Dec 27-28th ~> Lama Tzongkhapa & Dakini Day ~ ☼ ♑ ✶ ☽ ♏

☼ ♑ ✶ ☽ ♏
Post Solstice and Xmas, the Solar year comes to a close – as does this current lunation with the deeply insightful and feminine Scorpion Moon making a concluding, harmonious Sextile aspect to the practical Capricorn Sun. These last days of 2013 are therefore particularly yin, inward and reflective. And with both solar and lunar cycles heading for a union at the New Moon starting the Solar Year, January 1st is already marked as a ‘SuperMoon’ with a concealed Plutonic power that aides the process of extraordinary renewal in an almost enforced revitalisation, be it financial, emotional or environmental. The tantrica’s active participation in the transformation of hidden, subtle energies also reveal the intimate secrets of awakening bodhi-mind with an expansion of consciousness: the altruistic awareness karmically responsible, golden and glowing – ready for 2014’s dreams and drama, as well as tending the ordinary with a joyful heart.

So not only does today’s strong and meditative Dakini Day embolden courage,  insight and perception, as the magnetic Goddess conjoins the karmic North Node, but this Moon in Scorpio also hooks into the ongoing trineS between both, expansive Jupiter and shamanic Chiron. Within this healing perspective, searching deeper into and through difficult parts of the heart-mind and psyche, there’s a strengthening sense of fulfilment by clearing the way for a New Year New Moon by letting go of any residue sticky thoughts/feelings/ideas, as 2014 is a year for the heroic Spiritual Warrior to generate bodhicitta, create inner balance and peace, develop personal faith and, with an understanding of the law of karma, becoming even more responsibly aware of the interconnectedness of all life.  

❀ॐ☮☀✥☯ツॐLiGhT&レ❤√E ॐツ☮☀✥☯ॐ❀

Today’s auspicious Dakini Moon also coincides with the day we celebrate the Mahanirvana of Lama Tsong Khapa, Losang Drakpa, the 15th century teacher and founder of the Galugpa school of Tibetan Buddhism, to which His Holiness Dalai Lama belongs.  In this spirit, the artwork by Bernart Amygdalah, is a flower offering to the Red Dakini Goddess and all precious teachers. With LoveLight  __/❤\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✶

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