10 years of archives

I have been writing these posts on  on my blogspot site since 2009. Here’s a link to a couple of them … you can find the rest when you’re there. other posts from 2019 posts from 2018……. and all the way back […]

Transforming (secret) Desires

Transforming (secret) Desires Full SuperMoon 14th November 2016 23°Taurus @13:51GMT ‘You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might just find you get what you need…’ ~ Rolling Stones ~ Always longing for something, we humans brim with […]

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Dec 27-28th ~> Lama Tzongkhapa & Dakini Day ~ ☼ ♑ ✶ ☽ ♏

☼ ♑ ✶ ☽ ♏ Post Solstice and Xmas, the Solar year comes to a close – as does this current lunation with the deeply insightful and feminine Scorpion Moon making a concluding, harmonious Sextile aspect to the practical Capricorn Sun. These […]

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Earth Ox Solar Eclipse

Earth Ox Solar Eclipse Planet Earth is currently in the midst of a massive wake-up call. The coming changes could revolutionise humanity in so many ways – for the better. Today’s new moon, heralding the Chinese Year of the Earth Ox, is […]

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