Equinox New Aries Moon 2020

Sun & Moon in Aries @ 9:27 24th March 2020

For the Equinox New Moon (@9:27gmt) an exalted Aries Sun shines with the innocent and brave Aries Moon, plus shamanic medicine man Chiron, AND the hidden face of the dark Goddess, Black Moon Lillith turns towards Sun’s heart spirit. Birthing a New Era into the light: with wisdom and compassion a fearless Spiritual Warrior heals the (accidentally) wounded Sacred Feminine.


Image found on Pintrest, shared with love from Laura

25th March is also the first day of Spring Navratri, honouring Goddess Durga for nine nights, until April 2nd.

Goddess blessings abound ~> to heal, hope and love…

Love & Thanks to Gabriel Tamaya for ‘The Most Precious Of Things’ touching the place within, where we nurture hope.

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