Love Heals ~ Equinox New Moon in Libra Sept ’19

Just when we think nothing makes sense, along comes the potent power of LOVE that swiftly heals the broken heart, wounded spirit, or grazed ego. With today’s New Libra Moon @14:26EDT directly connecting to Chiron Shaman, releasing from within a pivotal – if slightly wild and new moment in relationship that can assuage old hurt. It’s not just relationship with a significant other that shape-shifts into being. This relationship could also acknowledge the ways in which we accidently, for whatever reason, harmed ourselves, and/or others. So the relationship pin pointed for healing (@2-7Aries-Libra in the chart) can also be with one’s self, (via work, money, house, car, thoughts, desires, memories, habits), as well as one’s partner, the cat, your parents, boss, Guru, God, Goddess, or indeed even nature itself.

Four personal planets in harmonious Libra remind us there is nothing in the world goes further or deeper than love, healing everything it meets and touches heart-mind, body and soul.

Relationship is all we take with us in the end.

So it’s worth weighing up our relationship karmic merit upon Libran scales now, going into a new season, to see where balances and checks need to be made, as Libra – Divine Intellectual Feminine, Goddess of Love, Peace and Justice, Holder of the Sword of Truth, acknowledges that part of the preciousness of being human comes with clarity, love and diplomacy. And with Sun, Moon, Venus (at home) and Mercury, all now in cool and reasonable Libra, this New Moon marks a time to breathe easy and open one’s heart to love, and to be kind to ourselves and others, even when powerful solar winds stream earthbound once again to mark this passing Equinox; and Mercury approaches Uranus this week as fast changing New Moon winds pick-up speed towards the First Quarter. The challenge will be to stay Zen and rest on centre.

Personal Bests are not as important as harmonious relations. If being competitive with one self, you may need also to apply extreme self-care. Be aware the next Medicine Buddha Moon, Oct 5th, at the First Quarter Moon, is also the 8th of 10 of this year’s very rare run of Moon-Saturn occultations, which are turning out to indicate massive sympathy with Mother Earth, and public grievance as much as corporate corruption and other dastardly. wordly affairs. Even though many are now awakening to a life of spiritual world service, we must also remember how the art of healing also includes care time, personal discipline, and practical responsibility; and that also means being realistic about current compassion in action.

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With love & thanks to Dzongzar Kyentse Rinpoches’s artist for glorious Arya Tara, and to everyone for sharing the ℒℴѵℯ 🌹 ❤🌹 ❤🌹❤

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