Equinox – Time of Balance

March 20th 2020 @3:50:UT ~> Setting the intention for 2020-2021 ~> SOL's Shamanic Self-Healing

☼ Vernal Equinox ☼ Spirit Sun in ARIES ☯️🙏💗☀️
~> March 20th 2020 @3:50amUT

☼ Solar Fire Festival ☼ Astrological & Zodiacal New Year! ☼

☼ with the EXALTED Aries SUN ☼

Equinox is a time of equal day and equal night, when Divine Celestial Lovers, Light and Dark, male and female harmonise to wrap around the earth as yin and yang, an interplay of light and shadow coming together in perfect balance to symbolise creative summer brightness and winter’s receptive dark. Such symmetry can also synchronize the two principle aspects within our own psyche, rational reason and intuitive perception, left-brain with right-brain, wisdom and compassion uniting to achieve active equilibrium.

Although, not necessarily easy to create such balance emotionally within, or without, as in being prepared for a 14-day pandemic quarantine (writing from Europe) can mean stress physically, as in checking health of self and others; mentally by keeping calm yet informed; and spiritually maintaining hope and the ability to transform suffering into joy (the latter is a high teaching). With challenging planets still in Capricorn, the sign of containment and control, responsibility and discipline, all now coming to a head this equinox I advise extra caution all the way through until the April 8th SuperMoon, which is also recognized in Asia as the historical Buddha’s birthday.

Lucky us at Astro Dakini’s DharmaStars, we have the Buddha dharma for times such as this with teachings on meditation and Four Noble Truths, for example, helping to note calm equanimity is an important quality to develop in a modern world that reels from one drama to another.

Equinox is also a time when Earth and Sun are so aligned that cracks in Earth’s magnetosphere allow highly charged particles to enter our atmosphere as solar winds and spiraling auroras, to the delight of the sky dancing Dakinis and Dakas, who develop discipline and practice patience to skillfully ride faster moving energies as the season’s turn.

And as the exalted Aries Sun currently shines with Shamanic ‘wounded-healer’ Chiron, the astral shape-shifter, it now magnifies Sun’s intrinsic healing qualities as well as the self-empowerment from self-healing. Spirit heals old (karmic) wounds by recognizing weak spots and loving them back to life. Interestingly, Sol is even now charging Earth with more oxygen coming into the atmosphere through the poles, at the very same time when people are literally dying all over the world, but mainly in Italy right now, because we need oxygen to fill lungs to live and breathe.

So whether you are now turning towards Spring or Autumn, take a deep breath of cleaner air now, and allow solar radiance to replenish your sense of self, the harmoniously centred inner-self connected to ‘illuminated consciousness’, because Spirit as heart-star now provides a powerful healing to that very same bright and sunny self that is strong, loving, and light.

May you all have health and happiness during this dark Moon Equinox. And please don’t worry if you’re even tired at this turn of light, its normal to slow down at the end of a Moon cycle and digest what is happening: take time now to rest and be ready for new sparks of action come the New Aries Moon on the 24th.

Be well beloveds…🙏☯️💗☀️🌘

Wishing everyone a very balanced Equinox!

With love light and healing prayers from Laura #AstroDakiniDharmaStars🙏☯️💗☀️🌘

And many thanks to Marketa Murray for her Green Tara Dakini Day Aurora photo taken on St Patrick’s day, March 17, 2020 @ Fairbanks – Alaska, pleasing this Irish dakini immensly 😉

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