Lhabab Düchen Nov ’19~> Buddha’s descent from Tushita

☆ In this year of the Earth Sow, 19th November, on the 22nd day of the 9th Tibetan month, we celebrate Lhabab Düchen, to honour Lord Buddha leaving Tushita, and his return – at the request of a disciple – from the Divine realm of the Devas (Heavenly realm of Goddesses aka the transformational realms), and from where Gothama Siddartha had gone to teach, in order to repay the kindness to his Mother for giving him his precious human rebirth.

Lhabab Düchen is one of the four most important days of the Buddhist calendar and a karma multiplied day x 10 million. Buddha’s visit to the Heavenly realms can represent the transformation that happens when a person dies, in this case his mother – the mother who had died at childbirth. The current Moon in Leo is the sign of the child, with the Scorpio Sun representing the never-ending cycle of life, death and rebirth. Its also worth noting how in Tibetan Elemental Astrology, the most important relationship is that of Mother and Child.

After three months teaching (The Four Nobel Truths), and after much discussion he agreed to leave and return from within Tushita’s feminine bliss realm, from where the Devas emanate a protective wisdom from heaven to earth.

Buddha desecended to the human world on Earth via a triple ladder, that was kindly and skillfully made by Vishvakarma, the Hindu god of architecture and machines. Built from gold, crystal and lapis lazuli, this triple ladder stretches all the way from Mount Meru to Earth. (A symbolic illumination, perhaps, of Earth’s crown chakra to base for the AstroTantrika using the subtle body as a vehicle for liberation).

At the appointed time of Buddha’s descent from heaven, on the right-hand golden ladder appeared the all-powerful, all-seeing Bramha, with the fine form deities; on the left-hand crystal ladder came dorje-wielding Indra, along with the Lords of the sensual formless worlds; while Buddha himself descended via the central lapis lazuli ladder, representing the middle path and an intimate experience and understanding of meditation, infinite space, and infinite consciousness.

The reborn Buddha illustrates how walking the Dharma path, the middle path, with loving kindness and compassion helps to overcome ignorance and the duality of form and formless, yin and yang, nothing and everything.

This year, Lhabab Duchen sees the Last Quarter (Tara~Medicine Buddha) heart-centred and loving Leo Moon in hard closing aspect to the transformational Scorpio Sun indicating real change can only happen when the heart is open, ready and willing.    

Happy Lhabab Düchen everyone ! __/❤\__

ps: a New Sagittarius Moon 26th November is the last time Sun and Moon will be with home Sagittarian ruler, the expansive Cosmic Guru Jupiter, for another twelve years; best keep an eye on the bigger professional picture to grow in luck and confidence.

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