Sakadawa Full Moon 2020

☆ A rEvolution of the Heart ~> with a Venus Star Point Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse ☆

The Full Honey Moon June Friday/Saturday 5-6th @19:13 UT ~> @15°34’ Sagittarius Moon ☍ 15°34’ Gemini Sun:

☆ Halfway through the playful and inquisitive, versatile sign of the Gemini, the Sun is currently making a rare ‘Venus Star Point’. As the Gemini Sun now conjuncts relationship-orientated Venus it creates a dramatic five-pointed star encapsulated within the zodiac’s magical circle. A Venus Star Point shows how we love and what turns us on. A bit like a rose unfolding a new petal, delicate yet strong, each Venus Star Point boldly reveals the tender bloom of our heart’s delight to stimulate the senses. Right now, in Gemini, this magical ‘Star’ indicates a love of the mind and the way we communicate; it tells how we care about those we consider brothers and sisters – our community or sangha, and what they think about, as well as the kind of information that banters back and forth, via digital text or phone, smoke signals or psychic memos, this Star Point finds a way to get the message across.  

Everyone seems to have something to say right now: chatty Gemini is the heaven’s quick-thinking courier after all. Yet keeping communication clear and kind is the key for wisdom seekers to unlock life’s mysteries. Bear in mind that Venus is yet to finish her 40-day retrograde, which she does June 25th, just after the Solstice Solar Eclipse, bang in the middle of a Triple Eclipse Season. Eclipses can have long timelines that tail right back: and it could take a while to decipher what is presently being said or coming to light – there is a small window of clarity late August-early September, by then current events and situations could come into super-sharp focus, with a much-needed review.

☆ The pentagram’s celestial mechanics could also provide extra insight into timing, both past and future. Due to Sun’s position within the Venus retrograde from Earth’s point of view, a pentagram takes eight years to create the five pointed star, and for Venus to return to almost the same position in the sky, give or take a few degrees. So that when Sun and retrograde Venus are conjunct in Gemini, as they are now, the heavenly spotlight shines directly upon the inquiring heartmind, just as it did 2012. It might be helpful therefore to cast your mind back, to see if there are similarities around that time which could apply to present circumstance.

Admittedly, the covid pandemic, a climate in chaos, and on the streets a global outcry that Black Lives Matter (naturally they do: discrimination by race, sex or caste totally goes against the Buddha’s teachings), during the incredibly intense and year-long Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, at a time when Jupiter is the ruler of this Sagittarian Full Moon, yet also in ‘fall’ in Capricorn; this makes it difficult to compare to any time – especially as Jupiter is not that happy paired-up with dastardly Pluto, but still doubling already concentrated power. But still, when dealing with the planet of life, death and rebirth, as well as Big Biz and a generation under the domination of austerity, debt and gloom, Jupiter always offers hope.

At the end of June, Jupiter and Pluto make a second exact hit (due to current retrograde motion) – with a third and final hit is due November 12th. This conjunction conjoins several other planets in retrograde, and could be seen as a preparation for the powerful system transformation taking place within our collective sphere. By December Solstice 2020 and the Great transMutation, a massive 240-year cycle begins anew, with the end of the industrial revolution as we move into a whole new phase.

But for where we are now, at the beginning of Eclipse Season, and on a Venus Star Point, what can we glean from the once-in-a-lifetime mega Mayan 2012 moment in which planet Venus traversed across the Sun, which could specifically help right now? As Venus is now concerned with (re)views and clear news: how can we revive the love and light without falling for Neptunian glamour, illusion or the delusion of spiritual materialism?

☆ Jupiter, purveyor of truth and freedom, is under pressure from Pluto to perform and provide a worldly template for control and growth at a time of a total rEvolution of the heartmind.  The Venus Cazimi makes it easier to carry the light, even if the charge of personal responsibility weighs heavy. Perhaps due to time restraints or fears which tend to rise during times of massive change, people need to take extra care. Be certain to take care of personal spiritual hygiene as well as personal. The astral advice is to ‘stay in the moment’. When many are already feeling over-controlled, deceived, bullied, confused and under attack by ‘project fear’, whichever form our fears take, we do well by surrounding ourselves with love as well as helpful people, ideas, and situations. Information is power: get facts and info straight and avoid extremes of thinking that can produce the kind of bubble-popping arrogance and/or paranoia that risks losing sight of reality.

☆ Let’s not forget how the Gemini astral influence accents the Air Element, suggesting that we also need to remember how to B-R-E-A-T-H-E… deeply, and quickly calm any sun-flaring eclipse jitters and excitement. While reflecting the light of the mega-smart Gemini Twins, a Sagittarius Moon also encourages the higher mind to contemplate our dualistic predisposition, and to enhance the interplay of love and light by remaining open, tolerant and confident, and to contemplate truth and beauty as hotlines to speak with our own internal Spirit.

More on the Gemini Venus Star Point

Before analysing the penumbral Sagittarian eclipse (which will look pretty much the same as an ordinary Full Moon (Q: Are Full Moon’s ever ordinary?!)), a few extra details about Venus and this particular ‘Star Point’ beckon to be mentioned. Much has been brilliantly written and presented by Agent 12 on the Venus Starpoint. But I’d like to add the esoteric understanding about the planet of love, in as much Venus in esoteric astrology is the esoteric ruler of Gemini, with a love of the mind, aware that heart and mind are vectors for divine love AND reason. Mercury, as exoteric ruler of Gemini, reveals information for the mind to collate, assess and process, as well as making connections within one’s community. While Venus in Gemini highlights a closeness and love that comes from the heart for every living sentient we come into contact with on a daily basis, no matter race, colour or age – even that spider spotted on the terrace is given a kind word and shown the love. 

Desirous Venus wants all beings to experience love, even the Dark Lord Pluto, to whom she sent cupid’s arrow to awaken his sexual interest. Talk about Venus stirring up the love action! As she is also doing now, because both Sun and Venus also conjunct asteroid Proserpina at the exact time of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, making this a sweet-talking Venus Starpoint Full Moon, with a mission to negotiate terms to return life to ‘normal’, i.e. in mythological representation: Proserpina’s release from the hidden crystal caves makes life easier for everyone.

Proserpina shares similar symbolism to mythical Persephone, also a daughter of an Earth Goddess abducted by the lord of the underworld. Lovestruck Pluto even caused earthquakes as he swiftly whipped the young innocent maiden through the cracked earth to be taken down into his shadowlands, where she became his Queen. The Earth Mother became distraught because her young daughter disappeared. In her grief and seeking retribution, the Earth Mother caused crop failure and famine. Jupiter, as sky god of the overworld and King of Olympus directed deals had to be done with Pluto, with Mercurial negotiation and Venusian compromise, for Proserpina to be directed back to the upper-world, and reunited with her (previous) family which she was compelled to do for six months of year, with the other six-months to descend back in the underworld. The story goes that Proserpina remained with Pluto for the wintery part of the year because she had willingly partaken six pomegranate seeds (traditionally symbolic of more intimate relations) – oh-la-la!

Thus, this is a poignant alignment for this Sun-Venus Star Point, as the very name ‘Proserpina’ means ‘to emerge‘. At the very same time, much of the world is emerging from a pandemic lockdown. How successfully we (individually or collectively) emerge from (Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto’s Capricorn) confinement depends upon what we did whilst cocooned for almost three-months, i.e. did we fortify physical and spiritual strength or did we fall into a pit of despair gorging on news, chips and nonsense as distraction saps strength and focus. Please take extra care if the latter. Either way, this is a time to unfurl wings and fly, if only in our mind’s eye and from the comfort of our own armchair.

Venus is also currently not in view (as she is in inferior Solar conjunction) marking the end of her apparition as an evening star, soon to glow as a Morning Star, which could be seen in the dawn sky as early as June 10th. As a Morning Star, Venus tends to shimmer with an innocent rosiness. Though it’s true a lingering Venus and Neptune Square enhanced by Mars, the potential for fantasy and misconception and obscures clarity and will be exact for the last time July 27th. Its a great time to commune with God, Goddess, call the Divine what you will. Venus in Gemini still absorbs Sun’s beams as self-love – not in an egotistical way: ego is not love. Instinctively, love grows joy and happiness with kindness, generosity and enthusiasm – all traits that can be found with Venus in Gemini.

☆ ☆ ☆ Triple Eclipse Season ~>

The windy Gemini influence is now heightened with the transition of the destiny-fulfilling North Node, the Dragon’s Head having just blown into the sign of communication for the next eighteen months, accenting our need to remain informed but avoid gossip, to heal division and create unity, and to speak in truth and with respect, also to know when to be supportive, provide helpful information, and cooperate within one’s neighbourhood. 

Opposite the North Node – and the Sun/Venus Starpoint by sign, is the South Node, the Dragon’s Tail in Sagittarius. The karmic nodal axis only recently shifted into the Mercury-Gemini/Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius alignment. This is where the far-sighted Archer shoots moral wisdom learned from past (life) experience.

During an outward going Full Sagittarian Moon, conjunct the compelling South-Node, events can easily become OTT and have a sense of deja vu. It might be good to bear in mind how Luna amplifies the sensitivity of a sign; i.e. a planet found in sign of freedom-loving Sagittarius will always experience some expression of expansion, preferably of the spiritual heart and mind, as Jupiter and Sagittarius preside over philosophy, religion and travel, all of which enhances intellect at the same time nourishing the soul. As in this Full Moon’s cosmic case, there is serious potential to emotionally and spiritually grow with optimism and ethics intact. Though not always easy when and if Jupiter is hindered by the intensity of Pluto (soon again with Saturn at home) in Capricorn’s material ambition. Jupiter’s current karmic challenge is to remain of generous of spirit, in any circumstance.

☆ As mentioned, this Full Moon is an ‘almost’ lunar eclipse; and it starts a longer than usual Eclipse Season, with one annular Solstice Solar Eclipse flanked by two penumbral Lunar Eclipses. Sol also sent a kickstart to this Eclipse Season with three M-class Solar Flares, after almost three years of minor Solar Flare activity, a new Solar Sun Spot Cycle 25 officially begins. Another Lunar Eclipse extends the season when geoactivity is again heightened, with a Full Moon July 4th / 5th.

☆ And although this weekend’s eclipse is only partial, it is still a highly potent one, due to the Moon reflecting the light of Sol’s Gemini Star Point from a powerfully magnetic part of the sky called ‘the Great Attractor’.

Luna is also the ‘leading’ planet in alocomotive’ shape chart, boosting emotional prominence, heeding the call to liberate oneself from emotions that bind and hold one back from accomplishing spiritual goals: shallowness and vacuity, ignorance and desire, aggression and hatred. If ever there was a Full Moon to consider carefully what we say, think and do, this is it. Be aware there are also past (life) influences that could emotionally blind one to seeing or hearing the truth. Being bamboozled weakens, just when one needs to look ahead and stay strong, especially spiritually strong, with courage and faith at the heart.

The Sun Mars Square x3 Full Moons

☆ Last month’s Wesak Moon saw Taurus Sun and Scorpio Moon in square to Mars in Aquarius: all fixed signs. This second consecutive Full Moon to see dynamic Mars in a challenging ‘T-Square’ with Sun and Moon, now in mutable signs; fast moving changes stir heat and vitality, as well as aggression, impatience and, as we have witnessed all around the world: volatile reactions to assault. In the midst is a lot of hot air.

Surrounded by the Pisces Neptunian soul group – compassionate and imaginative, plus grieving Earth Mother Ceres, Mars’ finds courage from within through contemplation and prayer (in whatever form that may take: music, painting, yoga etc). A third hard ‘T-Square’ between the Lights (Sun & Moon) to the scarlet planet comes with the second lunar penumbral, but last eclipse of the triple eclipse series, July 4th/5th, when Mars will be at home in Aries (and where he will stay for EIGHT months, until January 2021!!) ~> HOT!

☆ This month’s Sun&Venus/Moon-Mars T-Square is exact, however, with martial Mars in Pisces conjunct oceanic Neptune, the generational planet of dreams, trends, and divine interconnection with all that is. Mars here becomes the spiritual warrior who pacifies with empathy and builds strength through meditation, music and mantra, art and dance.  Also worthy of note is how Mars in this watery sign is also conjunct ‘Aschenar’, a Fixed Star that reveals crisis and fast moving events. With Mars, we could even see a source of conflict dry up. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  martial action around the world would cease?! Imagine it now! Hold that thought… Venus and the Sun are now ‘cazimi’ so close together so that love and peace can guide the stars!

Also conjunct Mars and Neptune is Ceres, Proserpina’s lost and anguished Earth Mother. This stellium gives a strong indication of the greiving feminine who is now being asked to make sacrifices, and forgive hostility and transgression with kindhearted (divine) wisdom.

☆ Fixed Stars ☆☆☆☆

☆ Needless to say this is a complex Full Moon chart with many planets retrograde, so you are forgiven for being bewildered. There’s a lot going on in the heaven’s right now, also with many over-seeing ‘Fixed Stars’ in focus with already entwined and prominent, influential planets. For instance, there are four fixed stars currently enhancing the current Gemini influence – including the soon-to-retrograde Mercury, exoteric ruler of Gemini.

Remeber: Fixed Stars have a tight orb, so their influence can only be included over a few days.

Agile Mercury now shines in Cancer with ‘Alhena’ over this Full Moon, which is usually an indication of an important announcements. Anyone looking to make a mission statement over this Full Moon would do well to include care for families, the old and vulnerable. By July18th, just before the Solstice Solar Eclipse, Mercury goes retrograde conjunct Fixed Star Sirius, the brightest Magnitude One star in the Northern sky. Sirius denotes brilliance and success for all things Mercurial: healing, communication, buying and selling in the marketplace.

Three more Gemini Fixed Stars include Betelgeuse, implying success and honours, with Alcyone and Polaris guiding the way for Gemini to find the words that express equality, justice and abiding LOVE for all fellow kith and kin, even those from other mothers.

This is also the Full Moon known as ‘Sakadawa’ in the Himalayan Buddhist tradition, celebrating the life, enlightenment, and the passing of the historical Buddha, and is considered to be most auspicious to practice wisdom and compassion in thought, word and deed. Indeed, this is the month of merit (good or bad), where karma is multiplied a 100 billion over the eclipse.

It is most important therefore at Sakadawa to also note which planet is close to the Sun, as that has an immediate impact upon our own potential for enlightenment. In this case it is Venus encouraging us to see the light within. In Tibetan astrology is associated with Goddess Tara, the Great Mother Liberator, who shows wisdom and compassion to all beings.

With that, I wish you all a beautiful Full Moon, replete with revelation and insight.  

Before I go, I’d just like to mention, June 5th is also ‘World Environment Day’ spotlighting our need to be in harmony with nature. We all witnessed what happened to nature when the global circus stopped for a few months. Now we all know that when we slow down the poison and pollution nature herself swiftly returns (okay, it takes a little longer with toxic spills). Still keep the Jupiterian Sagittarian Moon’s hope alive in your heart and look forward, knowing the next generation’s health and future is in all of our hands – and so much can be achieved by having the Archer’s longer view and seeing the bigger picture and, perhaps most importantly, to aim high and stay positive.

Goddess blessings abound for Sakadawa 2020, and the rather bizarre year of the Iron Mouse!
Happy Sakadawa Duchen!

May all beings be free from suffering…
& May all revelation and insight be of benefit!

Have a blessed Eclipse Season… 🙏🖤🌕💙⭐️

With many thanks to Daniel Colman for his always wonderful art work. Also love & thanks to unknown artists for Venus Star & Buddha MoonS 🙏🖤🌕💙⭐️

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