June Solstice ’21

The Cosmic Wheel Turns ~> Solstice Full Moon 3 Capricorn @19:40 24th June 2021

After an intense and stimulating eclipse season, events and situations around this Solstice’s Capricorn Full Moon nudge our emotional psyche into a sharing, caring mode, and with a responsible stance. To get real – and practical – especially about career and family, including our global family, June’s Full Capricorn Moon offers a seemingly rare element of protective, earthy stability in a still spacey and ‘out there’ Metal Ox year, where experiments in life, love and brilliance continue, and keeping an open heart-mind is an integral part of our cultural healing, especially now as the Cancerian Sun reaches a natural turning point.

☆☼☆ For three days the Sun appears to climax and stand still, resting and paused before Sol’s emphasis of light shifts to other hemisphere (Sol = Sun, and Stice = still (Latin: solstitium)). Thus, every June 20th-21st the Sun reaches Summer Solstice in the North, with maximum day light; and Winter in the South, with longest night, all of which is about to change direction. And just as the life-giving, light-transferring Sun beams brightly upon the Solstice Full Moon, so too the informative trickster healer, Mercury, also altered its path.

☆ Pertinently going forward after a three-week retrograde at home in Gemini, the sign of the Twins, Mercury Direct at such a magically powerful Solar station doubles the need for applied effort to get any message across, particularly issues surrounding obstacles, distractions and struggles due to mixed messages, mental confusion and/or information overload. Should you have anything you need to say right now, communicative Mercury is portentously revisiting Fixed Star ‘Rigel’, ‘The Announcer’, Mercury’s final conjunction with ‘Rigel’ for a while. Listening to the same old could be mistaken for deja-vu, but revived spins now demand extra attention and understanding as well as the need to maintain strong morals and integrity, any success or accomplishment is otherwise meaningless and generally short-lived.

☆ To aid one’s ability to stand in truth, important Fixed Stars continue to beam a heavenly angelic astral presence, due to three ancient ‘Royal Watcher Stars’ currently promoting ethical thought, word, and deed: Aldaberan holds open the karmic gate in the East, Formalhaut in the South, and Antares in the West, and all three are now accenting our physical, mental and spiritual determination, plus the triumphs made via challenging quests. The influence of these bright stars, which have been constellating in triple tandem for the past few weeks, will also continue to radiate for another month, also emphasising how respect for another’s belief and well-being leads to trust and a shared security.

Make no mistake: this Solstice Full Moon is a mighty poignant pivotal moment. Not only are Sol and his celestial messenger Mercury apparently turning with Archangels watching and guiding, but this Capricorn Full Moon is made all-the-more powerful because the planetary pantheon’s generous ‘great benefic’, Jupiter, also slowed down to retrograde, along with his compassionate counterpart, oceanic Neptune.

☆ Both Jupiter and Neptune are currently in the sign of the Fish, Pisces. With the zodiac’s teacher Jupiter being the traditional ruler of Pisces and otherworldly Neptune the modern: there is much to learn about the way we humans flow through our watery emotional world, as well as our actual oceans. Connected by a silver cord, Pisces sees one fish pointing to heavens, and the other to earth. Interestingly, the two co-rulers of the two magically bound Fish eventually meet in April 2022, when it could be obvious to all how healthy water is essential for harmonious humans and a habitable earth.

Watery Neptune goes direct at the beginning of December; while Jupiter returns now to the latter degrees of experimental Aquarius, going all the way back to 22° in the sign of the ‘Water Bearer’, showing how contained and supported we feel within society, as well as in our tribe, friendship groups and teams. Our basic human need is to feel secure with one another to nurture each other, be creative, inspire, and have fun. All our distancing has trained a certain kind of discipline, but still the deeply sensitive need to snuggle-up close, particularly over a Full Moon with both Sun AND Venus both in Cancer = very cosy, if only the mind wouldn’t keep drifting towards work to be done and professional goals.

☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆

The ‘Lights’ at culmination, the creative Cancer Sun and high-achieving Capricorn Moon, also configure extremely helpful planetary connections to the expansive Jupiter. The Lights therefore bless the intrepid Jupiter’s backward journey, which takes our planetary adventurer again into the wishful realms of humanitarian Aquarius, at the end of July. And, in true gloriously outrageous Jupiter style – Jupiter is always present with planetary pomp and ceremony at the truly great cosmic events —> Watch out for fairy-tale romance when Jove goes forward with the mid-October Full Harvest Moon! Jupiter in Aquarius can also seriously grow the altruistic intention as a natural precursor to expanding the compassionate heart late December, when Jupiter arrives back into Pisces, sign of victims and saviours, for a future Solstice Holy Holiday (28th Dec) in six months’ time, and the time of the year when many traditions celebrate the rebirth of light and thus the (re-) emergence of great wisdom-teachers.

☆ And although confident Jupiter is well-starred over this Capricorn Moon, it is still a Full Moon ruled by the restrictive ‘Time Lord’, Saturn, now in altruistic Aquarius (also forming a beautiful connection to the forward-moving Mercury), making this a perfect 5–6-month marker moon to measure how we are feeling, thinking and being in this extraordinary year of the Metal Ox.

☆ There is every chance that events surrounding a Solstice Full Capricorn Moon, which is the sign of Luna’s detriment, are loaded with emotions that are sentimental in quality. The shape of the Full Moon chart is called ‘a cradle’: a rockabye with the family-orientated Cancer Moon leading the planets (thankfully instead of controlling Pluto, for a welcome change). Homestead gatherings decked in bunting and filled with ‘nostalgia paradise’ and a longing for a ‘before time’ with tea and scones under lusciously Full Strawberry Moonbeams hold enormous appeal.

☆ Yet because the Sun is in Cancer, the sign in which Luna is at home, accenting the past, ancestors, history, food and family matters, here it is worth noting how this Full Capricorn Moon is currently ‘Out Of Bounds’, otherwise known in astrological parlance as ‘OOB’.  None of us are likely to feel comfortable if strapped to the past or confined for too long. OOB Moons operate outside normal parameters and people born with an OOB Moon can be wildly attractive as they can live on the fringe of establishment and tradition, all-of-which affords the wider view upon what is happening at the hub of any action their sight is set. Some might see living on the edge as free(er) to live in harmony with nature however much one tries to tame it. An OOB Capricorn Moon suggests the outlandish comes in a time-honoured form and fashion, perfect for a Solstice Full Moon.  

☆ There is also (personal) healing to be experienced during this Full Moon. As the accidentally wounded Spiritual Warrior is most aware of the healing ‘power of now’; with a Cardinal and highly active T-Square between Sun and Moon and Shamanic outsider, Chiron in Aries. This T-Square suggests everyone can mistakes, even those in charge. Unsurprisingly, healing is a hot topic for this Full Moon, as an ongoing Fire Trine picks up the wounded healer to blaze into action. Good to note how this ‘Fire Trine’ roars throughout the coming season.

☆ Last mention goes to the ongoing Saturn-Uranus Square, which is now in an applying, hard and Fixed T-Square, as martial Mars in Leo approaches opposition to Task Master Saturn. A word of warning: try not to square-up to every authority you meet. This particularly challenging T-Square sees the greater and lesser malifics face-off, as the Moon wanes at Last Quarter. These two work for change and practice cooperation; the Leo Mars learns pride comes before a fall. It may be good to hear how the Tibetans have a saying which goes ‘9 times down; 9 times up’ meaning we dust ourselves down when we fall, and persevere as life goes on. Any effort made to not be too hard upon ourselves (and/or others) will be rewarded. Indeed, it is wonderful to be good to oneself and surrounding yourself with good people, good food, ideas and projects to look forward to, as well as presently satisfy. Working now to further develop towards personal accomplishment and interpersonal relationship works well for all beings to feel cared for and loved. And a New Cancer Moon July 10th could even mark a new chapter for a caring-sharing (global) family.

With that I wish you all a beautifully realised Full Capricorn Moon!
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Thanks for reading and sharing,

With Love & Light, until next month…

Happy Solstice ~> xxx
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