, or you find situations too loud or crazy, make way for the sophisticated sway of a classy Libra influence that can quickly smooth things over.

From a stance of knowing how people need people, and that love never dies, Libra lives for friendly relations and the democratic process. Aware also how important it is to sing from balconies and pen odes to the vagaries of the heart, Libran style and poise are not aired to impress anyone (well, okay, maybe that special someone). But when the Super Moon is in the sign of the Scales, we are all reminded how humanity’s, culture and art, are just as important  to strengthen and harmonize the human soul, as sticking to rules and guidelines, justice and goodwill is for the current health of the world.

This is also the Full Moon which heralds the fertility festival of Easter. Remember timing rule: the first Sunday after the Libra-Aries Full Moon = Easter Sunday. This Easter Goddess is cool and smart, with a Full Libra Super Moon returning the exalted light of the brilliant Aries Sun, breathing new life into relationships as well as the association we have to our (sometimes self-inflicted) wounded self. Because Libra knows that when all is said and done, relationships, either in love or at work, with family, friends and colleagues – or even with our own ego – are all we take with us when we take our last breath.

✰ With covid-19 all over the show, thinking about (one’s own) mortality is in fact a good thing, not least because mind-expanding Jupiter is with secretive planet of death, Pluto all year. Jupiter is hopeful and optimistic, together with Pluto it suggests we remain confident during this time of transformation. Those born 1943, 1955, 1968, 1981, 1994 and 2008 (the last Jupiter-Pluto conjunction) will resonate deeply with the intensity, some will share the conjunction (but in different signs). Together these two also represents ‘massive transformation’, ‘hidden truth’, ‘big secrets’, ‘meaningful and profound’ ‘expanding psychology’, ‘growing control’, ‘develop trust’ – you get the picture how powerful and expansive these two are together: understanding Pluto’s ability to move about unseen is as important as dealing with Jupiter’s honesty about our expectations for the future. (Please wear mask and gloves when out – Pluto’s cape is optional.) 

Aware how each life is a vehicle for enlightenment makes our living more real and alive. As opposed to thinking ‘I’m gonna live forever’, or ‘I have plenty of time to do x,y,z’, rare situations like we are experiencing now, so aptly symbolised by this year-long conjunction between expansive Jupiter and Pluto, the planet of life, death and rebirth, we can see how life can turn on a dime. Truly, there is no time to waste when developing self-realisation and self-accomplishment. Because, when fear and panic go viral – the Capricornian fear of Pluto’s ‘unseen’ can threaten – and thereby control all beings.

Amazingly, it has taken a virus to heighten the Buddhist principal of ‘interconnection’ (i.e. nothing exists from its own side): no matter class, race, shape, age or gender, pandemics cross all divides. Pluto is also a generational influence, with a fifteen-year influence in the ambitious sign of Capricorn, which began in 2008. Pluto’s presence is always an indication how we often have little personal control over collective issues, in this case Capricorn’s governing structures and seats of power.

But now, over this Libran SuperMoon, we can harness personal authority by showing how fairly we treat others in our personal relationships, which is also a clear reflection of how we treat our self. If you don’t like what you see, look inside to become that brave and powerful Spiritual Warrior and see how and what you can change within your own personality. Also, be patient. Not just with yourself, but with others too: difficult times often reveal our hidden faults – when the going gets tough, people try to do their best even if it is not to our own liking.

✰ The Moon in Libra reveals it is through relationship we learn most about our ‘self’. Traditionally, it is the planet Venus which rules relationship-orientated Libra, which is a leading cardinal sign with the potential to be heart-centred. Currently high in the early evening sky,Venus is in the informative sign of the healing brother Gemini (the sign in which she will go retrograde just after May’s Wesak Full Moon).

Venus now holds up her mirror for us to see clearly how we think – and communicate, as well as how we behave, and how loyal and loving we are to those whom we consider loved ones or partners. Venus is also currently ‘out of bounds’, meaning she is not within the normal restrictions of her orbit. Many see this as a far-reaching feminine influence, or a love that has no bounds. Most heartening is how we are seeing all over the world people giving selflessly to help and heal others.

A word of warning comes with this SuperMoon, however, because Luna is also conjunct Asteroid Goddess Juno, the perfect model wife and partner. Even if not total marital bliss, the compatible ideal is present whenever Juno is nearby. Learning Venus-ruled Libran traits of compromise and cooperation are to be encouraged. Doing so avoids jealousy of perceived association, but also talking things through helps to define relationship boundaries. If we aren’t aggressive, petulant, or too impatient, this Full SuperMoon can be ‘Celestial Couple Counselling’ at its most fair and advantageous for all parties. 

✰ Interestingly, with Neptune as the final dispositer of the Full SuperMoon chart, it suggests the collective undercurrent is powerfully influential AND spiritually aware. To my mind, surreptitious Pluto and Jupiter represent understanding if not revealing hidden motives; but it is Neptune’s watery realms which carry our feelings as well as mass hysteria and a virus through the collective mindstream. Neptune has been with healing Mercury since early February, adding confusion to what has been a fast-moving situation. Mercury, the planet of healing will soon change, and leave Neptune behind, though I would suggest it is when the Sun exactly Square the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction after Easter, on 14th/15th of April that difficult situations are most likely be at their most intense. Hang tough! Never give up! Transform the mind through growing confidence and the HOPE in the heart.

✰ Meanwhile I end this report with an auspicious omen, because this full SuperMoon is also WORLD HEALTH DAY!!
Wishing you well, dear readers.
Some in Asia will also be celebrating the historical Buddha’s birthday. The name Buddha means ‘Awakened One’. May all beings awaken to their true nature and live in harmony.

From Astro Dakini
with love & thanks to unknown thangka painter for beautiful Chenrezig, Lord of Compassion.

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