Developing Emotional Awareness ~ Total Solar Eclipse ~ July 2nd/3rd 2019

A heavenly union of the radiant Sun and reflective New Cancer Moon takes on a greater significance during a Total Solar eclipse, today at 10degrees of watery Cancer, @20:15bst (July 2nd), when a cosmic kind of all-pervading consciousness has the potential to seep into our awareness and generate a personal emotional perception that stimulates a need to care and share in the coming months and years.

Visible from parts of South America, Argentina and Chile (at sunset), this is a total eclipse, in effect for 4 minutes and 27 seconds (equalling a 4 and a half-year influence). A Solar Eclipse is like the Dragon’s head rising up to dramatically remind us to remain centred in our naturally radiant presence in any circumstance, aware nothing is permanent, not even the sunshine during the day. During eclipse season, shifts in consciousness mirror shifts in the physical, the geophysical and celestial, as well as changes in mass awareness.

With a monthly conjunction of Sun and a New Moon, there’s always a sense of the new stirring within the heart-mind, emotions and intellect, as well as within our natural environment. But during a Solar Eclipse, when the Moon passes in front of the Sun, time literally suspends to create a sacred space within – and without. The moment of totality is exactly when the conjunction of Sun, Moon AND Earth create a powerful portal for magical human realization. All kinds of energies can ride in and out, seen and unseen. So it is most important to call in (Dharmapala) protectors and totems as spiritual bodyguards – especially during meditation and prayer, as that is when we are extremely sensitive and open. Ramp up the radiance of your natural light now; and even if you’re on the move, or waiting at a traffic light, take a moment to breathe in light and exhale love, and nurture oneself at all times.

This year’s set of eclipses are similar to those at the start of the millennia in 200, when Moon-ruled water-sign Cancer, as the destiny-fulling ascending North node (Rahu) merged with karmic earthy Capricorn as descending node (Ketu) indicating where we are coming from (collectively and individually). 

With both Sun and Moon now in feminine Cancer, it highlights streams of often unconscious emotions, and how strong we are in our personal flow; how deeply we feel when riding these waves, especially feelings about our families, including bonds to our global family, and how we are able to tend, feed and support children (or one’s inner-child), as well as the vulnerable and frail without putting profit before helping people. As this is a Moon-ruled eclipse in Cancer, now is THE time to honour the Great Mother Goddess and the Divine Feminine within (noting that we all have an intuitive feminine side, even guys!), and make offerings of kindness to those we love. 

On a psychological level, this eclipse also corresponds to primordial feelings that force one to face dark emotion in order to heal family fortunes, and let go of grudges and resentment; repairing ancestral connections and mending historical barriers by moving ahead, albeit sideways and cautiously, carrying the wish fulfilling gem. 

According to the Tibetan teachings Karma is multiplied 10,000x during an eclipse day, good or bad.

Epileptics should also please take note of eclipse dates, as they are often ‘seized by the moon’.

Also remember eclipses generally come in pairs (rarely threes); the next eclipse will be a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 16th/17th, when drawing lines in shifting tidal sands will provide inspiration and entertainment, if not stability. Great accomplishments are possible but not permanent – no thing is.

Meditation is therefore seriously encouraged during an eclipses, as our bioenergy, often called the chi or prana, the spiritual force field which constantly courses through the channels and nadis in our subtle body can ignite Kundalini Shakti to rise to meet at the forehead chakra – the all-seeing eye, and even the crown chakra can open during these sacred moments – which is why it is so very important to be psychically protected during what is probably one of the most powerful cosmic alignments that we can harness to help abide in this celestial state of non-duality..

Spiritually, this eclipse connects us to all pervading space which is empty of inherent existence.  How this eclipse actually manifests in our lives will depend upon where the eclipse degree lies in the horoscope and the aspects it makes to the individual chart. And it may take a while to see, as the effects of eclipses are said to last in the case of solar eclipses for as many years as minutes: This one is total of four minutes long, equalling four years of influence.  So it’s worth bearing in mind the power of the intention during this very potent occasion.

Be prepared.  Note the breath and how left and right nostrils are performing. Before the actual eclipse tune into your subtle body awareness: be aware of how the prana is flowing through you. Note which nostril is dominant; and how you feel. Are you hot, cold, humid or dry? There are certain  foods to eat to enhance or calm either of the main side channels: the right hand Sun and left hand Moon, (Pingala and Ida, (Roma & Kyangma (tib)).

(Personally, I find it’s always handy to have a glass of water close by during water sign eclipses and, being an emotional water sign, a tissue – tears can flow!).  Then, during the eclipse, while sitting in the seven point Varocaina meditation position, focus upon the breath, directing the centre of your attention to the own heart, mirroring the convergence of energy at the Solar System’s heart of the Sun and keep the flame of love alight. 

May all beings be clear and kind!

It’s also highly recommended to read Samanthabadra’s ‘King of Prayers’ during the eclipse: With LoveLight, truth and thanks for sharing
the image:

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