Transforming (secret) Desires

Transforming (secret) Desires

Full SuperMoon 14th November 2016 23°Taurus @13:51GMT

‘You can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes, you might just find you get what you need…’
~ Rolling Stones ~
Always longing for something, we humans brim with earthly desires.  You name it: money, food, beauty, buildings, brains, status, wisdom, power or enlightenment, we want it all.  Being desirous is a natural state, a condition that can propel as easily as repel.  Our wants and wishes make things happen. When things go the way we want, we think we’re happy. Yet all-too-often, and with no particular effort from our side, our desires can also make us miserable, especially if our demands are unfulfilled, or laden with obstacles and frustration.  So how do we deal with desire, from the astrological point of view? 
The signs of the zodiac that symbolise desire nature, in the worldly and spiritual sense, are the rooted Earth sign Taurus and contained Water sign Scorpio. Both are fixed and determined, receptive and feminine.  Together Scorpio and Taurus can offer physical stability and emotional security, within oneself and in relationship.  Trouble only really starts when we become attached to our desires, and stubbornly fail to move on when, or if, our desires become untenable, unworkable, or generally unbelievable – which is when Scorpio’s ability to sever completely becomes very handy. Apart from the debris trailing in its wake, Scorpio’s skill to rise and rise is extremely admirable, if not downright superhuman.  It is the sign of life, death and rebirth, after all.

In the materialistic sense, fertile Taurus signifies the desire to live the good life with healthy food, fine wine, and solid financial and loving relationships.  Scorpio, on the other hand, has issues of trust, power and control, and craves intimacy within emotionally engaging associations that are profound and passionate, ones that often go to the brink and beyond. Dealing with investments and tax are also for the elite Scorpio powerbroker who works with other’s resources; while bricks and mortar, as well as green fields and flowers, the very soul of Mother Earth herself are in the domain of the strong but gentle Bull, Taurus. 

While the radiant Sun passes through perceptive Scorpio, in opposition to the exalted full Taurus Supermoon, the heavens provide an incentive to reflect with a certain amount of crystalline clarity upon our desires. Asking ourselves what do we really want? And how much are we prepared to personally invest, with time, money and energy into that goal. This is not a Full Moon for dreaming.  It’s time to be practical. Also worth noting is how the Moon is the sensitive soul’s container. Exalted in Taurus, those with spiritual leanings can consider how all our various whims and fancies affect our soul’s karma, be it our own personal soul, or the collective ‘world soul’, otherwise known as the anima mundi, the biosphere, the field, or cosmic consciousness. 
A Lunar exaltation in Taurus means our emotional anchor is actually in the best possible sign to remain steady, even with flood-prone tides. In perigee-syzygy (i.e. nearest and aligned), this exalted Full Moon is also the second and largest of three Full Supermoons in a row. Astro-maestro Richard Nolle coined the term ‘supermoon’ way back in the 70’s, to explain just how massive these Moons are. And as the distance between Earth and Moon decreases, gravitational and rotational force is celestially bound to have a changing impact upon Earth’s geocosmic activity, accenting the interconnectivity between Sun-Moon-Earth. 
Just as there are higher tides and earthquakes, landslides and floods within the environment, political quakes as well as emotional are already felt; many are likely to sense a turning tide with an avalanche of sensation (paranoia, greed, fear, anger, revenge), roused by the winds of change that began with at the shocking Aquarian First Quarter Moon on the 7-8th November. Most important to note how this is the biggest SuperMoon for 70 years! The next one so close will be in 2034. Already we know it’s a ‘strong’ one, much stronger than usual. Check for 23° Taurus- Scorpio in your own chart, to see where a powerful (emotional) tidal pull is potent for you – this is the area determined at all cost to transform, as if survival of body and soul depends upon it. Remember also how Full Moons for last three days; so we are looking at 13th-14th -15th, for the Moon to be HUGE: 14% bigger and 30% brighter than normal. Clear skies permitting, climb high, and find a magical place to witness the Supermoon rise. Moon rise and set are when she will look largest.  That said; give at least another three days for lunar effects to subside, only calming towards the last quarter. But with a third and last Supermoon to come December 13th, which starts with a Sagittarius lunation on 29th November, it’s advisable to remain optimistic, whatever your situation.  
There are also four quite intense celestial pointers brought into sharp astro focus by Sun and Moon during this Full Super Moon: 
  • Spirit Sun in powerful and mysterious, obsessive and passionate Scorpio is now conjunct a lesser used astrological marker called Black Moon Lilith, which is an  unpredictable archetype representing the spurned rejected woman.  Black Moon Lilith is the dark side of our horoscope which, although ready to share and commit to the long-haul of any hardship ahead that walking the path side-by-side, is often repressed and turned down. With Black Moon Lilith there’s a sense of being abandoned, particularly by the powerful patriarchy. She is not timid, nor tame; Black Moon Lilith is that side of the feminine which mobilises hidden strengths. Often fuelled by the fury of betrayal, she can be a highly independent force to reckon with. Currently conjunct the life-giving Sun and asteroid Hygeia, for many (women) right now it may well feel there’s much work to do when asserting healing-headway made since the 60’s, to create a world of equality between race, gender and income. Black Moon Lilith is that side of the feminine psyche which feels the pain of being banished to darkness, but still vows to bring wisdom to the fore. She is the Tantric Goddess who destroys ego-based illusion to transform the most difficult situations into ones that raise and enhance spiritual values.
  • With the Sun, BML and Hygeia in good triangle aspect to shamanic Chiron, damage can be repaired and feelings of abuse and neglect have the potential to be healed by working tirelessly to restore trust and openness between opposing factions. Working with collective and/or ‘unseen’ hurt and emotion, and letting-go of self-centred trust will develop compassion and friendliness as a means to overcome fear and heal a wounded heart.
  • This actual SuperMoon also conjoins forces with Zaurak, which is a fixed star associated with gloomy Saturn, which is a challenge. So while Taurus reminds us to   simplify life, making an effort to enjoy what Mother Nature so freely gives, can quickly restore a flagging spirit and make it easier to wave good bye to melancholia.
  • With this supermoon being very close to the Pleiades, this is the moon to weather-watch. In both ancient Babylonian custom, as well as Tibetan, it is said the weather during the Full Taurus Moon is indicative of what lies ahead for the cold winter months (or summer if you are in the southern hemisphere). This is  especially practical for sustenance, as Taurus is an earth sign, symbolic of gardening and crops, as well as taking care of the land and environment, which is more easily done when we have an idea of the elemental forces at play.
Wherever we are during this Full SuperMoon, we would do well to strengthen our soul connection to the planet, and thereby strengthen our own soul. Align with Mother Earth and her Taurus exaltation, give thanks for all the goodness and resources she gives so freely. And then imbibe the power to face and heal the deepest, darkest, and most frightening parts of the psyche, by allying with truth, light and love, having faith that our highest earthly qualities will bear fruit. 
With love & thanks to unknown artist for Khroda Kali _/\_ aka the Fierce Black One – also to supermoon gif maker _/\_

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