Practical Magic with a Full Pisces Moon Sept ’19

Practical Magic with a Full Moon at 21° Pisces, 14th Sept, 4:33UT

“Because you are alive, everything is possible”
~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

Events and situations over this weekend’s Full Pisces Moon could stimulate the imagination to the max, culminating either on Friday 13th – (whohoo!) or Saturday (14th), depending upon where you are in the world. Accenting a period in which we can consciously and actively create marvels and miracles, at the same time discover what we need to keep our feet on the ground with a healthy balance of work and fun, for ourselves and within our environment. 

By also making sure we can tell what is real from what is fantasy (not so easy these days), we can also avoid being overwhelmed or hoodwinked – big time. Basically we all now need to be good, kind and truthful to ourselves and each other, and stay open to all kinds of positive potentials. Because this Full Moon along the Pisces-Virgo axis illuminates spiritual, mental and physical healing, with an abundance of celestial love-wisdom currently in full flow, as indicated by seven planets in Mutable signs (Virgo x 4: Sun, Mars, Venus AND Mercury; Sagittarius Jupiter; and Pisces Moon & Neptune).

So many fluctuating signs indicate change is very much in the air. This Full Moon is also closest to the September Equinox, leading to the Solar Fire Festival, 23rd September, when the emphasis of Sun’s light also begins to change. So we naturally now look towards all that supports a wholesome lifestyle and seek to organise – with micro-management especially starred with those four planets in practical and realistic Virgo, to prepare for the new season coming.

The Moon-Wise Pisces could artistically label everything; however they may be inherently aware that just because something has said label, it doesn’t mean to say it is real. Indeed, like a blissful Eastern sage, the Moon-Wise recognise how life is an illusion; and to fall for glamour now could be detrimental to any burgeoning spiritual realisation.

Illuminating ephemeral dreams we hold dear, especially that which promises a quick escape from harsh reality, a deeply sensitive Full Pisces Moon before the equinoctial time of ‘equal day and night’ on both sides of the world, also indicates inspiration coupled with resourcefulness can be far-reaching, influencing many months ahead.

☆ But still, we could all need a little help and time to digest, let-go, and physically/emotionally heal from events of a season now passing, one that is changing from either summer or winter, to autumn in the north and spring in Earth’s southern hemisphere. 

For whatever reason, either being too busy, too lazy or too confused, it’s doubtful all of us will actually get the extra dreamtime to relax, process, and compartmentalise. Instead, we may need to place our faith in the great universal unfolding, and rely upon a potent ‘Mystic Rectangle’ dominating the sky and the Full Moon horoscope, to bring clarity as well as meaning to dreams. Fortunately, this extremely helpful formation between sensible Virgo planets opposite a visionary Full Pisces Moon, plus the fated Moon’s (unseen) Nodal axis, can sprinkle some much called-for practical magic that makes meditation effective, affirmations positive, and mantra resonate with a ritual release with Full Magical Moonbeams. Leaving one more open for a swifter result, lighter at heart and able to move on as forgiveness and love replace hurt and misunderstandings, and compassion supersedes loss and suffering.

☆ This Full Pisces Moon could also reveal a discerning wisdom for certain pathfinders (Cancer-Capricorn) to illuminate a way to strengthen the heartmind and spirit, for themselves and others. The way-shower who successfully navigates intense soul-voyages doesn’t necessarily have to count on charisma and charm to get things done, but doing so now will surely mean others can have a good time and not feel left out or hard done by. Inclusion, even with the odd-one-out, is the key to connection.

☆ There is a danger of feeling overawed by such pervasive Piscean energy, especially when Luna is conjunct Neptune at home in the sign of the Two Fish which are joined together by celestial cords that link Heaven to the High Seas. Please be aware how it’s all too easy to now fall for deception and sleepwalk into toxic oblivion and the ‘unreal’. Watch out for smoke and mirror tactics to confuse. And be wary of opting for a path that leads away from truth.  Instead, go with the ‘internal’ natural flow towards the enlightened peaceful state, which lies within each and every one of us, and be able to help if/when faced with difficulties or obstacles.

By being inclined towards both practical and spiritual service we more easily generate empathy and bring joy to others. Bear in mind you can’t ‘save’ everyone over this Full Moon, lest you become a martyr. We’re also offered intellectual integrity through the Virgo Sun presently supported by the relationship planets, Venus, Mars and Mercury, all wholesome and chaste in a sensible and solid earth sign. In other words, if you’re suffering from confusion, sadness or loss, putting your energy into meaningful activity quickly brings you back to centre. The Virgo planets now underpin the solar-lunar influence so the visionary altruistic intention blends with right thought and right action; and we needn’t feel victimised by nebulous fairy tales of longing, or ‘lost’ in the Neptunian Luna’s Piscean Ocean.

☆ This elemental year of the female Earth Boar also sees September whoosh with extra strong winds of change that whips us into action; which is also in part due to the nature of the Sun, the control centre of our solar system, and its’ 11-year cycle integral to Earth’s own weather patterns. Interestingly, we are now at Sol’s Solar Minimum (i.e. few flares); still, it is during Equinox periods that Sun becomes extremely interactive, much more so than other months. Instead of flares, it appears Sols’ surface now opens wide to reveal massive ‘coronal holes’ out of which stream solar winds with pure solar energy that storm Earth’s electromagnetic field with highly-charged particles that can affect life on Earth in a variety of ways. The Auroras Borealis and Australis are part of this beautiful phenomenon. Esoteric astrology might call this solar force the ‘Light of Intelligence’; with unseen prana or chi that feeds your soul and ignites your Spirit, also indicating how the Sun is central to our own consciousness, encouraging one to be mindful in authentic presence and power.

☆ Individually, there is every chance we are also now focused upon improving personal relationships, seeing communication as the key to avoiding confusion, or indeed we may need to placate misunderstandings and crossed wires. With the Sun in Virgo our natural quest is for perfection, order and practicality. This means filling life with good thoughts and early nights, imbibing eight glasses of water a day and fields of green leafy veg to be in peak condition.

The Sun is also straddled by the personal planets Mars (who heroically leads the entire scope with a certain female wisdom that doesn’t suffer fools gladly), and helpful Venus (in her fall (don’t be a doormat)) which is conjunct and exalted Mercury at the very last, ‘anaretic degree’ of Virgo; we can speak our minds before changing them. Not only are 7 planets in Mutable signs making deviations and variations inevitable, there are also 8 heavenly bodies in Earth signs encouraging us to be super practical, 4 of these are presently retrograde, so there is no need to rush anywhere where even angels fear to tread. In fact, certain issues: power and governance, structure and authority, now require total focus as Saturn stations to go forward only a few days after the Full Moon, September 18th.

☆ It is also worth mentioning how the Sun is at 21°Virgo conjunct Fixed Star, ‘Denebola’, indicating there’s certain confidence and excitement about sailing the high Pisces seas, wanting to stay on course; but Denebola also issues a warning about fixity in deep water when needing to go with flow. Because this is a deeply sensitive Pisces Full Moon that undulates and ripples in union with the cosmically boundless and oceanic Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces, making it is a veritable Fishy affair we may want to swim with. Also, be aware that Black Moon Lilith, the dark and hidden wild woman is currently gaining ground towards Neptune: this guardian Goddess protector reminds us how we sometimes need to make sacrifices for the great good and glory of the whole.

☆ Admittedly, life can seem super challenging at this time of light-turning. But take heart: this IS a Full Moon with a Mystic Rectangle. Even though Task-Master Saturn stationed to go forward again – and Jupiter, planet of excess and adventure is making a last closing hard challenge – a 90° square, to Neptune for this rest of a 12-year cycle that began in 2009 (also on significant Moon phase) – and finishes with Jupiter and Neptune both in Pisces at 23°, April 12 2022, when the Moon is also in an extremely good aspect for those looking to heal emotions – and oceans. This Full Pisces Moon therefore stretched into the far horizon as it flows into a long-term future where the whales sing the songline as poetry in motion.

Pisces is both the modern ruler of Neptune and traditional ruler of Jupiter; they come together again in 2022, indicating how great swathes of the planet require profound and charitable loving kindness and buoyancy. Let’s hope Jupiter’s lawful, if sometimes lucky actions, plus the purifying prayers associated with both Cosmic Guru Jupiter and compassionate Neptune will bring greater awareness to the health and happiness of Earth’s inhabitants, specifically now to the oceans and forests.

☆ Note also that we do not come to the end of the even longer Neptune cycle (164-years) until 2025, when Neptune enters fiery Aries. Interestingly, as Neptune then enters Aries it also features an opening square to Jupiter. Jupiter will also then be exalted, in Cancer, in the best possible place protecting shorelines and the global family. So it seems these next six years are crucial in stay optimistic when turning the collective tide about the way we consider and treat our collective and individual dreams, emotions and spiritual world, as well as the actual water and our cetacean friends, the land and animals. It’s worth bearing in mind how we humans are also anything from 65%-90% water. And while ego considers itself important and may think nothing about creating untold suffering for others by polluting rivers, oceans, aquafers: without water to purify and create, nurture and sustain, we are no longer.     

It’s also good to remember that during this last Jupiter square to Neptune – on a Neptune ruled Full Moon – how Jupiter can make the insignificant blow up out of all proportion, while Neptune’s haziness means important issues can be glossed over or denied. Jupiter in Sagittarius also rules truth and freedom, courts and in-laws: all things we like to have on one’s side.

This could now get challenging, particularly when everywhere one looks it seems the loonies have been let out of an asylum and are now trying to kill the planet with a zombie apocalypse. (FYI: Jupiter in Sagittarius also symbolises the excess of wildfires currently seen all over the planet). Yet still, even in the midst of mayhem, all spiritual teachings tell us that in order to live a full and peaceful like, one must find the still point from where loving kindness and compassion emanate – towards oneself, as well as any pesky reptilian zombies that could be staggering down Main St. 

Just remember how we actually co-create reality. And if we don’t like what we see, then we can ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’.

And look forward to even more winds of change blowing towards the end of September and the New Moon in Air sign Libra.
Until next month, may your stars always twinkle …

And many thanks for Golden Fish By Tashi Dhargyal

with love & light from Astro Dakini aka Laura Boomer Trent ©

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