Dakini Day Halloween

Sun in Scorpio ~ Moon in Virgo ~> transforming through service.

Ringing in Lhabab Duchen (Buddha’s descent from the realm of the Devas) and Halloween, an Earth directed X-0 Solar Flare activated the Moon, Mars and Saturn lines of the Sun Goddess’s Sri Yantra.

Synchronistically, the astrological Scorpio Sun is now in an intense and tight Fixed ‘T-square highlighting this year’s karmic challenge between disciplined Saturn and freedom-loving Uranus: to focus and work responsibly for personal and collective liberation (with a last hard-hitting December 24th). Sun’s message in the run up to the New Scorpio Diwali Moon, 4th November is to be active and open-minded, but go easy and create helpful karma.  

Thus, this ‘Cross Quarter Solar Fire Festival’ marks the half-way point between seasons and six-weeks until Solstice, with a Dakini Day Halloween and auroras and continued weather turbulence over both poles! This southerly directed Coronal Mass Ejection, Sun’s highly charged photons and plasma from our dynamic and life-giving ‘Light of Intelligence’, is generally a wild kind of whirl that can lead to chaotic brilliance and clarity. Riding these kind of electromagnetic waves takes co-operation and practiced skill, and a practical eye for sensitive creativity. If you need to step back for a few days to gather thoughts and/or strength, bear in mind Halloween is the also the eve of the start of eclipse season which starts coming into effect with the November 4th New Moon, for new ways to deal with the current zeitgeist as the power of love is coupled with the power of renewal.  

Meanwhile, enjoy this super-psychic, super sensitive, spooky moment in time when the veils between the upper and lower worlds thin and we honour the dead and departed and revere the spirits of our ancestors.

Happy Halloween!

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