✰ Full Moon 8° Libra 19:48 BST ~> Sun with ARIES VENUS STAR POINT & Chiron

Love is the cure for all ills! Love heals! Truly: even in the middle of high- drama or a global pandemic*, the centred strength of a brave and kind heart fires the spirit, soothes the soul, and relieves any tension in the tender human heart. Particularly over this Venus-ruled, Shamanic Love Goddess Healing Full Moon in Libra (!), as a fiery, relationship-orientated Venus in Aries reaches an exciting and rare ‘Star Point’ (conjunct the Aries Sun), which only happens in the sign of the Ram every eight years. When the synodic cycle between Sun and Venus creates the ‘Aries Star Point’ (within a five pointed star, a.k.a. the five-petal ‘Rose Mandla’), Sol’s ‘Light of Life’ shines solely upon Venus, the Goddess of art and beauty, peace and love – spotlighting who, what, and how we are love.

Now on the other side of the Sun from Earth, in ‘superior conjunction’, we cannot see Venus from Earth while she changes being a rosy morning beacon to the bright evening star that will twinkle and beguile with seductive magnetism throughout the coming seasons. Until the creative and feminine Venus reappears in the night sky, around the time of the Venus-ruled, New Taurus Moon, May 11th, there is a spiritual focus upon love and for us to heed a call to love life with all our heart and ardent passion. Aries sets the intention for the year ahead. And this is the first Full Moon that sets the stage for the transformational Easter Sunday next week. Now, with brave and youthful Aries enthusiasm, we can discover the new and exciting by seeking meaningful, loving, and heart-opening situations, especially those that have a sense of adventure and excitement, as well as confirming the feel-good factor we have about ourselves, as the French say to ‘be happy in our skin’. We might even go so far to call that loving feeling ‘spiritual love’ or the divine essence within our very spirit – or just glad to be alive, getting through this challenging year.

All-the-while this head-strong and passionate Venus Star Point features strongly during this weekend’s beauty-filled, pay-it-forward Full Libra Moon. It also highlights the careful balance of the Libra Moon, which holds the scales to measure our personal levels of emotional poise around others, and those that turn us on, or off as the case may be. Doubling our luck in love is the Libra Moon’s ruler, Venus, together with the exalted Aries Sun’s ruler, Mars, all are in good relationship with each other. This is good news for whatever happens in our world; remember cool counts and karma has consequences. Understand also that self-love means loving yourself for who you are (yeah, warts and all). Doing so is the key to having healthy relationships with everyone, including those who don’t strum our heartstrings. This self-love is not in the egotistical, elbow-sharpened, head-butting, me-me-me selfie-obsessed kind-of-way, but simply appreciating ALL the good things we like about who we are, where we are, and what we do – and perhaps more importantly over this Full Moon, with whom we share our most favored activities.

Although, an exuberant youthful Sun and Venus at the Aries Star Point instinctively puts oneself forward to pursue and toy with the novelties of life and love, which may include walking the ways of the rugged Ram’s metaphoric mountain trails whistling ‘Waltzing Matilda’, but it’s now important to see how much value you place upon your own individual talent – whatever it may be – your gift, however raw, small or new, it matters not, can now be treasured and brought to the fore. Those with planets around 8 degrees of Cardinal (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn) could feel an instinctive need to rise to the challenge and shine a brighter light, aware that creativity and culture also contribute to a wider well-being.

✰ With this stellium of planets in forward-looking Aries, which includes the exalted Sun (best place for the Sun to be), wounded healer Chiron, loving Venus and Earth Mother Ceres, all within five degrees, taking time to ameliorate and heal old wounds or heartache by giving and/or accepting a helping hand. In a way, it seems we have all be accidentally hurt by this virus in one form or another. Yet now it could be a song, look, word or gesture that has the power to mend a broken heart: take note: the universe has a personal way of adding meaning to help one breathe with greater confidence right now.

✰ Still, one needs to be careful not to be too competitive or craven by pushing too hard by parading love in the name of desire. The danger we humans often face is how our lust-passion-desire can accidentally hurt the very thing or being that we purport to want to share life’s ups and downs. Anger is quick to rise with a martial Aries influence. If you need to, count to ten and be patient with oneself – and others. And remember how Venus is yet to shine in the night sky – and that when she does she rises to radiate from the depths of her heart.
This richly symbolic Moon also celebrates Bodhisattva Avaloketisvara, known as Kwan Yin in Asia Padmapani, or Chenrezig in Tibetan. It is also ‘Holi’ Indian spring ‘Festival of Colour’, for Venusian blessings of love, beauty and compassion abound…

✰ Also, a whole Sun-ruled Solar year on in our collective covid trauma, we are only just now starting to see a glimmer of global healing light; please go easy on everyone – especially your good self. Know that love leads the way with this Full Moon. If single, and your personal love stars twinkle (on those magical Cardinal 8° points), this is a good time to connect with that special someone. Especially that someone within – and all those you care about 😉 Friendship is also a form of love, as is being with family, animals and nature. Some will pour their love into their work. Whichever outlet you have to raise your personal internal love vibration, Venus and Sun in Aries (with Chiron, Ceres) provides the perfect moment to bring relationships back into clearer heart coherence.

Venus in Aries exudes a personal delightful charm that is also very assertive and competitive, where the thrill in often winning a game from which enthusiasm often wanes if too easy to conquer. For those who are wondering what to make of current personal affairs of the heart (for whatever reason ), it might also be helpful to look back 8 years to when the last Venus Star Point was in Aries, and see what was happening then in the relationship arena. Check if there is/was anything or anyone to avoid or enhance in relationship. See how far you have developed in terms of self-acceptance and how you identify with self-love. The next Venus Star is in January when she goes retrograde in professional Capricorn; exactly where she was at the end of 2020 when we can all look back to make this a measuring point to reflect on, within the spiritual presence and power of the sacred Venusian Goddess of Love & light, peace & justice.

So there we are: a Lovely Full Libra Moon on the Venus Star Point for personal experience to fuel spiritual awareness.


✰ There are also several beautiful astrological patterns in the Full Moon horoscope worthy of mention:

  • A rare ‘Kite’ formation for three days, with the super-charming Full Libra Moon as the handle of the chart holding an intellectually enchanting but somewhat unreliable ‘Grand Trine in Air Trine’. At the other end of the Full Moon axis Sun, Chiron, Venus, Ceres constellate a ‘Mini Yang Trine’ by sextile to both info-warrior Mars (OOB) conjunct North Node in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius (which are also part of the Grand Trine).
  • Mystic Rectangle includes Solar-Lunar axis AND the Lunar Nodes = magical moment for karmic healing.
  • The Anvil also includes the Lunar Nodes, SN trine the Aries Stellium, and the NN/Mars trine Saturn in Aqua, which is sextil the Aries Stellium! All of which means karmically responsible healing and reformation.
  • Including the Virgo Vesta into a Mutable Square formation, as Pallas Athena, Mercury and Neptune are in the watery Pisces Stellium, focused opposite the pure Sacred Feminine, and in Square to the Lunar Nodes, with Mars conjunct the NN.

If you got the entire Lunar mission code then good on you! Your astrology is coming along nicely ;).

One more thing I wanted to say about Libra, Venus, and relationships, especially as Venus and Mars are actually in good connection right now, and that how Venus is supposed to be in detriment when in Aries, but while she is in good aspect to Mars any feisty anger can be softened with the joyful friendly approach. And it is good to note that even though the inner-planets and their Sigel’s are the international symbols for women and men, Venus and Mars only meet up in the heavens every two and a half years. It’s true, is a lot of sky dancing takes place between them, but they surprisingly only meet on the odd occasion. And that joyful occasion will be in a few months, just after sunset from July 11th with a New Cancer Moon, until perfection July 13th.  Lots to look up to the heaven’s for!

As mentioned, Venus stays with the Sun for a while yet, all through the disseminating phase of the Moon and is indeed still with the New Aries Moon 12th April, when embracing the chaos of the world with love in your heart, especially during these strange covid times, is the higher practice.

Next Full Moon is the Wesak & Kalachakra SuperMoon,
love & light & thanks to unknown artist for beautiful Kwan Yin
AstroDakini*s Dharma Stars ~> Laura Boomer Trent©

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*With announcements of all variants I’ve revised covid-19’s timeline; basically social bubbles with conscious (window-open) bubbling until the end of March ’23 … Masks could take longer in built-up and industrial areas – though it would be especially helpful to speed up the process of living in harmony with nature if we learn to be kind to the environment.

“So it’s a perspective, an attitude of offering and seeing how the actions you are performing are much more than the actions themselves.”

-Ram Dass

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