Virgo Sacred Goddess New Moon

Before tomorrow’s ‘can-do’ New Moon at 11:36am BST, which is also one that honours the Sacred Goddess with no-less than six heavenly bodies in the zodiac sign of the Goddess, Virgo, today (29th Aug) we call upon Dharma protectors to give strength and help clear personal karma, and to generate compassion and loving kindness for all beings.

Tomorrow’s new moon accents the power of feminine wisdom, and marks the beginning of the Sun’s opposition to Neptune. Neptune is the oceanic planet of meditation, compassion and collective care as well as illusion and magic, with a delusional shadow. This opposition is exact 10th September (still under the auspicies of a Guru Rinpoche Moon); and the Equinox ‘Dream-Healing Full Moon’ Sept14th, is when life could seem surreal, like poetry in motion, filmic in projection.

Meanwhile, today is a time for resting, to prepare for the next, work-orientated, lunation.

Om Om Om…🙏💙⭐️🌑💫
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— with Usha Lamat.

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