Wesak Blue Flower Full Moon

Seasonal Full Wesak BLUE FLOWER MOON 
Exact 27°38’ Scorpio @21:11UT 18th May

“May our heart’s garden of awakening bloom with hundreds of flowers.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh 

While last month’s Full Awakening Moon was a Zodiacal Blue Moon, this magical month of May sees a seasonal Blue Flower Moon that marks four Full Moons in one season – in this case Spring/Autumn (depending upon which hemisphere you are in the world) – with the third Moon considered to be ‘Blue’, as it is most unusual to get Four Full Moons in a season, when there are usually three. It’s true, this season does seem remarkably long. With the next Full Moon after this Full Wesak Blue Flower Moon coming just before Summer Solstice, as the last Spring Moon on June 17th, to be known herewith as the ‘Galactic Heart Honey Moon’, when maintaining sweetness and light is seriously advised. Also good to note there isn’t another seasonal Blue Moon until August 22nd 2021. So for those of us who enjoy the windy seasons, either Spring or Autumn, we can now make the most of this illuminating Seasonal Blue Moon that positively whirls with meaning and magic.

What magic? You may wonder, with the realistic Taurus Sun driving the urge to fill days with as much normality as possible: yummy food, nice wine, artistic networking, and cosy loving friendships that you can read bus time-tables with for careful, if slightly obsessive planning on solid ground. But if you stop for a moment and close your eyes and listen carefully you may also hear the stirring of a powerful transformation currently taking place – a transformation of the soul, one that is able to experience the mysteries of life and love and, in the end, reveal the treasure that always emerges from difficult situations. And therein lays the magic: the ability to trust in the dark, to release the negative, and know that good always prevails.

☆ Interestingly, the Sabian symbol for this Scorpio Moon at 27°38’ is ‘The King of the Fairies Approaching his Domain’, indicating our inner-world of emotion over this Full Blue Flower Moon is already deeply connected to our imagination as well as the natural environment – the world in which nature spirits are alive, spritely and welcome. And with Spirit Sun and courier Mercury currently adding speed to romantic notions, plus sensual Love Goddess Venus and alternative Uranus all in Taurus, it is the determined and strong, practical Bull that presently leads us onto these lush fertile planes where fairy dust is generously sprinkled to nourish ideas and for relationships to flourish.

This is not to say that one should rely upon wishful thinking or Leprechaun riding unicorns when longing to fulfil emotional ambitions, or indeed even swing the other way and sceptically sever soul’s lifeline to the natural elements. But to understand there is a happy balance between the rational and intuitive and how there is often more than meets the eye to our desire, activity, or even wisdom, i.e. thoughts have wings, and we can often attract what we are thinking into being purely with single-minded focus. As the sometimes desirous Taurean Sun is conjunct Mercury to become ego’s faster-thinking curator, please be careful in what you wish for or concentrate upon this full Moon. Remember that energy flows directly where attention goes. With the force of our thoughts and feelings tending to be rather precise when the Moon is in Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that breathes new life and form into the lifeless and formless; the same that cuts, stings and severs with a speedy flash of a scimitar tail. It’s always a time of powerful transformations and extremes whenever the Moon is in Scorpio.

Full Moon Aspects ~>
☆ Luna at culmination of the Flower Moon is also the leading planet in a ‘Fixed Earth’ ‘locomotive’ shaped chart; with the Moon once again in an overall strong and determined position, even though she is considered to be in her fall in deep and watery Scorpio. While Moon is Mother and our emotions and needs, in mundane astrology the Moon is also considered to be the people, i.e. you and me. As such, we currently possess a lot of power – especially now, in relation to the environment, enabling the release of the outworn and outmoded – by recycling, rebirthing and renewing all that we can. As the ‘driver’ of the chart, the financially, sexually and psychologically controlling Scorpio Moon’s helpful aspects to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) and Saturn, at home in distinguished Capricorn, suggests a lot of might, muscle and sway will rest with those who can stay the course (until December 2020), and are good at keeping certain key cards close to the chest.

☆ Luna’s applying ‘Fire trine’ to Chiron for the third night of the Full Moon, on Sunday the 19th, tells us to keep aims steady and true lest we accidently lose sight or footing.

☆ The Full Moon also forms a quirky but cute bi-quintile (144°) to Mars (Scorpio’s traditional ruler) in his fall, also in water sign, Cancer. Swashbuckling Mars is also now separating from a tough opposition to a retrograde Jupiter dealing with law if not order, in situations where truth is often the first causality in any aggression.

Jupiter is the planet of truth and freedom, however; and can be seen as the Moon culminates on her left hand side, rising with Antares, a red star that indicates luck with honours. Still, the desire to heal wounds which have come about from listening to rumour or stories riddled with untruths is strong and compelling during Jupiter’s retrograde. And that may stir up old resentments. Bear in mind that while Mars is in homey Cancer, retreating to a safe space in order to heal may actually be a sign of strength not defeat. Just try not to sulk if things don’t go the way you want them.

☆ Recapping certain astrological points on ‘rulership’ and ‘fall’: that’s both Moon and Mars in signs they prefer not to operate (Scorpio and Cancer respectively (too deep, too messy – and wet!)), along with Uranus in Taurus, also in ‘Fall’ creating chaos within the ordinary. This band of planets in ‘Fall’ make quite the trio! On the other lucky cosmic hand, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all ‘at home’, in signs which they thoroughly thrive. Jupiter in Sagittarius brings hope and faith; while karmic Saturn in Capricorn (conjunct South Node & Pluto) adds experience and authority; and Neptune in Pisces shows compassion – even when plastic bags are found 11 miles down on the sea floor. All-the-while Venus at home in Taurus is gentle and loving.

Venus conjunct Uranus ~>

Knowing others is wisdom. Knowing yourself is enlightenment.
~ Lao Tsu ~

☆ The most exciting aspect of this Full Blue Flower Moon horoscope has to be the conjunction of one planet in fall: Uranus, the Great Awakener, conjunct one planet at home: Venus, the sensual Goddess. This is when Venusian mellowness is challenged into action, because together these two together can generate thrills and spills that shake the house down.

One planet demands liberation and equality at any cost, Uranus; yet Venus is tender wanting to cuddle-up and get warm and snug. It’s a tricky but fascinating Venusian combination that promises new ways of seeing the same old thing – a bit like a having a makeover, either for real with new hairstyles, unique new looks, new home; or even new aspects in relationship that add shared new interests.

It’s also the first time these two have got together in Taurus for over 80 years. The last time Love Goddess Venus and eccentric Uranus conjunct, in March 2018, they did so in Aries, with a last hurrah finding freedom within selfie-obsessed culture. Now in Taurus, Venus’s home sign, stabilising Venus and erratic Uranus display the ‘Freedom-Closeness Dilemma’ in full technicolour view. By suddenly feeling the need to assess all kinds of Taurean values, food, romance, money, assets and stability, any important relationship, bond, team or friendship, is celestially bound to feel the blowing winds of change. Should the force be strong then one could be destabilised, thrown into chaos. Best go lightly with those who display the independent spirit: be open to the new, and most importantly be aware that being unique is also being part of the whole. Uranus in Taurus teaches the value in our diversity.

The key to getting the most out of this important conjunction, which takes place the same day of the Full Flower Moon, is to not fence-in or curtail those we love. Indeed, if love is at heart we must let others be free; otherwise it is not love, more likely a control or power game. Venus and Uranus together find liberation through love and love through liberation – you simply can’t have one without the other; and ties that manipulate, suffocate, hold back or harm now need to be loosened.

We may also need to alter our means of exchange. Be it kisses or cash, love or money, our collective value system over the next seven years will embrace revolutionary new ideas to generate the stability we seek. 

Relationship events around this powerful conjunction could present a dramatic U-turn, however. Bear in mind that because Venus is the ruler of Taurus, experiences around this conjunction with Uranus are setting the stage for the next seven years. For those who resonate deeply with 3-4° Taurus (which are Moon’s degrees of exaltation, btw), there is a freeing-up process that can also bring a change of marital status, with the seven-year-itch coming into play. For instance, those who are single can find themselves looking at new relationship, while those already with a loved-up companion may sense the need to create space and liberty for more thrills and spills in the coming seven years of Uranus in Taurus.

Venus with Uranus in Taurus is radical, inspiring alternatives that can help change habits of a life-time; from diet to lifestyle, by awakening to any self-cherishing, to unburden and unhook from ego’s clinging to desire is true freedom.

With a certain cosmic synchronicity, it’s worth noting how the 18th May is also ‘Culture Freedom Day’. Liberating Uranus is the planet of electricity, computers and invention, while Venus rules art, beauty and culture. The idea is to share without boarders (or pay, it would seem!), as we know the culture (on the internet) works best when free-flowing.

☆ This Full Blue Flower Moon is also called ‘Wesak’ in the Asian World, or ‘Buddha Purnima’ in India, celebrating the birth, enlightenment and passing of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni. This is a significantly symbolic Full Moon in many astrological ways, not only was Taurean Buddha born, enlightened and died under a tree, indicating his connection to Mother Earth; but to have the Moon in Scorpio implies insight, deep analytical understanding, and psychological perception with a psychic reach. During his awakening (indeed, the name ‘Buddha’ means awakened) Buddha also faced his demons. With powerful Scorpio Moon insight he realised the cycle of life and death, and how we are reborn, lifetime after lifetime. Bringing karma into each life, we also saw how we need tools to deal with our various issues; for which he also realised the eightfold path and noble truths. And just as Venus rose as a morning star, Buddha achieved nirvana, i.e. enlightenment – awakened.

Don’t forget how Buddha was a real person who, before he died, lived his life for the benefit of others to also rouse from a life of sleepwalking. We too can awaken like the Buddha (or any other great realised being) during this intense Scorpio Blue Flower Moon, especially with the spectacular Venus-Uranus conjunction awakening to love.

Keep any peace and harmony generated during this weekend by avoiding making a drama out of any crisis – especially commotions that interrupt the old and outworn paradigm ‘business as usual’. For only a very few is there business as usual; and although the powers that be are likely to hold on to what they can, even ‘elites’ are now forced to radically transform shared resources – who knows, some might even pay their tax.

Right now with four planets in Taurus, the sign of the Earth in all her glory, we have a growing collective awareness of our personal impact upon our environment, upon our planet, and how a world polluted means we are pretty mussed-up too. Saturn and Pluto conjunct the South Node suggest it really is time to clean-up our karma. One thing is certain along this journey of life, is how we are here to be the loving and kind humans we naturally are. And that often means tackling the hard stuff head-on, in the nicest possible way, of course. 

                  “No Mud, No Lotus.”~ Tich Nhat Han ~

With another quote from meditation master Tich Nhat Han, a last word about this stunning Blue Flower Moon: in many spiritual traditions a blue flower symbolises rebirth. In Ancient Egypt and Buddhism, a Blue Lotus is one considered to be ‘the perfection of wisdom’, a most auspicious sign emerging as beauty in action, growing tall and strong to rise up through murky mud by always reaching towards the light! And as this full Moon wanes towards a New Moon, June 3rd, we even get a light-hearted boost of optimism from expansive Jupiter to remember our brilliance. We also get a call to shine from destiny’s North Node, now conjunct Mag1 Fixed Star, Sirius – with asteroid Juno; a heavenly combo which suggests a period of being loyal to the wise Goddess (within @13-14-15 Cancer) who reminds how all action and thoughts have a ripple effect – so that sometimes we are surprised at how far the ripples wave outwards. Because the potential for actions, thoughts and ideas have far-reaching implications for the few weeks – as long as the intent is to serve humanity before self, then the portent for long-lasting success is strong.

With that I send best wishes on the Moonbeams for all to go well as we join with the King of the Fairies arriving at his domain during this mega-metamorphic Full Wesak Blue Flower Moon!

Until next month, when we head into the Galactic Heart Honey Moon, with love & light from Astro Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

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